I would have to give the nod to Apple on this one. Granted I haven't been keeping close tabs on laptops in general for a while now, but I haven't seen any other laptop with a trackpad the size of Apple's. It'll cost you a bit more to buy a Mac laptop and then load Windows onto it, but it can be done.

Other than that, most vendors tend to use trackpads from one of about two vendors, so you just have to figure out which is used in any model laptop you're interested in. I forget the names off the top of my head, but there's the el cheapo one that tends not to work so well even under normal circumstances, then there's a better quality one that seems to be far more rare because it costs more. Everyone these days is so obsessed with price, that companies do anything and everything possible to shave as much off the manufacturing cost as possible while still making at least some kind of profit.

So I'd look around at several vendors and models and narrow it down to no more than 6 models that suit your needs in every other way. Then you can start researching the trackpads for each model and hopefully that will give you a clear winner, or at least cause a couple models to drop out of contention.