Why is my pc slowing down instantly?

well from like 1 year or so i have a problem with my pc.when i start it it works perfectly for the first 10-30mins and than it gets overloaded by somthing.its like i have launched enought programs to causa the processor to work on 100% and in the same time im trying to play a game.
if i restart the pc again it works fine for a while and than slows down very fast.Now last year i just put a block of ice on it and it works great for like 3-4 hours ,but this summer this aint working Sad i tryed everythig from registry fix to chaching skype version.and i only turn skype on very rarely so its not it.
can u help me fix my pc cuzz im planing to reinstall windows xp in a few days.thank u

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Reporting: Why is my pc slowing down instantly?
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Clarification Request

Without specs it's rather difficult to troubleshoot. However, there are several things that may be factors. If a block of ice helped before it may be a heating problem, this could be caused by clogged, dirty heatsinks, broken fans, or dust and debris in the case among other things. If you're comfortable with opening it up, that's what I'd check. Make sure you've done a chkdsk and defrag on the computer as well, I wouldn't wipe the hd and reinstall the os before checking for physical causes to the problem first though.

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Like the other poster need to provide

some detail about your system HW ... manufacturer name, series and model number. Information like system RAM and disk space (free and used) are worthwhile to note too.

Without the information...we're further in the dark than you.


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1.5GB ram 2.4 processor 1 core ,128mb video ,150GB hard and 80GB are free atm,,,aand i cant give u manufacturer name, series and model number. cuzz i donthave that info but yes i mentioned that above,i did make a defrag i did made a disk clean registry check everythingi i found on the net.

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Does your system have a separate video card or does it

use integrated/onboard video ?

My need more system RAM.... at least 2GB, and you need a separate video card with 512MB/1GB for gaming.


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Im not a crazy gamer

well im not "gaming" im just playing some normal games (i only download games wich my pc can handle) and the pc was ok in the winter of 2010 it started to f*ck with me the summer 2010.and in the winter it works perfectly fine so it might be a fan problem but i took it to the best shop in town and they said it needs a new fan,so they put a new one and it still slows...and i havent got any idea what a separate video card is Sad

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Ok so you're not a crazy gamer....

you still need 2GBs of RAM and a separate video card to run games ...even low level ones efficiently.

The other part....what's the ambient temp in the room where the PC is used.

You might also try downloading, installing and running PCWizard. Once you run and minimize it you can observe the system operating temps.


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ok it sucks ty for helping me

ok now i see that this thing sucks and i have to live with this piece of crap ty for helping me and i hope i finaly manage to reinstal it....

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Yup...but depending on the existing hardware, you

might be able to make it tolerable without breaking the bank.

Ram is inexpensive for most machines and relatively easy to add and so are video cards. All you really need to know is what motherboard you have ...mfg, series and model number and what power supply you have. PCWizard or Belarc Advisor can tell you what MB you have but you'll have to check the power supply personally to get the make and model number. Armed with that info you can make an informed choice on your upgrade options.


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thats not all

well the interesting part is that thias pc is 3 years old and the 1st year year and a half it had no problems so i gues its not from ram or video and here in bulgaria video isnt cheap at all.

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My guess is the games you're playing now are more

demanding than those played 3 years ago. Your system and your video card have too little memory for gaming and the video card or integrated video chip just can't cut it. If you actually have a separate video card you might try applying new thermal grease and see if that helps. I haven't experienced it personally but I'm under the impression that most most systems have thermal management and when the system gets too throttles back the CPU and perhaps other components to avoid overheating.

Re RAM... sorry to hear it's not cheap in Bulgaria. When is see 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Desktop Memory

DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Cas Latency 9, Voltage 1.5V for about $80 US, I think it must be pretty reasonable everywhere.

Let us know how it turns out.


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ok i sent my pc to a specialist and he discoverd that one of the fans isnt working properly so i have to replace it Happy ty for for helping me and u were right it is a fan problem Happy

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Good to hear you found it...which fan was it ?

Was it a case fan, CPU HS Fan, PSU Fan or video card fan ?

Let us know how it performs when repaired or have you got it back yet ?


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This sounds like that old Pentium 4 clone job.

Let's hear about how you dived in to replace the heat sink compound (ONE DOLLAR) and while you were in there cleaned it up and made sure all the heat sinks were mounted proper.

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When you wrote "winter"

It made me think it's time to do the heat sink and ONE DOLLAR work.

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