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Why are repeaters never easy?

Jul 1, 2017 1:19PM PDT

Hey guys,

I've always had trouble with repeaters in the past but now I'm just going insane.. (they never seem to work as advertised)

I have a router (Huawei HA35 provided by my ISP) and a router set up as a repeater (D-link DIR-809) to boost network in my bedroom which otherwise only works in a corner of the room at <2mbps speeds.

DHCP is set from to on the HA35.
DHCP is off on the Dlink.
HA35 has the IP of
Dlink IP is set to for WAN and for LAN.
Subnet is set on both to

Everything works fine, until the evening.. when I go to bed and my devices switch automatically from the HA35 to Dlink.. it sometimes crashes the whole thing.. devices whatever they might be connected to (HA35 or Dlink) have no internet access.. I can access both the DLink & HA35 control panels but thats it. And once this happens everything locks up.. The only way I've found to get it working again is to reboot the repeater..

I'm guessing I've messed up a setting or forgotten about something but.. what?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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My experience as well.
Jul 1, 2017 1:50PM PDT

We no long field or offer them and if folk ask for help we defer to the maker. You can try latest firmware in all WiFi products but here I always go with the more solid WAP over powerline or Ethernet.
Example favorite follows.

Your story sounds like a solid warranty issue.

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I agree..
Jul 1, 2017 10:52PM PDT

I always go for Access Pointso over LAN or powering myself but this house has no Lane network and the living and bedroom are on different electric phases so powering won't work.. it's literally the only option I had other than pulling cables a cross the house...

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The next thing is
Jul 2, 2017 7:43AM PDT

The next thing is Mesh networks. Look up the Google Mesh router and system and you see a new take on expanding areas.

As to the phases, an electrician can fix that in about 10 minutes. Here the work is trivial enough that I do it but it takes me about 20 minutes as I have to find the breaker to move.