Why is Windows 10 such a piece of crap?

I hate Windows 10. I have had numerous problems with it, but it won't let me go back to 8. It's been out for some time now. Why is Windows 10 such a piece of crap? I use my laptop for business, and I have lost hours of productivity because Windows 10 is such a piece of crap.

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Clarification Request
"Why is Windows 10 such a piece of crap? I use my laptop for business, and I have lost hours of productivity because Windows 10 is such a piece of crap."

Because it's not Linux. Does this business productivity require specialized "windows only" software?
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Re: Windows 10

Why not go back to factory conditions (Windows 8 ) from the recovery disks? Or to the latest image backup you made from Windows 8?
Or didn't you make those disks and backups? You can't blame Microsoft for that.

Although there are people that prefer Windows 7 above Windows 10, hardly anybody prefers Windows 8.1 above Windows 10. You're an exception. What are your objections to it?

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Hey, I'm just a freelance writer who has never had a problem until Windows 10. So no, I did not make back-up disks. I've never needed to. Now, every time 10 does an update my touchpad stops working. That wastes my time and hurts my productivity, costing me money. It's downloaded Edge, which I don't want and can't delete. Things like that. I don't like it when an OS screws up my computer and downloads things I don't want and then doesn't allow my to be in charge of my own laptop. To me, that's the behavior of malware. I see the web littered with people complaining about 10, yet no-one here has a problem? Odd...

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It's clear some have problems.

Backups are not optional in my view. The person that screams the loudest has been one that never had backups and lost it all.

Hard disks, PCs fail without notice and now you will encounter issues like touchpads.

Tip: I've never found touchpads to rival using a mouse so I guess that's why in the 100 laptops at the office we never see the issue. We might use the pad for a bit then pull out a mouse to be more productive.

I am running into folk that demand that PCs require no backups. It's going to be interesting to see what they think about PCs over time.

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I back up all my work to a remote drive and the cloud, but not all my applications and OS. Frankly, never thought about it because in 15 years, I've never needed to. Lesson learned. But that doesn't help me now.

As someone who needs to be mobile, I've learned to be quite proficient with a touchpad and never use a mouse. I probably have one in the bottom of a drawer somewhere covered in dust... There are quite a few Windows 10 users who use touchpads. But Microsoft is too busy working on forcing unwanted software upon me to fix the problem that thousands of users experience using their product. I've never been a big fan of Apple, but my wife and kids all use their products without problems. Maybe it's time.

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Here's a known thing.

Microsoft didn't make most PCs. The only time we can use Microsoft's driver update is on Microsoft Surface machines. That's it. For all others my advice is to disable Microsoft's driver update to avoid driver hell which has been with us for decades.

Even back to DOS days I helped so many getting their sound cards, mice, CD players and more to work... in DOS. Not much has changed and consumers do not want to deal with drivers. It's that simple but here we are decades later and if you only had a touchpad issue that's one of the milder things to fix. I fix this one weekly for others (our office machines either just work or the office worker uses the mouse.)

For me it's no big deal to find the laptop maker, grab the maker's touchpad driver, turn off Microsoft's driver update feature and install the driver.

But for consumers this can be them paying hundreds to service folk. Let's face it, Windows machines are not consumer friendly. But neither are cars.

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I remember having to deal with IRQ setting. We haven't had to work about that in years.

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remember the jumpers?

On the motherboards back then? What a pain to get them all correct.

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Thank you R. Proffitt - you are a microsoft snob

Thank you R. Proffitt for your typical snobby reply. Blame the user. Are you a *microsoft insider* or something? Surprised you didn't suggest he run sfc/scannow.

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Thank You

I have upgraded my 3 laptops and my tower all through win 7 to the latest win10. I live in a 55 + community and I have upgraded more than 10 of my friends computers. There has not been one problem on any of them. Why Because I make sure the units are fully ready for upgrading.
What I see about you and other posters is an attitude problem. You want everything presented to you on a silever platter and when it isn't you want to blame everyone but your self. Just my observation. But what do I know I am only 85 years young.

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No. no no no

If I bought a brand new Prius for drag racing, but only ended up using the car to sit in, I'd probably be content with how the car is performing for me too. Windows 10 was made for the type of person that needs everything decided for them.

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Windows 10 is fine if you just let MS have its way with you!

If you mostly just use the internet for searches and reading, and are not a power user, and agree to use everything Microsoft and let Windows do everything for you - much like Apple, which I guess is the idea - then W10 will probably work for you...

That is, until it does a major update that your particular computer doesn't like, like happened to me, and then your computer breaks. Then we'll see if you have an attitude problem, too...

If you know computers and have preferences as to what programs you use and how you organize things and what services you use, then W10 is a total piece of crap.

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I thought Microsoft was the problem.

I agreed with you that Microsoft doesn't quite get it. My example of them not getting it was a long time back when I went to Microsoft Redmond's campus for a seminar. I had two things I wanted to share since I thought Microsoft would want to look into this.

1. A CD that when put into the PC would cause the PC to lock up. I didn't know why, I just thought it showed a bug.

2. A jpeg file that when copied to the desktop would render that user's account dead. Even in safe mode until the file was deleted.

I waited my turn to meet with a couple of Microsoft engineers (lucky me!) and their response told me all I needed to know about Microsoft. maybe you can figure it out too. The engineers answer to these issues was "Don't do that."

Microsoft didn't consider things that we do as a bug but user error.

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Thank you.

I've also been called an Apple elite so I feel like I'm on a Twister game board with one foot in Microsoft, the other in Apple, one hand in Android and the other in Linux territory. I use them all and none are perfect.

That said I was on the team to migrate offices and our home to all W10. It went very well and the amount of support time we spend has dropped considerably. We're not going back and we're not giving up our Linux, Apple, iOS and Android machines either.

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Oh, come on, get serious

Oh come on. This person is saying they don't find it reasonable to have to restore the entire operating system on your computer to maintain productivity. I'd say that's a pretty reasonable statement. Whether they did backup disks or not, that's a fairly unproductive thing to have to do. And, with the way Windows 10 screws things up on an almost weekly basis, it would be ridiculous to have to restore your entire operating system every few days.

This harkens back to the days of the jokes about 'If Microsoft made a car...' We'd have to stop every few miles, remove the engine and replace it - and for some reason we'd accept that.

Microsoft has done so many 'user hostile' thing with Windows 10 it's beyond the pale. Not that Apple is much better, but that doesn't make it any more acceptable.

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But the reason we have to

restore is more about the applications then WIndows itself.

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The reason we have to restore IS Windows itself

I used the same programs - only much fewer - on my new Lenovo with W10 than I did with my HP with W7.

Yet after the first major Windows update, my computer completely broke. This proves it's not due to the applications, it's due to Windows 10!

Also, if W10 can't accept long-time used and well running apps/software that W7 used fine for years, how is that the apps' fault? No, keep researching. You will see that all these problems (most of them anyway) are caused by Windows 10 itself, which is a poorly made OS.

Windows 10 is the worst operating system ever created.

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Windows 10 is "user hostile" - that's the point

You are absolutely right i3dgear! Windows 10 is so user hostile it wants to force you to do everything the MS way! MS services, MS programs, MS updates... and I didn't mention this in my original post but I think the reason W10 broke my computer after the last major update was because I had said no to every question they asked me as to whether I wanted MS to do this or MS to do that, or use this or that MS service or program!

So I have a theory that built Microsoft programs and services are SO embedded into the OS that if you say no to everything MS, Windows is designed to not work; in effect, saying to you, "Oh yeah? You think you can just snub us?! We'll see about that!" and BAM! POW! Next time you get an update, your computer breaks.

It sure seems that way to me. I'm a long time Windows user and proficient computer user, a power user, and I never had my computer break like it did with W10 after only 5 days of using it!

I highly suggest everyone coming here to read this - people who obviously KNOW how screwed up W10 is! - switch to Linux Mint which is just like Windows only it works and lets you do what YOU want.

The only issue with Linux is that Windows doesn't like to share your computer with it so you may, as I did, have issues with booting up after installing Linux Mint. However the Linux community will help you solve this and once you try Mint - which is FREE! and will never NAG you like Windows does! - you'll never look back.

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what do you use for your writing?

Install Libre Office and Abiword, see if they would be something you want. If so, then might consider a Linux distro like Mint, which also runs them. You only get updates when you request them, they all tell you much better what they are for, and you can limit the risk factor on which to take.

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(NT) Edge isn't downloaded it's part of Windows 10.
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I hate windows 10 too. By the way Ihateallwindows. I use mac and linux. I have a lot of customers that use windows 10 (not crap, but a s**t). I have to use it for customer support. Mac has no virus, nor the crap of Windows Registry, says I can not delete files that I created , every update is a chaos. Bad in portuguese is "RUIM. Here we call the same as RUINDOWS. (Sounds like portuguese word for "crumbling". Without crum and l remais bing-i hate too;

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Installing WIndows 7 over Windows 10

My laptop was preinstalled from the store with Windows 10 and office 365. I cannot stand either. I have the cd for Windows 7 and Office 365. I have no need for windows 10 and want to install win7. I tried to install and it comes up with device signature issues. I disabled the secure boot and then ran bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks on and then it allowed me to install the win7 files. When it went to reboot, it froze. How can I get rid of Windows 10?

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There is no installing 7 over 10.

You do a clean install. Just wipe the drive clean and install the OS of your choice.

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Well it depends on your hardware

The new Intel and AMD processors will have issues with drivers for Windows 7.

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Don't install W7 over 10, install Linux Mint instead

Once you try Mint you'll never regret it.
it's not perfect maybe but it's a helluva lot better than W10 or W8!
My friend just switched to Mint about 2 months ago and is raving about it. I'm in the process of abandoning Microsoft because Windows 10 crashed my entire computer with the last update!
EFF Microsoft!
All hail Linux!
And know that if you use Linux Mint it's not the Linux of old. Sure there's a bit of a learning curve but at least you won't have MS dictating to you, causing regular crashes and otherwise forcing its services and programs down your throat!

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Wins 10 Issues
I am fed up with it because the manufacturer sold the computer as a new computer with Win 10 on it.  After trying to resolve issues with Win 10, I found out that the computer had been upgraded from 8.1 to 10.   The model # on the box it was in, does not match the computer model # in System Information.

I am sure the retailer didn't do the dirty deed, because there is no evidence of retailer-tampering on the box. And even though my computer is still under warranty, the manufacturer wants to charge me $99.99 to revert back to Win 8.1.

i am taking my complaints to the BBB in the city where the computer was manufactured.  It might take a while to get it resolved, but I can do that.
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Re: upgraded

- If the manufacturer installs Windows 10 on a new (unused) computer that he originally installed Windows 8.1 on, I think it can be argued that it's a new computer with Windows 10.
- How did you find out it had Windows 8.1 originally?
- If you bought a computer with Windows 10, why do you want to install Windows 8.1 on it? And why do you think it should be free?

By the way, there is near universal consensus that 10 is better than 8.1. It's less universal that 10 is better than 7.

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Winsows 10 is trash

I am 70 years old and have been using computers for a long time, and was smart enough to skip past Vista, but got sucked into the God awful 10 black hole. I resent anyone telling me that I might be too stupid to understand this piece of crap operating system. Maybe they have the time to constantly fight against the problems caused by Windows 10 or simply too ignorant that the huge number of complaints are not coming from simpletons, but from frustrated intelligent people who feel ripped off by Microsoft. There appears to be no fix for 10 constantly stopping the taskbar from hiding, which is my latest complaint of many. I will absolutely go to Linux operating system after this. I am done with Windows. I don't see how they will remain in business for much longer if they don't get the message.

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Windows is a legacy OS.

For some, those new ChromeBooks answer the need of an appliance where "it just works."

Windows is an OS decades old with ideas about it's users that must learn a lot to use it. For those that just need it to work why not these new replacements?

1. Chromebooks.
2. Smart Phones.

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Only you stop you from going back.

You use your recovery media or backups to go back. There are many users that didn't make recovery media or backups and those are going to complain just like the Windows 95 to 98 days and with each new version. Nothing new going on here.

That said, at my brother's office we moved every machine to W10 and our work supporting all these has decreased. For us this has been the best Windows ever.

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