Why am I being told to Format the Disk?

Ive been copying pictures and music from my laptop to a Micro SD card using an adapter. The card is a 64GB card and the laptop is running windows 7. Everything was going fine until it suddenly has a message telling me I need to format the disk in Drive E before using it. Ive already copied a lot onto the disk and don't want to start all over again, having said that I know I had ample of space left.

Hope someone can help

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Reporting: Why am I being told to Format the Disk?
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Errors can happen.
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Thank you I haven't run the test yet but when I got this disk I did think the packaging looked kind of add, unfortunately I don't think I still have it. I had to laugh at all the "Ums" in the video clip. Looks like I'll be buying a new one, lucky I didn't pay too much.

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The fakes are all over

I thought a video would be best for the moment. For now I'm sticking to 32GB for SD and microSD cards. Not all the things here would work with 64GB so for that size and more I'm using USB sticks and drives.

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order direct

You can order direct from kingston and be sure of getting one that's accurate.

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Yes and No

Yes and No. You can be pretty sure that if you order a 64GB card you'll get a 64GB card if you order from Kingston, but I seem to recall Kingston being one of those companies caught pulling a kind of bait and switch routine. The initial batch of products is built using premium parts and that is what is sent out to reviewers, after that they swap out the internals for some vastly inferior parts, but still sell and market the product as if it were using the initial premium parts. I guess these companies finally got tired of being busted for price fixing every few years and decided to try and scam people a different way for a change.

IIRC, Kingston is the one who will sell USB 2.0 level hardware with a USB 3.0 connector and plaster USB 3.0 all over the packaging and then if you call them up and complain about that you're told how you have to buy some extreme performance or some such branded product to actually get USB 3.0 speeds. That alone is walking right up to the line of outright false advertising.

To the OP: If capacity is your primary concern, and you don't care if it's a little slow, feel free to ignore the above.

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I don't remember that

I do know Kingston, with their great reputation for quality, has been a large target of the counterfeiters and no doubt has suffered in their reputation not from their own actions but perceived actions due to the counterfeits. They have a page up about it. I personally have never had problems with their products, even the value RAM (KVR) when ordered direct to avoid counterfeits. Counterfeits of flashdrives and RAM is so pervasive now, I ONLY buy it direct from manufacturer anymore. Sad it's come to that, but there just seems no end to the garbage counterfeiters, not enough police action to bring it to a halt, or even slow it down much.

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this is what you may be referencing?

Read the reviews, and Kingston's answer.

"Seems I found the real culprit after speaking with several SSD experts
on various tech forums, get ready for a class action lawsuit Kingston.
Here's the scam, Kingston switched to cheap asynchronous memory chips
that don't run in parallel after the first few months of production.That
means single channel bandwidth instead of multiple channels like
earlier v300 SSD's. Instead of running at 200mhz, its running at 66mhz.
This effects read and write speeds enormously.Kingston hid this
fact by using solvent on the original labeling of the memory chips, then
printed their own logo on top. Kingston does not manufacture any memory
themselves. When SSD was shipped out for review it used quality Toshiba
19nm NAND but Kingston used solvent on chips labels and printed their
own. This was odd, but the reason for it soon became obvious. After only
a few months they switched to inferior quality chips with the same
is FRAUD in my opinion and Kingston could very well be seeing a class
action lawsuit coming there way for this stunt. Other SSD makers have
tried this crap in the past and got busted. They were forced to RMA all
the drives back to synchronous memory chips which cost much more.Kingston
switched to cheaper quality NAND without saying a word. Firmware for
Sandforce SSD's cannot cause you to lose 70 percent of read and write
speeds. Lesson learned, never buy anything from Kingston again, they are
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read this
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Look for direct from factory supplier

Or pay a bit more in a big box store, since they get their shipments usually direct from factory. Don't get from EBay or Amazon sellers, unless it's a factory store on them. Amazon is best for finding factory outlets stores.

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test with disk management tools
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well, someone fooled me again

by resurrecting a month old thread.

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