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why is windows xp pro losing internet connection overnight

in the last month, when i sit at computer in morning, it has lost internet connection overnight. hp compaq on cable, modem, and linksys router. the other computer on the network has no problem. i have heard that turning off the network adapter when idle to save power can cause this problem..... my question then becomes, why did it work fine the first nine months i had this system? although it is now only an inconvenience, i worry that it will eventually lead to more serious problems.

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Reporting: why is windows xp pro losing internet connection overnight
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Since I can't see your system

I can't check logs to see what was updated around that time.

Why didn't you change that setting?

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that is not a "fix".
you remind me of an old joke.... "doctor, it hurts when i do this. then stop doing that."
i can imagine that, by not fixing this problem now, and simply going around it, 6 months from now my computer completely crashes, and becomes a paperweight.

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My reply was not about a cure

But to see if there was more to this story. For better or worse, today's PCs tend to need some attention such as cleaning vents and more but in this case I can't offer anything specific. That is, there are so many causes for this that the fix probably lies in what changed since it worked OK.

Sometimes folk will say they didn't change a thing but then you ask about Windows Update and they admit they accepted a driver.

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Well, while I appreciate a response, this isn't helping.
I clean my computer; I do automatic updates for windows; I don't download.... are you saying these are things that could have caused the problem? hard to imagine.
The only thing I've "changed", is to try google chrome browser. I'm not a 'hard web surfer', or even a game player. I look at news on yahoo, check my email, maybe play on pogo, but that's it, and I've done the same for years.
Perhaps if you mention a few things you think could cause this type of problem, I can follow some train of thought.

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Then I have to go with hardware or malware.

I'm beginning to encounter more XP machines as they age and fail. XP is well over 10 years old and the machines haven't come with that for much less time. So you have to look at the age and test with a fresh install of XP and hope that something pops up to reveal what to change.

-> Here's the thing. Some owners will get upset there are no diagnostics newer than the old ways. They want answers and the industry never created a system beyond replacing boards and systems to troubleshoot in most PCs.

So you take your clues and reload the PC's OS and swap the boards you suspect.

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don't follow

I'm sorry, but it's my opinion you need to stop answering these forum questions.
You have not addressed MY problem, and have given a lot of excuses for NOT being able to help.
If I'm following you, and that's difficult, your last response was, 'When windows and computers get old, things happen. Reload your OS.' (paraphrased). The computer (and hence the windows XP pro install) are fairly new (subjective...10 months.... the problem started 1 month ago), and that's a blanket "cure" for ANY problem.... just reload. How about, "The problem is that your computer's doing something funny.... buy a new computer!"

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More clues are needed.

Sorry if I can't help with so few clues. I have methods to find out more but you don't want to share much.

I gave NO EXCUSE for this industry so let's clear that up now. With that out of the way, I'm not here to fix your PC. I'm here to try to get more clues out and if someone can guess what it is from the discussion they'll jump in. If you don't want to discuss the machine, add anymore details then you are playing right into the industry's hands reaching into your pockets.

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You need to ask a question to get information..... like I did. I'll "share" anything you want.... BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK!! I can't read your mind.... or your email basically.
What "clue" do you need? In all your "responses", you haven't asked for any additional information.... except "why didn't you change that setting".
I didn't ask you to "fix" my PC..... I ask.... well..... someone please read my initial post.........
Please reread your posts, and tell me what question or information you've asked for.

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Your choice here.

I asked above if you changed the setting you put in your first post. And the forum does ask for details each time you post. It seems you need tech support rather than a discussion. There is a difference.

Here's what the forum puts up every time you post.
"If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem. Also please exercise your best judgment when posting in the forums--revealing personal information such as your e-mail address, telephone number, and address is not recommended."

You've elected to not participate in your own discussion is quite a few ways. I'll keep trying but any detail would help. Even the ones asked for.

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Your question was ...

"why did it work the first 9 months?"
That's easy to answer. The connection stayed on because that's the normal behaviour for Windows, as shown by your other computer.

But maybe your question was meant to be "why did it stop working?"
That's more difficult to answer. Most likely some update was done or some setting was changed. If you find that inconvenient, and can't find out what it was that was changed, go back to what worked. The three common ways for that:
1. System Restore offered by Windows
2. Back to the last correctly working image you made.
3. Back to the very first image via the system recovery media or a clean install of Windows.

There's a (smaller, I think) chance that it's a hardware issue. Then none of the above 3 options solutions will work. But you only know that after you tried.


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