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Why android tablets will outsell iPad

In my distributed systems class last semester we had a semester long project. The objective was to create a distributed computing system. 3 of the groups that used android, none used iOS. I think it can be said that this is a trend among young developers.

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Reporting: Why android tablets will outsell iPad
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But developers ...

aren't the main customer group. That are users. And it's quite likely they will prefer iPads for some time.


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Seems to be a common theme.
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There have it. No one bill buy android tablets so they give them away as dog food to children and google Io participants to ensure market longevity.

I'm curious. Which models did you get and which applications did you use to achieve task autonomy? Oh I'm curious as to what they did as well. You should publish this. It would make great reading how it was achieved.

"well, the tablets sat there, they performed their tasking, they did it automatically, and they did a good job"

Q: why would you choose a device that was designed for simplification and effective operation of day to day Human Interface as a device you would have to alter, or ignore completely, the technology a purpose upon which it was designed?

"uhhhhhh huh huh......unnnnn heh heh huh huh.......huh? we were just asked to build it, not do something with it...."

I'm just playin

No seriously....tell us.

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Android Dominate Tablets

I August 2011 there will be more Android applications than IOS applications and it will only grow larger, with Sansung, Sony, Acer, Asus, and lots of other super tablets coming the rise of the Android will be just like the rise of Android Phones, Now at 53% of the market and growing 10% this past month. IOS is a close and boring system that unless Apple gets it head out of the sand will slowly fall behind.

Android Tablets will continue to develop and will replace the need for Laptops and Desktop computers. Android will quickly replace in volume the IOS IPAD 2 a lot faster than I have seen posted so far.

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Actually it won't...

You aren't going to see 15 models of tablet from HTC, you aren't going to see 17 android based handsets, and they aren't going to have buy one get one free or free android tablets ifnyou sign up for a 2 year contract.

I hope someone anyone that is a hardware OEM can put something togethermto compete with the iPad.

They bare 4 for 4.5 (RIMM said the Playbook would port anderoid apps) it failed.

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One other flaw in your logic

Android handset applications, cheap, free, useless android apps for the phone, is not going to drive tablet sales.

That's why honeycomb tablets are failing now....lack of honeycomb specific applications.

No one wants to run phone apps on their tablet. It looks stupid....just like it does for non universal iPhone apps on the iPad

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Honeycomb tablets are failing right now because they were released too soon. Honeycomb, which will be GREAT, isn't really ready for prime time. Furthermore, the app base isn't there yet. When iPad released, Apple had worked with key developers to have some kick-*** apps optimized for the iPad's display to showcase the iPad's strengths at release. Google isn't the hardware manufacturer, so they don't have that. Honeycomb and the Xoom are for die-hard early adopters, not the general public. Give it time.

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I'll go with that....

There are other issues besides lack of tab optimized apps. Googles lack of control on what gets released on the tablet form factor

There are a grip of shops that are willing to build cheap 10 inch hardware around gingerbread and sell it at the 199 price point. This is going to impact the release worse than motorila already has.

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Uh huh.

Will when? For the record, Steve Wozniak agrees with you, though he's quick to point out that Android's not there yet. Right now, Android tablets are pretty tough for the average consumer, and iPad is dead stupid simple. You might see that as a disadvantage, but in point of fact that's a really HUGE selling point. Experts in the field from PCMag and PCWorld, among others, agree that right now, iPad is unbeaten.

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I think you're right. (and I'm writting some Android apps)

For my mom? iPad.

For me, Android things.

But why are we not porting to Apple things? Here it's a simple missing feature of Serial Port Profile from apple. If it had that, we would have moved to Apple 2 years ago.

If there is something not quite done on Android I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the application management since it does some silly and lists all the apps in one view. I guess they thought that since Windows does that, they could do same. Beyond that, Gingerbread seems fine.

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Use appcellerator.

If your app requires an rs232 hardware extension, one already exists. You can also qualify your own if you have an app unique device, and you would go through the process of qualifying the hardware through apples hardware accessory validation process. There are quite a few 3-P's that have done it and made a good job if it.

Getting a port on the iPhone wasnt hard either, and others have succeeded with microUSB, VgA, hdmi etc.

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Doesn't meet the needed criteria.

Good thought but fails the "spec." We use SPP Bluetooth and have the apps on PalmOS, WinMo, Windows and can move to any device/thing that has the profile. It's not that Apple hardware can't do this. It's an Apple choice on the matter.

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Why android tablets will outsell TPad

The people who buy IPads don't want to have to FxxxxxK around with S/W. There are many, many, many of them. Only a few nerds do want to. They will buy Androids. You understand S/W, but don't understand Marketing! You are wrong, sorry.

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role reversal
If you are in the entertainment business it's all about the I-pad because Apple is one and android is many.The disadvantage is cost.At one time Apple was the hero as it took on the exclusive giant IBM,now just another logo for sale.In the PC world IBM was Sony's BETAMAX,and Apple was Panasonic's VHS.Now the roles are reversed and Apple is trying to muscle it's way into the tablet world,which already existed, the I-pad was not first, with it's overpriced exclusive product.Taking advantage of vertical marketing they have virtual forced consumers of musically related products to use Apple because of an exclusive O.S..Yes from the manufacture's standpoint it is easier to design apps. around one platform.But the consumer loses out on cost.Apple is different not better.
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Microsoft thought that.

And the repeated attempts to get a WIMP (Windows Icon Mouse Pointer) OS onto tablets failed, failed and continues to not make a dent.

To Microsoft's credit they do make a fine PowerPoint showing that they have the right OS for tablets.

Can we take a lesson from Angry Birds? Put your app on everything and let the consumers decide.

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Here's the MSFT Battle Plan.

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