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"Sometimes I get bored sitting in Washington hearing certain people talk and talk about all that Government ought not to do— people who got all they wanted from Government back in the days when the financial institutions and the railroads were being bailed out ... by the Government. It is refreshing to go out through the country and feel the common wisdom that the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.

They want the financial budget balanced. But they want the human budget balanced as well."


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(NT) A president I never cared much for,FDR.
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Correct. Good Googling.

Why did you never particularly care for him? Since his policies virtually saved the country, with the help of Japanese and German militarism, from economic collapse brought on by rampant Capitalism and Wall Street corruption?


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Ok Rob,remember you just asked a Libertarian why he doesn't.

like FDR.

I'll give you a condensed rant on the subject,where do I start now??

The only US president over FDR that I could care less for is JFK,no one in that family can operate boats,cars or airplanes without killing innocent people whose only sin was to have the confidence to be with them at the time! Ah,but that's a different rant for another day.

Back to FDR,where do I start?

Do your own googling and look up Executive Order 9066 which FDR signed on 2/19/42.You'll have to allow me some leeway here because I'm working from memory:

In one fell swoop this progressive violated several constitutional ammendments when he signed 9066:

Amendment I
Amendment II
Amendment IV
Ammendment VI
Ammendment VIII
Ammnedment XIV
Ammendment XV. There may be more but they escape me at the moment.

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The internment camps?

Why was that worse than making Indians go to reservations a continent away from their home grounds and half of them died on the trek?


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It was essentially the same,though on a smaller scale in '42

and carried out with less cruelty, brutality and murderousness. (check Wikipedia for The Trail of Tears). Guantanamo is still in operation 11 years later with no end in sight. Why Obama didn't keep his campaign promise to shut it down I don't know, perhaps it was fear of that vicious obstructionist Republican minority in the Senate of 2008, and Congress of 2010.


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I think the problem is that no prison in the US

would take them.


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Maybe given only three choices...those being:

-Set them free
-Bring them to the US
-Keep them where they are

He eventually had to change his mind.

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Well, it was wartime, and it wasn't the Patriot Act.
It expired after the war, 3 years later. We're still subject to the Patriot Act 11 years later. One can hardly equate the two Wars Georgie boy started with WW2. I doubt you approve of the Patriot Act, as I don't approve, as far too intrusive into American lives and the privacy of entirely innocent people. The creation of Homeland Security as a short lived agency and a complete revamping of Visa and Immigration procedures, I could live with.

A good honest Economic history of the 19th Century and early 20th, would give you at least an inkling of why Government Regulation is necessary to prevent rampant illegal activity in the financial realm.

I am generally less in conflict with you than with those who operate as Republican advocates and apologists. I have more respect for your principled position, while disagreeing with details.


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