Verizon Wireless has strict criteria for their phones. That's why they don't get the latest phones right away. If you ever look at Verizon Wireless phones and compare them to Cingular and T-Mobile, one difference is all phones by Verizon Wireless have external antennas, which I hear is a mandate for their phones while Cingular and T-Mobile phones don't always have external phones. That's why Sony Ericson & Siemans don't make phones for Verizon Wireless. They prefer making phones with internal antennas. Nokia doesn't make many phones with external antennas either, which is why their phones are mainly sold to GSM carriers. I don't know what other criteria they have, but they do have strict criteria. I also believe they're making the manufacturers make fewer phones with tri-mode in order to make people get all-digital phones. It might be fine if you stay on Verizon Wireless's network, but it's the roaming carriers that aren't always on CDMA digital yet, and Alltel is one that still has a number of areas on analog.