Why is browser crashing all the time?


I purchased the 46 inch Samsung UN46ES6820FXZC 3D Smart TV in Edmonton, Canada (purchased in Futureshop). My current firmware is uptodate for this TV (its 001016).
There are 2 main issues for me:

I brought this TV only so that I could use the browser. However, within a couple of minutes, the browser crashes with the following message "Your last browser session ended unexpectedly. Restore last session? Or go to home page?". There are 2 buttons labelled "Restore last session" and "Go to home page" to perform 1 of the 2 options. I thought bandwidth could be the issue since Samsung recommends 10 Mbps. But I currently have 20 Mbps connection and have been consistently getting between 16-17 Mbps. Also, when the Futureshop salesperson told me to check a couple of TVs in the showroom assuming my TV was defective, all of them had the same error message coming up on launching the Web Browser. (I checked 3 TVs).

2) When using Samsung AllShare, I get the error message "Device disconnected: Device name <<displays my device name>>".
The workaround is to connect a Laptop to the TV and use HDMI. But then this defeats the very purpose of a SMART TV. Can soome, especially a Samsung rep, give me information. I would have attached a scanned copy of the error message but there is no such option to do so.

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Reporting: Why is browser crashing all the time?
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Is this happening on web sites with Video?

You can read that support is limited by a recent reply at the next link.;forums06#message5354305

If you are getting this message just launching the browser, I'm sure Samsung will fix that. Unless that home page is a bad site or you didn't login to the hub or there is no network connection (there must be a list of causes like that somewhere.)

Above all, these are not replacing your laptop/PC web browser. Some folk think it would.

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Does this affect Youtube as well?

ThANKS for your response Bob.

I am launching the web site While some of the 4-5 minute videos work fine, if the video is for a longer duration it crashes.

I checked my version of flash on my computer. Its 10.3.XXX. Not sure what version of flash is running on the TV when I launch Can I find this out?

Also the latest version of flash, as per Adobe website is 11.4.402.265. In this case, who is responsibe for pushing the latest update of Flash onto the TV, Samsung, Adobe or myself?



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You betcha.

From what I've seeing, you have to use the Youtube app instead of the browser. All this seems to have a lot of recent posts on the CNET Samsung forum as more folk want the TV to be as good as your Windows PC. HDTech told a little more at the next link.;forums06#message5354305

For now try the Youtube app and since this is not like a PC we have to wait for Google to update Youtube and Adobe to update their stuff and finally for Samsung to issue an update from those companies. This is not like your PC at all. I have a picture from a Samsung developers conference that shows the middleman.
It's at

As more consumers expect a PC browser experience I wonder if they'll be able to deliver it.

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Youtube application sucks as well

Thanks Bob.

The Youtube application works so poorly that I can hardly use it. Also, I have a wireless keyboard and mouse that works fine for the browser etc. but I cannot use it with Youtube application.

How do I know which version of Flash player is youtube website using? Also, is there a website that uses a version of Flash Player 10.1 or lesser which the Samsung TV browser is compatible with. This way I can truely test to ensure that nothing is mucked up with my browser.

The toughest thing for me to understand is this: I play a video on the browser and it crashes and gives me the error message "Your last browser session ended unexpectedly. Restore last session? Or go to home page?". When I play the same video again it works. I just cant believe that the Flash player is giving problems. Could it be something else?

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If this was a PC we have tricks.

But since it's on something closer to a toaster there isn't much else to do.

Now about your confusion. First, I apologize for my typographic error above. Hopefully you get the idea in spite of that.

Now about the player crashing the first but not the second time in the browser. That's a sign there are bugs or the limitation was hit. Since YouTube is changing all the time, I don't think much of this issue. And since we know the browser has limits, then we expect it to crash on youtube flash content. Why?

--> Ads <--

Those advertisements could trip those limits the maker has warned about.

Read about advertisments and yes there are plenty of posts about this.

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