Which type of HDMI cable do I need?

Hey folks, week's half over so...congrats!
So, FINALLY got myself a nice display and just
need to grab an HDMI cable. I thought this was simple
but now im reading there are more than one type
(not quality, im referring to protocol type).

Allegedly there are a 1.3, 1.4 protocol, and others.
Read that HDMI is video only, whereas something called
a 'video plus' cable also carries 5.1 and/or 7.1 audio
as well.

Definately need one that carries audio, just not sure
if most consumer cables in the store will automatically
be those type, and if i need to worry about 1.3 v 1.4
protocols. Also, if anyone knows which carry 7.1surround
vs. 5.1, if there's any difference, that would be
very helpful as well.

Thanks for your time and your assistance, and have a
great afternoon...

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Reporting: Which type of HDMI cable do I need?
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Clarification Request

I have read the following:

as well as other resources. Its just alot of consumer brands, expensive, cheap and otherwise, rarely note the cable type or protocol. Im am lucky that B&H and some more comprehensive retailers offer the actual specs online, however, there are rarely denotations as to whether they handle 3D (dont need rite now) Deep Color (would be nice to have that, I think my TV supports) 5.1, 7.1 or no audio at all. And lol forget about any standard language that will sum all that up on the boxes of most of these things. All in all, i guess im just curious as to what to look for that guarantees at least 5.1 AND 7.1 audio in an HDMI cable. Thanks again folks!!

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You don't 'need' deep color support

AFAIK there's no commercial material out yet to speak of. So it's marketing fluff, at best.

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My choice

I went with the most expensive feature laden Amazon Basics cable and parted with 8 bucks.

Works just like all my other cables but this one has all the wires and such.

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by the way...

I have read this:

and other resources. Just wondering what sort of nomenclature i can look for on packaging
that will guarantee at least 7.1 AND 5.1 audio on the HDMI cable im browsing for. They rarely contain the tech talk which, although understandable in the wiki and other finds, is simply not spoken of on most product packaging im seeing out there. They're just like 'here's an HDMI cable' with rarely a note about its type, protocol or compatability..
anyway, thanks again folks!

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Thanks Bob!

Yeah, I am thinking as long as the retailer can guarantee me its at least HDMI 1.3a, it has everything I need. B&H has a tripplite 6 footer for 9bux, i'll grab it omw home.

Indeed, love amazon. Just fiending to play BattlefieldBC2 in
full effect when I get back to the lab.

Im sure ive belabored this a bit, like all my posts, so thanks again !

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Nod to Tripplite.

While I can't speak for the cables, they do brand a lot of items and so far "good for the buck."

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