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When someone posts that they want to buy anything but a Sony. Some of you will say that every other type of display sucks. that is not true. When I bought my Blobshia 72" d.l.p. I looked at every Sony display I could find and the picture quality was not as good as the d.l.p. sets, And the funny part I bought my t.v. from a Sony dealer. They had to special order my Blobshia for me , And yes there lips curled because I didn't buy a Sony. Please dont bash folks for there choices. And Yes the J.V.C sets look beautiful to. Sony t.v.s are great but there are other brands of t.v. and displays that look good and are cheaper and with great customer service have a nice week end all stewee

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and everytime there is a post about cable or have to say something about your dish network and how much you pay a month and how everyone should switch.

and everytime someone asks a question about a tv (projection, plasma, lcd, crt) need to talk about how all tv's suck except for your 72inch toshiba and that we're hating on your dlp.

the sony sxrd is a good display. it based off of the jvc's hdila technology. hands down...the sxrd is better then a 1080p samsung , 1080p toshiba or 1080p mitsubishi. it is not my fault that you havent seen it and all you're comparing is the 60a10 lcd model.

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I so totally agree.........

And I'd like to add that Stewart seems to think that we must be idiots or something when a few days ago he starts talking about how he didn't know the SXRD sets were the counter parts of JVC's HDiLa sets.

Again, I couldn't agree more with you masterying.


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Stewart are you operating a outdoor with that 72" T V ?


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First I recomend dish network because there costomer service, programing, and rates are excelent my opinion only. Also I have owned 2 Sony t.v.s I just gave away my 14 year old 53" To a friend and it still has a great picture, Truly I love the SXRD sony sets. but my opinion only the d.l.p. sets look just as good also I wanted a 70+ screen size and Sony only had one model that size and they dropped it. in closing you Sony folks should read your own posts . If anyone even talks about anything but Sony YOU BASH THEM. have a nice week end all stewee

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Stew...Costco has 1080p Toshiba DLP

I was at Costco yesterday and I noticed that they had a Toshiba DLP set like yours but with native 1080p resolution. Time to trade-in the old girl, Stew. Happy

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I think I will keep this old girl. besides Iam broke ha ha, My last $1000 went to a blue ray player so I guess I will have to wait until October. to see the logo change from 1080I to 1080P. who knows. Another funny thing is I bought my Blobshia from my friends at San Jose Sony Honda, You should have seen the pain in there face when I special ordered my blobshia from them. and all the horrible problems I would have with bulbs, color wheels and rainbow effect. Also my 72HM195 claims 1080P. and in closing I saw my t.v. at Frys the other day and it looked horrible. Its amazing how anyone can buy a t.v. at big box stores Its always nice to chat with a pro have to go time for drag racing hope the Sony folks dont read this. harda ha ha stewee

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I saw my t.v. at Frys

Fyr's has one of the best setups for connections to display HDTVs. They have a first class A/V, RF and component distrubtion system. When I worked a Fry's I was impressed by it. Now the downside,,,the people that work there are totaly clue less on how to use it.
Remember 1080p is sizzle. The FOX channel, which is 720p
has some great live programing, I have some NSCAR broadcats on FOX, and they were great.

1080p is way, way over hyped and 720p is mainly ignored.
Ask yourself, Why did ABC and FOX go with 720p?
A hint, the OTA broadcast bandwith is 29mbs/sec.
720p requires LESS compression compaired to 1080i fit into the 29mbit/sec bandwidth. Less compression=better quality all other things being =. john

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The local frys store in Sunnyvalle ca. seem to be feeding there display sets. 3 or 4 different vidio feeds severel sets are feed from a hard drive and those sets look awsome also the plasmas look stunning , the rest of the display sets look horrible, not even watchable, Thats why I alway say go to a hi-end retailer where the sets are displayed perfectly. then go to frys and buy ha ha stewee

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More on 1080i

I read that 1080i should be more accurately called 540i since the TV is really showing only 540 lines at a time. I agree too that 720p would be better than 1080i since all the lines of resolution are shown at once. I remember reading an article that discussed 720p and 1080i, and it mentioned that 480p should have been developed as a broadcast format because for all intents and purposes, it requires almost no compression and would have provided a stunning picture over the air.

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Sony sucks- not the actual merchandise per say but the employees that "know it all"...

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