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Why do I need two browsers these days?


Why do I need two browsers these days?

Despite (or maybe because of) constant "upgrades" allegedly designed to "protect" my online security, I find myself having to run two browsers in order to access Web sites that I never had problems accessing before. Passwords and forms that don't work on Chrome mysteriously work on Firefox, and vice versa. And while they all might work on Safari, I gave up battling the onslaught of pop-up hurdles that plagued me after I "upgraded" and seemed to require a Ph.D. in computer science to disable. And why does Google Chrome request access to my CreateSpace account, when I'm not doing anything with it, not even having an open window even vaguely related to it?

Isn't there a governing body controlling the development of browsers to ensure compatibility with Web standards and oversight of their personal-data collection? With companies like Google and Apple and Yahoo trying to gain a monopolistic advantage and milk their user databases for every half-penny of profit, browsers are acting less like browsing tools than devious mechanisms to ensnare clientele in their proprietary clutches, collect personal data, and block out competing technologies.

Can't they stop concentrating on new ways to squeeze us dry and just be content to profit from ads? Or better yet, I'd rather pay a reasonable yearly or monthly license fee for a browser that worked on every site I visited without crashing due to some input overload from invisible "services" tracking me and analyzing me as if I were a gold mine that needed to be drained of every nugget.

I admit I'm not the most savvy tech user but I've been cruising the Web for nearly two decades and I've never found it more frustrating and time-consuming. If that's progress, I say, put a lid on it.

Am I the only one who feels this way? I'd like to hear your opinions. Thanks.

--Submitted by Joe A.
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Thats why we use Duck Duck Go

In reply to: Why do I need two browsers these days?

No tracking,No Crashing, No Lie!

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In reply to: Thats why we use Duck Duck Go

That's DuckDuckGo

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In reply to: oops

Very Funny!
We try to be professional here O.K.!!

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This is an actual search engine

In reply to: Funny!

DuckDuckGo is an actual search engine, and claims that there is no tracking, etc. if you use it.

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Yes, it is!

In reply to: This is an actual search engine

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Sony vs Mitsubishi

In reply to: oops

Actually, it's purely a matter of personal preference, because some browsers have certain functionalities and features that other browsers don't, or, they simply have functionalities that work differently but accomplish the same goal. Most browsers will require that you install additional add-ons for functionalities that will allow you to watch movies, flash videos, or PDF files and so forth. As well several browsers offer their versions of security, and pop-up blocking and so forth which in each case offers a certain level of convenience. So as I stated in the title it's a matter of Sony versus Mitsubishi, and that analogy holds true for browsers as well.

Now, that said, one of the reasons that I have more than one browser installed in my computer is because I like to be able to access emails from different accounts with the same company for example Google's Gmail. If you have more than one email account with the same company, you can only open one at a time with your particular browser and so having to browsers open will like to have two separate email accounts open. This also applies with other services like Netflix or Amazon and other companies that require you to have a username and password, only allowing you to use one user name experience at a time in that browser.

So, it's a matter of features, and functionality, but also the ability to do other things as well, I hope this helps a little.

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Reply to webserf

In reply to: Sony vs Mitsubishi

It's not a matter of personal preference or added functionalities. I find the same problems. Firefox has trouble properly displaying menus on a lot of sites. On the other hand, trying to do certain things in Chrome is a royal pain in the butt. You have to "magically" know key combinations, etc., because either there is no way to do the activity with a mouse (e.g., open a file) or you have to go through a labyrinth of weird options to find it.

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That's funny!

In reply to: Reply to webserf

You just supported my comment, and don't even realize it, in the wake of making your "point".

In response to my post, you argue that, "it's not a matter of preference" and then go on to explain why you do or don't use particular browsers. That's funny! ...sorta.

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Maybe mis-use of terminology

In reply to: That's funny!

First, I am not disagreeing with you, several key good points. Just saying it a little more clearly.
Maybe not "matter of preference" as much as "matter of function (or abilities)".
I do not prefer to use Chrome or FireFox over Internet Explorer a lot of times, but due to the security in Internet Explorer some of the websites I need to log into will not cooperate nicely, so I have to use Chrome or FireFox for that functionality (in this scenario, lower security)!

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Apology... and link to browse statistics. Interesting!

In reply to: Maybe mis-use of terminology

I should have been a little more tactful in my response to you anyways. And I understand your sentiment about IE.

I've been handed my foot a few times ( here and elsewhere in life ), and I need to remember that my version of "right" might not be yours or someone else's.. the Mitsubishi and Sony thing does apply but....

Each browser does excel at certain functionalities, and I think a lot of it has to do with where you surf, and who "runs" the websites you visit. I think it's safe to expect Google's products to work best with Chrome, and of course IE works best with Microsoft's suites of software, and website experiences, and so on, and as well, IE probably still has "market share" I'd think, but then I'd probably be wrong,

Check this out! I was surprised!

Also , it's probably reasonably safe to say that the likes of say, Chrome or Firefox might be one of the more broad-based friendly, due to its application of more open standards, but again, I can't say for sure, as this is not my area of expertise..

Again, some of my discussion about having 2 browsers, and accounts open, is/are valid reasons to have 2, but, ....which 2 (or more for that matter), is a matter of personal "taste", and so we work with the tools that "work" best of each of us!

I really found the statistics in that link , interesting to say the least, given the time Chrome has been around..

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In reply to: Apology... and link to browse statistics. Interesting!

Sorry but I too am hurting over trying to find a new browser. igoogle has served me well...and use Internet explorer only for selected sites. Chrome just gives me hassles ...maybe as I am still holding on to igoogle to the bitter end.

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Several good reasons.

In reply to: Reply to webserf

At times IE will not open Hotmail/Outlook but Firefox and Google Chrome will. Also Yahoo Calendar will not open in IE10. It tells me to upgrade my browser to the latest version. I have IE10 and IE11 on most of my Computers. Also Gmail will link to my Cell phone and Samsung Tablets seamlessly.

The tablets allow using more than one browser too. Another advantage is that I can use any of half a dozen emails so I don't clutter my Cell phone with the 60 or more emails I receive. Easily read on the easily read on Chrome, Opera and Firefox. You can also save files or download aps on those browsers.

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Just wondering...

In reply to: Sony vs Mitsubishi

I have a couple net-email accounts I access with Thunderbird. I adopted it a while ago when I decided not to continue with Outlook (then, a part of the MS Office suite)

I'm not sure if that's an option you've tried or considered but I thought I'd throw that out there.

For browsers I mostly use Chrome and yet still go to IE for certain pages. Both work pretty well for me.

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In reply to: Just wondering...

Are your email accts from the same provider? It seems that is the issues in or with non incognito instances of most browsers.

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Thunderbird is not a browser.

In reply to: Just wondering...

I say again, Thunderbird is not a browser. As for Chrome and IE working "pretty well" - that seems to imply that you may have problems with Chrome and/or IE that you just ignore.

The problem Joe A. has is probably brought on by webmasters coding incorrectly. This used to be a BIG problem when Firefox first came out, because of HTML code written that was unique to IE, that was not supported by the standards that Firefox was following.

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Thank you!

In reply to: Thunderbird is not a browser.

Most of this read is not answering or even has anything to do with the original question!
<sadly like a lot of these things turn out, time and time again!!!>
While each browser has it own settings for security and functionality (each believing theirs is the best way to do it!). The sad truth answer to the question is, we have to use multiple browsers because of improper programming/coding on the website end we are going to!
I am fighting with Verizon Business Bill Pay Online, for a week now. There website keeps telling me I am using an unsupported browser. I have tried IE10 & 8, Chrome, FireFox & Safari on Windows 8, Windows 7 & Windows XP, four different PCs, yet I cannot get in to the Bill Pay system from any of them. Of course Verizon Tech Support typical answers, "No problems on this end. Try clearing your history & cache."
No restore the old website that worked, then fire your web designers/programmers and hirer some reliable web programmers and test the dang website "COMPLETELY", all browsers & OSs, before bringing it live!

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Thunderbird is an email client so...

In reply to: Just wondering... this case it's possible to have several different email accounts.

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Can use private browser window to sign into 2nd Gmail acct

In reply to: Sony vs Mitsubishi

You can always use what Google Chrome calls "new incognito window", what Internet Explorer calls "in-private browsing", and what Firefox calls "new private browsing". The only difficulty will be for those who don't know their passwords. The private browsing windows don't access your saved passwords and don't keep a history of the sites you visited. Other users of your computer can't see where you've gone, but Homeland Security and the NSA still can. And so can spammers and criminal hackers. You're not "safe" when you use "in private browsing", just in an isolated area that disappears so that your significant other(s) don't know where you've been hanging out on the Net.

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Yes this is true but:

In reply to: Can use private browser window to sign into 2nd Gmail acct

...every time you shut down your browner with in "in private" mode, or "incognito" etc., AND when you re-open in these modes, you are having to re enter your username and password information each, ...for each account where this is NOT the case with 2 separate browser experiences..
Not a big deal, but I'm lazy.

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In reply to: Sony vs Mitsubishi

Google allows you to be signed in to multiple Gmail accounts in one browser, each in a different tab - I do it in Firefox, but you should be able to do it in any browser. This does not depend on any add-ons/plug-ins.

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He referred to multiple signins from the SAME user account

In reply to: Sign-ins

I think the commenter already knows what you wrote but that's not what he said. He said:
multiple signins from the SAME user account. I do the same thing too.

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He did not refer to multiple signins from the SAME account

In reply to: He referred to multiple signins from the SAME user account

@cnj0ancn - he said very clearly " I like to be able to access emails from different accounts with the same company for example Google's Gmail. If you have more than one email account with the same company, you can only open one at a time with your particular browse".

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Same Logins is/are possible

In reply to: He referred to multiple signins from the SAME user account

Actually, the same logins, Yes, I do that too sometimes, in that you can have more than one tab/window open of the same email account.

But, when you open a new tab, and login to another account, (again with the same provider such as gmail), the moment you refresh your previous window, it will reload the current login.

Hope that makes sense, because in short, the "private" browsing methods do allow Multiple account logins, however the inconvenience there is having to ReEnter one's username and password every time you browse in in private modes.
Understand that:
Again, this is a matter of preference. For me, I will adhere to my original statement that it's easier to have 2 different browser applications when using 2 user accounts with the same provider, mainly for the convenience of NOT having to enter your username and password EVERY time you enter "private" modes.

It IS.... a matter of convenience and preference, as I DID state in my original post..

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No need for private for multiple account logins

In reply to: Same Logins is/are possible

I have 2 different Gmail accounts that are always open in Firefox tabs - Google allows this, and you do not lose them if you refresh.

This would also work in Chrome as it's nothing to do with the browser.

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I'm sorry but, you are wrong IMHO.

In reply to: No need for private for multiple account logins

I don't mean to be argumentative, but this is NOT possible in Firefox, IE, Chrome.
(at least not for me)
If you have private browsing enabled then yes, that is possible, but NOT in a standard window of any of the aforementioned browsers.

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Try this!

In reply to: I'm sorry but, you are wrong IMHO.

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In reply to: Try this!

This is why I do try (and sometimes fail), to remain humble lol!
I accept that I don't always know it all! This is a feature I wasn't aware of with Gmail.

Of course most of what I've written still does apply with the likes of Netflix, Yahoo mail etc., but again, this is nice to know especially since I use gmail more than the others.

Thanks for the info, and link George!

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Glad to help

In reply to: Nice!

I only discovered this about a year ago and, as you can see, it's been available for at least 3 years.

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More recent page on Google multiple sign-ins

In reply to: Glad to help

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FIRST Browser issue for me!

In reply to: I'm sorry but, you are wrong IMHO.

Funny! I've tried dozens of times to post on CNET and never could create my user name. So I finally try it in IE and viola! Anyway, I wish I could post a screen shot of my Firefox showing several tabs of my Outlook (aka Hotmail) account, Skydrive in another tab, my AT&T account, and my Yahoo! account all accessed at the same time. I very rarely run into any compatibility issues in Firefox, but always keep my installation up to date. So I'm quite confused by all the issues everyone else seems to have. Any time I create a new email or reply to someone, I always right click the link and pick 'Open in a new tab'. As I keep getting older I need to refer back to the original email or some other email as I'm composing my responses and since MS in thier immense wisdom won't let you switch back and forth between composing and reading I require at least 2 'windows' (tabs).

So - took IE for me to get into the Forums but maybe I can actually participate from now on! Multiple tabs/sessions - just right click and pick the appropriate option for opening...

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