Who builds a wall OVER a tunnel/channel?

Mexican Police Discover Third Drug Tunnel Near Arizona Border

Tunnels have become an increasingly common tactic for smugglers to get around enforced borders, especially where the physical barriers have been in place for many years, including Arizona and California's borders with Mexico.

In a video, two police officers are shown opening a manhole underneath extensive drainage channels. These channels are used to ease the flow of runoff water during storms and typically flow north from Sonora into Arizona because of the terrain. They are also often used by smugglers. The police said in the video that the tunnel is 32 feet long, however, they provided limited information beyond that such as the location of the tunnel and how they discovered it.

Manholes?(insight manholes?)...Drainage channels?...sounds like they were constructed by the gov and have been there for a while.
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Reporting: Who builds a wall OVER a tunnel/channel?
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There are ways to get around a physical barrier.
People are not stupid they will figure out that way.

How many tunnels will the Don's 2k mile wall go over?

Oops.....TH will be along to call that babble.

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that's ridiculous

Might as ask how many locks on a home will keep burglars out? There will still be some committed enough to manage a break in. It doesn't mean you decided to just put no locks on the home, or leave some doors unlocked. That's what YOU are saying.

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The Don sold his wall as fix's not.
It's a 20B+ band aid.

If your saying some locks are better than none I'll agree.

If you think the wall is a good idea then pay for it.
There is a fund raiser going on.
If the wall that you paid for goes over an open door then it's your problem.

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I've not heard Trump claim

the wall would be a "fix all". If you have, please show where. It's not going to be 100% effective no matter how high it is or from what it's made. That, IMO, is a given. While I don't fully support his plan, I do believe that a physical barrier would be more effective than anything we've done so far. The wall, however, creates problems with perception and could possibly result in the death of innocent people fleeing real danger. It might not be long before a body is found on the Mexican side. If that body of a person running from a drug gang or other criminal assault, it would be tragic. As well, our news folks would have a field day doing nothing but pointing fingers at Trump as the cause of the person's death. We don't need to feed these news folks that kind of stuff to chew on. My own thinking has been that, first, we need to fully enforce the existing laws. No exceptions. We also need a clearly stated escalation plan if the original one proves ineffective.

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Fix all

That's the way he's selling it.
It stops drugs, gangs, criminals, the humanitarian crisis.....fix all.
Build that wall......a rally chant.
I and a number of other people have doubts if it's the best way to secure our border.

In any case for the time being Nancy is not going to give it to him.

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In some respects I need to applaud our president

for trying to bring this issue to a head. For a wannabe career politician, it would be suicide. Look at how long no one has really dared to take this bull by the horns. We've heard complaints about this for decades but the problem of illegal immigration has only gotten worse. Truly, the first to cross the border were a more honest bunch eager for work so they could feed their families back home. Some found permanent work and stayed. They built their own communities right under our noses but kept themselves clean. So a few sneak in like mice but the rats, who see how easy it is, hide among the mice hoping to not be noticed. Someone had to take this on. If nothing else, this president might just get our lawmakers to sit up and pay attention even if a wall doesn't get built. It has to be done, IMO.

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Immigration rules must start with congress

A plain English clear cut set of rules that no admin can veer from.
Good luck trying to get our divided congress to come up with those rules.
If the Don tries to write his own rules it will end up in court.

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There ARE clear cut rules already passed

and when Trump and his DOJ tried to implement them, that whacked 9th Circuit Court stopped him, just as they did for the travel ban. Everything the liberal Dems want automatically goes to liberal courts across the country, comes to a screeching halt, and then eventually ends up in SCOTUS where Trump wins. It's ridiculous for you to say that he's writing his own rules...….

He offered nearly three times the number of DACA's Dems asked for and still got turned down by them....he stopped offering DACA because it's actually close to getting to SCOTUS now and I suspect that it will end up the same way DAPA did....and DACA and DAPA were rules that BO wrote on HIS own, and I haven't seen you complain about that.

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Complain about

I don't maintain a grudge list.
That does not mean that I thought what BO did was right.

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The Ninth has been the "liberal circuit"

since at least 1970, in the opinion of many. Through many and varied administrations.

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As a ditch digger

and a guy that worked on Chicago's deep tunnel project , I know that we install gates that can be electronically monitored and opened and closed at will , so I say go ahead with the wall and do the gates .
If we know where the tunnels are , we can monitor them ....

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Supposedly not that hard to find

Ground penetrating radar, sonar, etc. The technology is there. I recall hearing how some people get rid of chipmunks who burrow where they're not wanted. Not pretty to think about. No...I'm not suggesting it either.

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I believe these tunnel

JP referred to was constructed long ago by the government , so we already knoww where these are and can control those with gates and monitor them .

New illegal tunnel are a different story and when found , maybe treat them with explosive devices or pump it full with concrete .

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There have been tunnels found for years.

When discovered, they had all been in use for some time to move drugs and people. So, any drugs or terrorists or explosives or weapons were already in place in Tx or NM or NYC ...

Would that change, somehow?

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Any tunnels that don't belong there

would be filled in .
Legal tunnels for rain run off or flood control etc. can be controlled with the gates .
Been there and done that and it works .

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To clarify, I meant the tunnels yet to be built,

or now under ... Wait. Do I hear the sound of shovels ...?

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How can anyone know

about future illegal tunnels ? They deal with them when they are found ..

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Not the sound of shovels. Have you seen the size of those mexican moles? Devil

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I've been on job's

where hand dug box tunnels were used

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That pic...

reminds me of a time long ago when I went down a slate mine in north wales. A little steam engine with drams attached took groups of people down. When we got there it was amazing.
What got me was the size of the mine and all hand cut.

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Drams attached?

Lot's of folks touring the mines, I could imagine. Happy

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Just remembered the name.
- Collapse -'s a cart

More often I've heard it to mean a unit of liquid measure and the liquid was usually something toxic to one's liver. My mistake.

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In the US I think a vehicle like that is a tram.

We're dealing with a furriner here, Steven.
Too many drams and they cart you away?
The largest amount is the apothecary's measure, an eighth of an ounce. Not very much. I suspect it got to be used in drinking out of, 'I'll be just havin' a wee dram with the boys, dear.'

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Or, could be,

how one pronounces "tram" after too many drams. There was a cartoon character called Scrooge McDuck who spoke with a Scots brogue. He was known for being stingy, of course. I recall him going into some shop wanting to buy a dram of ink for his pen. That's my first recollection of the word.

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And ...

WHEN they are found, they have been is use SINCE they were built and BEFORE they were found. A day, a week, a month ...
The good guys are always a step behind, by definition.

Wall isn't the answer, ground-penetrating radar isn't the answer. Uncertainty and fear to continue.

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One can

only do so much , hohum
Boring ..

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Other than another 'letter and number'

what is YOUR answer, since you seem to have more questions than solutions? Do away with OUR borders even though MOST countries enforce THEIRS including Mexico and expect US to help them do that? Legalize everything and anything? Come on, drp…..give us SOMETHING other than preaching...……...

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Dear Woman of Willful Ignorance:

My answer is the same as yours - better government.

Difference: Yours has proven incompetent to give people what they need, and not even what they want. True peace and security, for openers.

Mine has, and will continue to do so. All citizenship is voluntary. No guns; no human army. Yet we prevail against human enemies and will continue to do so.
All this is in the book, the one with the letters and numbers, the one you refuse to read. You demand an answer, knowing you will refuse to look at it when it's given.

Have you no shame, madam? Have you no shame?

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When you say "your government"

I'm going to assume that you mean 'worldwide governments' compared to only the USA's government. However, if YOUR government was as successful as you claim, you would be a much better influence over the world than you are because by your own admission in your post, anyone who doesn't do as you do are your 'enemies'....and enemies need/deserve to be gone. So how do you do that exactly? You have NO presence in any governments around the world that I know of so until you decide to 'infiltrate' those governments and have influence to change it, you have nothing but your idea of how to change things.

I'm not the one with 'willful ignorance' can't make a difference until you are willing and ready to get involved and make the effort. Shame on you and your empty preachings and daily scoldings…….

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