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Who is better in HD Direct tv or Dish Network ?

Currently i am a direct tv subscriber for 10yrs. Two month ago I purchased a Samsung LCD tv and I knew i had to upgrade my receiver to an HD. I called them up and a week later i had a new HD receiver but i notice i only have 7 HD channels: Discovery HD,HD Net,HD Net Movies,ESPN and ESPN2 HD,Universal HD and I have only three local channel that are in HD.

Picture wise in HD is clear but the rest of channel doesn't look that great. I went back to the store that i purchased my t.v to buy a hdmi cable thinking that will resolve the problem and i notice the samsung i bought in display. The picture look beautiful and crystal clear in the store. I found out they have Dish Network as there HD subscriber. I bought the RCA Not Monster hdmi(it was $50 only compare to $150 Monster) i plug it in to my tv and i still don't see any different in picture quality.

My question is does Dish Network have a better picture quality than Direct tv?

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Who is better in HD Direct tv or Dish Network ?

I don't know of any place the has both side by side.
Dish has way more HD than direct does, at least at this time. Direct says they will be add more some time this year. Here is a link that may be helpfull. John

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There over the air hi-def tuner is awsome. With a cheap outside antenna I pick up 18 local digital channels 9 are in hi-def, Picture quality is poor on there non hi-def channels But with the hi-def package and VOOM I have lots of hi-def to watch Also as long as I dont have to watch Dr. Phill in hi def I will be happy

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DirecTV has HD TiVO

Another advantage is that, for now at least, DirecTV has HD TiVo.

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DISH has HD "TIVO" etc too

The new 622 receiver from dish can record three HD sources at once....2 sat and one OTA HD. It can also play back any of these at the same time!

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thats just dvr, not tiVo.

While tivo is a form of dvr, it does so much more. It records by favorite actor, has season passes, and tiVo Recommendations based on what you like. So DirecTv because the HD Tivo is great and i get great programming. digital cable usually has more hd channels than both DirectV and Dish.

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Much more than DVR

The 622 has a dual tuner. You can drive 2 TVs (one in SD) at no extra charge. You can record all the new episodes of the shows even if the time changes and it will skip reruns. You can search for a title and it will record it whenever they put that program on. I get 26 HD stations plus my locals. You can watch one program while recording another or record 2 programs while you watch a recording.

Competition drives the programming. Right now, Dish is the best. Next month it may be Direct and then Cable. The lead will change, but in the end, we will all get more HD from all of them or they will lose our business.

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DirecTV does NOT have HD Tivo

Hi, I am a Direct tv customer and I just wanted to state, they DO NOT have HD TIVO. Tivo is only offered in standard. Sad I wish they did, I have been waiting patiently for it.

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Thanks, now.......

Thanks for the links, now am i supposed to notice a difference in picture quality with the hdmi cables because i don't notice any change. In fact i think the component look more better than hdmi cables and i spent $50 because i was told by the sales man that it will improve my picture quality. He originaly wanted me to buy the $150 monster cable but i bought the rca instead.

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hi-def reception

ive noticed with my hd that if you watch a standard definition program, the picture will be improved if you use the 480p setting. remember the tv has adjustments for different types of picture and your receiver also has setting adjustments eg 480p,720p,1080i. make sure your receiver is set to the best picture quality. most likely 720p. cbg

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program resolution vs monitor resolution...

Because your new HDTV is so accurate compared to regular TV resolution, it seems that your HD's picture is crappy when watching a regular res TV program. On my Hughes 250(DirecTV+Tivo set top box), when I'm watching reg TV I lower the standard on the Hughes receiver and my HD monitor, this seems to correct the picture. I believe this works in 2 ways: 1) I'm not creating problems in the picture by ''up-converting''(polishing a turd-trying to make a high res picture out of low res input), in the hughes unit. 2) by lowing the HDTV to it's lowest setting, it's not ''confused'' by trying to show a picture that it detects as flawed and yet show it in a high res format.

This still only helps marginally, because now I've paid big bucks to watch low res TV! I guess that's the mental anguish that goes with consumer electronics!! It is an enticing puzzle though.

Let me know if this helps or if you have tech references for me.

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Using a different output

I know that you can improve the quality of the SD (standard definition) channels out of your satellite receiver irrespective of provider by hooking a standard rca cable out of the video out jack or svideo on the back of the device and then connecting it one of the other non-HDTV inputs on the set. This smooth out the picture and make it look better. The reason the quality of the picture varies from channel to channel has to do with the different bit rates that the providers (Directv D* and Dish aka E*) use for the different channels.

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hdmi vs component

I just had a discussion with a Radio Shack Rep. that has dish net HD. He also purchased an hdmi cable to see if he could get a better pic on his tv. He can only get 1080i so his finding was this. He recieved 1080i res with component cables so why would DVI or HDMI cables make a difference? They don't. If you can only get 1080, whether it's with component or HDMI cables thats all you can get!!

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Ive been with direct tv for 13 years,but before that i had dish net. dish went out everytime we had a small storm, and had bad coustomer service. And Direct tv has BETTER HD,Has Over 100 hd Channels And It Feels Like youre Really There. I LOVE DIRECT TV!

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Directv poor customer service

I have just the opposite situation. Got one of the first directv satellite dish and receivers that came out. Whenever it rained or even looked like it was going to rain, searching for signal. My uncle and cousin both with The Dish, never lost signal, maybe a blip but that's it. My cousin has a more recent directv dish so I figured well maybe it's the hardware, so I called directv.

"No it isn't your hardware." Finally my receiver died so directv sent a used one that I rented. Still got searching for signal but now for one day rather than two in a row.

So I called again, last December. "The weather is too bad now to do anything, call again in the Spring." They actually told me that.

So, it is August, I call again, going to try for an hdtv upgrade, both satellite dish and receiver. I don't have a hdtv but will later on. Ok, they said. I called back and asked if I can run 2 or 3 tv sets off of the one receiver.

"No. You have to buy another receiver, after which we will charge you for the second two every month, just for using it."

The very next day I inquired at my local Dish dealer. He came out, saw my dish, said it was one of the woefully underpowered early dishes. I asked if The Dish will allow more than one TV on one receiver. Yes, two tv plus a mirror.

They are coming out tomorrow to install The Dish. Tonight I saw on Directv web site, that I can have up to 15 tv sets off of one receiver. Now this is interesting. Did Directv change this within 3 days from when I called and asked about a measley 2 or 3 tv?

I am done with Directv. No, I will not wait till Spring ANYMORE! It hurts to lose the east/ west network feeds, but at least I will be away from directv. When it worked, the reception was superb. I just couldn't get anywhere with the help. Very disappointed.

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Where do you live?

Interesting story, do you live on the north slope of Alaska? I've been with both Dish and DirecTV, and personally I like DirecTV better. The one thing about the Dish box that does 2 TVs, the second TV is only in standard def.

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Depends on what you like

I have Direct - mainly because I am into sports, and DTV has much more options than Dish - including the NFL package. Its expensive, but if you love football, it is worth every cent.

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resolution vs. system quality

A program that is broadcast and received(assumption), in 720p is the same on any network. The assuption listed above is that there is no imposed interference, (things blocking one company's satellite signal vs. nothing blocking the other company's signal.

There is a company, (maybe others too), that sell a "high gain" dish(DirecTv custs). It just amounts to a larger dish that collects more signal, but that could be the advantage that some people need to avoid pixelation(picture breakdown) that can occur during strong storms or if a tree partially blocks your satelite signal.

It's called the "Gain Master dbs antennae", I beleive it is manufacured by Channel Master

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Re: HDMI vs. Compon.

The difference between HDMI and componant cables for 1080i is actually better than you might think. When we tested Direct tv's 1080i on both, HDMI put out a constant 30 FPS (frames per secound) were as in Componant struggled to get 30, and was normally closer to 25. HDMI Also has the capability to carry up to a 7.1 dolby surround sound audio feed as well. Plus, in 2009 (it's only 2 years away folks) when Direct has said they will start trying to get some pay per view 1080p, you will be prepared with the cable, though you will need a new box, being as how neither Direct TV or Dish Network have boxes that can display 1080p.

And as for Direct TV only giving you the 7 channels, don't worry, Later this year they are going pretty much all HD, meaning over 150 channels of the stuff. 2009 is the year that the FCC has required everyone to go that direction, which i used to think was stupid, but now that I have a 55 inch 1080p SXRD, I'm really looking forward to it.

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You must must try both h.d.m.i. and componit cables to see which cables works best for you, THIS IS WAHT THE EXPERTS SAY. In my case I tried both and componit cables gave me a horrible picture. unwatchable. but in other installations componit works best WHY I WISH I KNEW steweee

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If you have comcast they will give you free a HDMI cable. Why give Bestbuy $150.00.

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Dish tv

I recently signed up for dish tv cause they offer turbo hd I hope I am not making a mistake does anyone have this service already please let me know how it is cause there coming this sunday to install it in my apartment.

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Dish Network is the WORST!

I started many years ago as a Directv customer and was very happy. Then along came VOOM a third satelite provider that was HD only and had 14 channels of really high quality content. VOOM was bought by Dish when they failed to attract enough subscribers for an HD only format and I reluctantly went along.
The first problem came getting LOCALS. They wanted to give me garbage locals from 60-70 miles away instead of the SF Bay Area locals where I live. Had to claim a bogus service address to get the correct ones.
Their customer service is totally inflexible, unreasonable and useless. "Iam very sorry sir but I can't do that" is the standard answer for everything.
I put up with really bad service for the VOOM channels and when those were inexpicably dropped around last April, they replaced them with HD versions of JUNK channels and continued to charge the same.
When a new housemate (with his own Dish account and DVR) moved in I wanted to add it to my account and they said that I had to sign a 24 month commitment, no flexibility.
As for Turbo HD it is just an advertising ploy. Nothing changed, they even admitted it when asked.
Tivo is close to shutting down the Dish DVRs after they lost a patent suit and appeals as well.
I am now wth Directv....what a refreshing change....Thier DVR had 100 HD hours of recording vs. 60 for Dish and the interface is totally intuitive unlike the cryptic Dish DVR.
Last quarter Dish was the FIRST satelite provider in history to have a net LOSS of subscribers and there is little wonder why.

There is no difference in content between them. The quality of the service, the DVR and it's usability and the feeling you are respected as a customer instead of it just being words....that is what makes Directv vastly superior. The day I dumped DISH was a VERY happy and satisfying day.

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I been a Dish user for 8 years!

I have two VIP622 HD DVRs, they do the job, add an external USB HD and you can off load movies to it.
Yes, Tivo has some nice features but they are an extra monthly charge on top of what ever you are paying for the cable/Direct TV service.
There have been posts over the years complaining about Direct TV, Dish and many cable companies.
I have had a few problems with some Dish reps, I just ask to talk to a supervisor or hang up and get a different rep.
As the Dish DVR menu I had no problem using it.
My daughter has a TiVo and I don't find the menu that much easier. Why do you have to decide every time that you finish watching a program if you want to keep it or delete it? My wife was baby sitting for our granddaughter and ended up deleting a couple of programs.
Every product has it's good points and bad points! John

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dish network

I have dish turbo hd and everything has been good so far. I had directv, but I had a bad experience with the company. I have written a letter and I am sending the letter to the better business bureau about directv. With directv you have to sign a two year contract if you want HD. I do apologize for writing about directv. With Dish network, you do not have to sign a two year contract, which is great. I am enjoying dish network, and I hope it stays that way. Make sure you get the free channels with your new subscription.

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Re: Who is better in HD Direct tv or Dish Network ?

I'm using HD Dicerct tv. I choose it because it's better than Dish Netwwork. It supply good images and sound.

Java Developer

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Re: Who is better in HD Direct tv or Dish Network ?
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dish is better than direct

I should know because been with direct for so long, aside from sudden price changes, bill surprises and unwanted ad ons the equipment is not worthit every feature has a genieGo my officemate has dish for a year and been very happy in fact she signed up for second account on their new home.. Direct sucks.. I am switching too.. She said she just ordered thru chat at and there's this rep who really helped her a lot though they took 1 hour to complete the order, all her concerns were addressed and now she is very happy.. No hidden charges and reps are very friendly

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dish is better than direct

I should know because been with direct for so long, aside from sudden price changes, bill surprises and unwanted ad ons the equipment is not worthit every feature has a genieGo my officemate has dish for a year and been very happy in fact she signed up for second account on their new home.. Direct sucks.. I am switching too.. She said she just ordered thru chat at and there's this rep who really helped her a lot though they took 1 hour to complete the order, all her concerns were addressed and now she is very happy.. No hidden charges and reps are very friendly

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