Why does 750 gig HD show only 91 gig after clonezilla

I tried to clone my 80 gig hard drive to a 750 gig external hard drive with clonezilla. Disk wouldn't boot up and now it says it only has 91 gigs total space on it. I tried reformatting the disk and it still says it is only 91 gigs. How can I erase the formatting and expand the drive back to 750 gigs? Plus, I have started getting a blue screen a lot lately so I'm not sure if I need to just start from scratch with a clean install, although I don't want to have to reinstall all my programs and updates, that's why I want to clone. Any suggestions as to how to fix the problem and/or how to stop the blue screen? It says its a driver problem but I have updated all the drivers and still get the error. It is a fairly old Dell laptop (2006) with XP Media center and it's been a real trooper.

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Reporting: Why does 750 gig HD show only 91 gig after clonezilla
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That's easy.

Because it clones it. Down to the size even.

XP does not support booting from drives over 127GB in size so be sure not to exceed that in your boot drive size.

If you were mistaken about the OS, then correct that and ignore my warning.

-> XP and all current versions of Windows do not run from USB externals. It should blue screen and emit some driver problem message.

So many issues I see with this, all been discussed before.

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not esay for me

All this is not easy for me, I am pretty uneducated when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Can I run a larger hard drive if the boot sector is less than 127GB or does the entire drive have to be less than 127GB?

I installed the disk in my laptop before I tried booting it up so it was no longer an external drive.

If it clones down to even size how does one upgrade their hard drive to a larger one and use a cloning software without shrinking the new drive to the smaller size?

Is there anyway to reformat the larger drive back to the 750GB size?

Thanks for any help or advice.

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Re: 91 versus 750 GB

What does Disk Manager say about the partitions on the disk and 'unallocated space'? If we know that, we can recommend further options.


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disk mgmt says

Disk management says .....

New volume (GHappy
47.30 GB NTFS
healthy (active)

44.5 GB unallocated

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Re: disc managment

So disk management says there is 47.3 GB partition, and 44.5 GB empty space on which you can make a second partition, or that you can use to extend the first partition to 91.8 GB. And no more.

Which makes me wonder why you think it's a 750 GB disk.


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It was a new 750GB HD before I clonned it

It was a new Western Digital 750GB HD before I cloned it. I have since reformatted it to try to get it back to 750GB

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You don't format a disk.

You only format a partition.


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Is there any way

Is there any way to get this HD back to 750GB ?

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Re: booting

My XP Media Center SP3 boots perfectly from a 250 GB drive. It even did when it was new and came with SP2 installed. It's a pity the OP didn't mention his service pack level.


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Most folk are blissfully unaware that service pack matters.

And to make matters more fun (?) it's the Original XP that matters. If you installed from a XP SP1 or later CD, then you have the patch needed and can resize the boot partition. If you installed from an original XP CD applied Service Packs, you see this fail to boot as you cross the 127GB size.

I'm beginning to wonder if folk can work with XP and prior OSes anymore. I do but then I'm be around since the days before the PC.

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came installed on computer

XP Media Center came installed on laptop. Not sure if it already had SP1. Disk says 2005 version with update rollup 2.

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Next time use option -k1 as noted in link.
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Will this allow me to resize the HD

Will this allow me to resize the HD back to 750 GB?

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But I can't answer this since I don't have your drives, images and hardware.

Clonezilla does exactly what it purports to do. Clone the drives. Right down to the size. This is the only way to be sure the OS and more makes it over. If you need to do more, you either learn more about the tool or get some other tool.

Many like Acronis for when you don't want to dig into this stuff.

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