Why can't I run games smoothly despite having high FPS?

First of all I would like to thank you for reading this thread! I have been struggling with a problem ever since I have built this new PC and I have no idea how to fix it even though I've tried lots of things.

The problem is that in any game that I play despite having large amounts of FPS (100+) I get stuttering, it happens in older games like Runescape/Doom or newer titles like Bioshock Infinite or World of Warcraft. The stuttering feels like the game constantly freezes for 0.1 sec when I'm moving my camera around. This experience results in a non smooth gaming experience which is really frustrating. I have to point out that what I'm seeing is def not screen tearing but a form of stuttering/micro stuttering and none of the components are overclocked!

Because I'm struggling with this issue for such a long time I even went and bought new 2 RAM sticks, new power supply, new monitor and I even upgraded my OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10 but the issue is still there. There are only 4 components left that could be causing this: HDD, GPU, MOBO or the CPU but I have no clue how to find which one is the culprit for this problem. It could also be some sort of a setting that I need to enable/disable in order to fix this issue but again I have no clue what that settings could be.

Would really appreciate if you guys could help me out, I have no clue what to do anymore and I am down to literally try anything you guys suggest...

- Asus GTX 970 STRIX 4GB OC edition
- i5 4690k 3.5 Ghz quad core with a stock cooler
- Z97 MSI Gaming 5
- Samsung CFG73 144Hz 1ms
- 2x 8GB HyperX Fury 1866 Mhz
- Corsair CX600

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Reporting: Why can't I run games smoothly despite having high FPS?
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Clarification Request
Let's check what we can with a Web Speccy.
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Here is the Speccy snapshot.
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A Speccy reading.

1. Let me preface that these items are either true finds or items that I would clear up.

2. Virtual DVD-ROM. These can be iffy to downright malicious. Remove this till the issue clears up.

3. AVAST. Be sure it's Gaming mode is enabled. Here I just use Defender.

4. Current Uptime is over 2 days. REBOOT from time to time.

5. Tunnelbear. That's overhead. Disable or remove during gaming.

6. DRIVER BOOSTER. Simply no. Perfect system to break a good set of drivers. You might have had it working then this updates your perfect set of drivers. More at:

7. AutoPICO. Many sites call it malware or crack. That's not good.

8. CPU CORE Voltage looks to be incorrect. I'd like to see 1.0 to just over 1.0V. Go get CPUz and see what it reports.

There's a lot in that report with possible trojans, cracked OS and more. I would not expect this machine to perform well over time due to the issues above.

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Thank you

Thank you so much for taking the time and reading through Speccy. Going to to do a fresh install of Windows 10 just in case and clean everything up that you've mentioned, going to also update all the drivers etc... Going to send you another snapshot after that if things still don't work properly if you are alright with that?

CPU-Z voltage keeps jumping around from 0.184 to 0.264 etc... but the max voltage I've seen is a little bit over 1.0.

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It's likely the CPU Voltage is fine.

Just the tools so far can't grab that one.

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Another Speccy snapshot

Just did a clean re-install of Windows 10. I now have only a few programs installed and everything that you mentioned was cleaned out. Tried playing World of Warcraft and I still have the same issue Sad Here is a Speccy reading if you would be so kind to check it again Grin

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Then I have to ask.

Did it ever work right?

A clean install of Windows has a lot of post OS install work.

But if it didn't budge I have to ask if it ever worked well. That 144Hz monitor isn't helping since it's over 2 times the GPU load as the run of the mill 60Hz monitor.

You may have to pull back on game settings or move to a more powerful GPU to get smooth panning.

-> From the Speccy it appears you are relying on Windows for drivers. I don't do that. Why?

I use the maker's sites for my drivers.

-> Tweaking the settings. For example: Wow.

So WoW is an issue. Many complaints out there about that. Could be just too much for the rig today or rather, WoW's engine is not leveraging current hardware.

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A bit of extra info

Ever since I've built this PC it never worked as intended. After the fresh install of Windows 10 I installed all the drivers and everything that is necessary for the system to function properly. The problem is that the issue appears in every game and it doesn't matter if the game is 10 years old or has been recently released.

Turning down the graphical settings to very low doesn't help as well. I tried capping my FPS to 100 which I can maintain pretty much most of the time and I've also tried enabling V-Sync and the problem got a little bit better but the issue is still there.

Also the thing is that the OS forces all the driver updates on you when PC boots up but I later rolled them back and installed fresh clean drivers from manufacturers website. My average DPC latency is at around 50-80 when the system is idle so I think the drivers should be stable right?

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