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President Bush implements a system

President Bush implements a system to fix the problem with the financial system and the economy.

Obama agrees with the system,

McCain doesn't agree with the system.

Once the changes are put in place by the current administration (Bush), they are not going to be replaced/changed with the new administration no matter which person is elected.

It's a "done deal" no going back.

Which makes more sense having someone in power that agrees with the guidelines they have to operate within or a "maverick"

It's a given "that money makes the world go round" and the deficit and economy is going to affect EVERY Facet of American life as it never has before for the next number of years. (except maybe for the Great Depression)

So I guess you might as well vote Obama.

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I guess you might as well vote Obama.

No, YOU might as well vote Obama.

I wouldn't make too much of this. McCain has actually been consulting with Paulsen today. Philosophically McCain is right, of course, but it's probably too late now for the Gov't not to intervene. IF the Democrats hadn't messed it up so badly it would not have been necessary. They could have heeded the warnings but they chose not to.

Obama is essentially clueless. He's just following whatever the polls and Party leaders tell him to.

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IF the Democrats hadn't messed it up so badly i

get in the way back machine and check some old posts made in SE about the economy....I did....

Here's one

Our economy is doing quite well too thankyouverymuch. 4/8/06 4:45 AM

she no longer posts here

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Try to stay on topic...

No more flying squirrels please. The current crisis had some causes. I pointed out one of (if not THE) main one. Obama is NOT the answer. Part of the problem more like.

Can't see whatever post you were referring to, but through the last few years of Bush the economy has done quite well.

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RE: but through the last few years

but through the last few years of Bush the economy has done quite well.

Everything was great Monday night when America went to sleep and America woke up Tuesday morning and ?

What's with the bailouts before Monday night?

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If you had been paying attention...

you wouldn't make such silly statements.

This has been building for quite a while. Ever heard of the Housing/Mortgage Crisis?

You can oversimplify things to a ridiculous degree, as Obama does, or you can grow up.

Enough already. You are just running another ride.

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You are just running another ride.

WHY do you keep getting on?

I know I don't know what I'm doing...but you, are you just like me?

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That's a scary thought.

I assure you, I am nothing like you.

But you DO admit to running a ride. Good. First step in being cured.

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(NT) Still McCain
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I don't necessarily see McCain as opposing Bush

if he was, he'd be a lot more vocal. His comments focus more on the future, stating that the government needs to get out of the bailout business. From my recollections of past statements (going back before his candidacy) he'd like to see more done to regulate these monster-sized institutions that have such a profound impact on our nation's economy. Quite simply, he wants to cure the disease, not just use a band-aid.

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