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Why fix what ain't broke? A rant !!!!

HOLLYWOOD, CA-February 17, 2005 ? The cartoonists at Warner Brothers have given one of the nation's most-beloved cartoon characters a makeover. Will you like what they have in mind?

Where did they get the idea that "The Road Runner" could be improved?

Now, my kids are grown. So am I. I don't play video games, but maybe those who do find the old-style cartoon renderings dull. Otherwise, I cannot see any other reason to make Bugs look evil. IMO, part of his
success" in getting the best of Elmer Fudd was his "innocent" look.

Or is it for a P.C / reason - showing kids that those who play tricks should look evil?

Yeah, I know that Mickey Mouse changed from his early look, but really not that much - just refined.

Warner Brothers could come up with some other characters for the "new generation", and leave those that made them a household name alone.

Some things are sacrosanct!


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I saw this on TV

Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SadSadSad

No ACME makeover kit needed!!!

Evie Happy

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Couldn't agree more. Its like trying to ultra-modernize the

Chrysler building. It was perfect then, it's perfect now, why screw it up?

There have been a couple of first rate cartoons in the last 15 years. Darkwing Duck was wonderful, with all sorts of adult in-jokes and a good kid friendly story line of the crime fighting duck. Animaniacs was the same without the crime fighting part, smart, sophisticated, adult friendly, and enormously engaging. Tiny Toons never worked for me or my son but it was OK too, and aimed at contemporary kids (a bit girlie though).

When I said my son never watched TV alone, I meant it. I watched every Darkwing Duck episode, and every Animaniacs episode and recorded most of them. I just couldn't watch them over and over as often as Robbie could, so once I established that it was one I had seen I adjourned to the connected Dining Room to read.

Thanks for bringing this issue to the forum Angeline.

Rob Boyter

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My 11 year-old was also outraged by this...

but I just see it as a new character entirely, so no big deal, If it does well in the ratings it will stay, if not it's dead meat. It's not like the "old" Bugs (who has undergone many changes over the years by the way) will be eradicated.

PR hype, nothing more. And it's working.

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Buzz Bunny????

I think the cartoonists are loonytics.

"But for the parents out there who still love the classic Bugs, he'll still be around."... Well thankgoodness for that. Happy


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(NT) (NT) What a travesty :(
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Beep ? Beep!!!

Angeline?A great thought provoking post. I categorize the era of Helen Trent, Ma Perkins, Fibber Magee & Molly, George & Gracie, Amos & Andy?The Shadow, Straight Arrow?Father Knows Best, Donna Reed?Mr. Magoo, Elmer Fudd, The Roadrunner?et al?and my role model Popeye, who always was what he was100%, as that one brief, shining moment in time that was the Simpler Times.

It was a Techno-Socio Super Nova, an Astral Convergence Trinity of the Roaring 20s, Depression 30s and War Times 40s that yielded => => => The Simpler Times of the post-War Late 40s and Fabulous 50s. It only lasted about a decade and a half, but it will be some time before that celestial techno-socio convergence occurs again.

For that one brief, shining moment in time, the technology wrought by WWII was in complete symbiotic balance with the Good American Life. We had a Great Land that had not yet devolved into Newt Minow?s Vast Wasteland of the 1960s.

A pocket knife in a boy?s pocket in grammar school was not considered a Dangerous & Deadly Weapon. Pre-pubescent girls could still be girls and boys could still be boys without being medicated. As the ole Budweiser beer commercial goes, You Only Go Around Once, Grab For The Gusto! We were spoiled. Our temporal bio-phasing was in synch with those brief Simpler Times of 15+/- years. We grabbed for, were rewarded with and enjoyed Max Gusto.

The 21st Century is not about quiet winter nights at home at the kitchen table with Mom bringing out craft paper, crayons, paint & brushes, scissors, glue, etc for the family kids to create Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter decorations from ideas pulled from their own little pudding pods. When was the last time you saw a kid laying on their back in a sunny summer meadow, cloud watching and listening to the music inside their own heads?

In the New Millennium kid?s head music is drowned out by someone else?s music via CDs, DVDs and iPods through ear plugs. The self-generated imagery of cloud watching ?that cloud looks like a dragon?a duck?a horse?a rocket is replaced the commercial imagery programmed in Gameboys, X-Boxes, iPods from some graphic designer or programmer?s head. In the Simpler Times, pre-teen cloud watchers and head music listeners were never in danger of having a DMCA lawyer descend upon them in their Cyber-Sanctum Sanctorum bedrooms, Black Helicopter-style, for downloading cloud imagery and synaptic music.

Digital Hollywood is changing Buggs to make the ole Wabbit look mean because, at the subconscious level, it reminds them of the fellow or gal who looks back at them from their bathroom mirror each morning as they start their 21st Century Digital Day.

Keep the Faith.

JP Cool

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(NT) (NT) Bunch of idiots
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(NT) (NT) Now that is truly UN American!!!! :)
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You are all overreacting

See my previous ost. Nothing is happeneing to the "old" Bugs. Aside from a couple of not very good movies there haven't been any new Bugs Bunny cartoons in decades. This is essentially a new set of characters which doesn't affect the old stuff at all.

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Then they should have

invented new characters, instead of trying to benefit off the success of these old beloved characters

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(NT) (NT) controversy = publicity
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I call it Hijacking the old Bugs.
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Hi, Angeline.

I agree, but I doubt it's the PC reason -- they probably have a focus group of kids showing that the originals look "old-fashioned."

One thing I've noticed in my rare exposure to modern cartoons for kids is that rock has now replaced classical music as the background -- not good news for the development of the next gneration of symnphony patrons.

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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The opinions expressed above are my own,
and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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Maybe so.

Hi, DaveK,

I think that kids who are exposed to classical music and arts at an early age will continue to have an appreciation of them. I know mine thought that Beverly Sills was cool, and that Edward Villela (the ballet dancer) was a superb athlete. We could enjoy the Beatles as a family, too. as we were all big fans!Happy

No way to know if Warner Brothers had a focus group, or if it was the brainchild of adults.


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Carl Stallings and Milt Franklin (and Raymond Scott) are

spinning in their graves. The first two orchestrated all those wonderful cartoons and cribbed extensively from the classics, while Raymond Scott wrote a number of pieces which were used to effectively illustrate the action in WB cartoons. His best known piece is either Powerhouse which appears in most Warner Brothers cartoons at one point or another, or The Typewriter Song that we probably all know, with the sounds of typing on an old mechanical typewriter, a bell, and the carriage return, all accompanied by busy strings.

I predict (with absolutely nothing to back it up but historical precedent) that Buzz Bunny will last about 15 minutes, if he's lucky.

Rob Boyter

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(NT) (NT)Ridiculous! Oust the cartoonists-they ain't kid-friendly
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...what an intelligent idea.

For the cartoonist, he must either modify his dreams or magnify his skills.

I believe in welcoming changes as the rule but not as my ruler. Therefore, educating and introducing the child to the basic origin of Buggy Bunny and allowing them to see the new trend curves a child's intelligence to think and reason in his or her current capacity. A constructive dialogue to hear and know a child's opinion is an advantage not many parents are equipt. Sad!

"I find children are reasonably intelligent then some adult." It must be the open factors of education that has no boundries.

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