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which thermocouple to match for HP probook 6560b

Hello, I'm asking you, I have an hp probook 6560b and I do not know which thermocouple to choose, I had some but this was a poor temperature of 55 was on youtube itself and up to 62, it came, I do not know what to do ...

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Reporting: which thermocouple to match for HP probook 6560b
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Please explain.

Even if a thermocouple read 62 instead of 55 I would not replace it since I know it's 7 degrees off and can continue to use it. Also the thermocouple does not cool the laptop so explain what's the goal here.

As to parts I see HP didn't put out a document about alternate parts on that. And the Intel CPUs have the thermalcouple in the CPU chip so again I don't see why I'd change the CPU to change its thermalcouple.

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which thermocouple, choose to match HP probook 6560b

I mean, I'd like it like hp would have a thermocouple but what I did not work and what I did not know ...

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Doesn't explain what's the goal here.

There are thermocouples in the CPU chip itself. Usually one per CPU core. You can see this with a Speccy report to start with.

It's still unclear what's driving this.

Side note: I have a 6560b that I use for travel and testing. Nice solid laptop. I did upgrade to SSD.

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which thermocouple, choose to match HP probook 6560b

Intel chipset a gpu is amd radeon hd 6470m,
cpu also intel but the processor factory had a thermal paste, more about therpad to gpu ..

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Still doesn't reveal where we are going.

The AMD GPU has thermalcouples in the GPU chip too. To replace CPU and GPU thermocouples would be more than the laptop is worth (I got mine refurb for $199USD!)

This old laptop does run hot compared to today's laptops. Maybe we have a new user expecting lower temps than what we expected back then? You are not telling enough here. What is the issue that has you looking to replace thermocouples?

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Sorry, I remember what thermocouples I choose, old ones have already been degraded by age and wanted to give new ones but I do not know what they were, and only thermocouples will lower the temperature properly on gpu and chipset, and cpu factory had a paste ..

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it was colder

this hp probook before getting rid of the thermocouple was cooler, even when the media stressed the computer ...

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So put it back.

If you changed a part, put it back the way it was.

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Forgot a thing.

This can REALLY confuse folk. It's a hoot. If you use better heatsink compound the temperature in a PC can go up. This really can confuse those new to thermodynamics.

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We do not understand each other

We do not understand each other, I have replaced the thermoconductive paste, and also there were thermocouples on gpu and cipset have become squeezed and I could not see what they were to buy new ones ..

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HP will have to tell you where the service manual is. Parts may be rare on this old laptop. I know since we own a handful at the office.

I think works but page 88 and on show no thermocouple. It does mention a thermal pad but that's not a thermocouple.

Most laptops didn't need a thermocouple for the GPU or CPU since the chips have them built in.

Me? Just an electronics designer so I know what a thermocouple is.

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I am sorry,

I am sorry, maybe I wrongly asked, I mean thermoconductive thermocouple looking for it and really what I did not know ..

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Until I know what you want

I can't progress. I supplied the service manual so where is this "thermoconductive thermocouple"?

Again, I say thermal pads but if you change the words from what is in the service manual I can't guess what part you are after.

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we will not get along

Oh, we will not get along, you know what a thermopad and it was on the core of integrated graphics and the core of the ciptset, the processor had a thermo conductive paste, and I try to get help what thermocope was what thickness conductivity of the body you talk to me but I do not understand. .

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We can get along.
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thermal pad

asking I was asking about the thermal pad, Below is the link with what I'm asking for and what suits hp probook 6560b, I do not know how to match because it has been present and some had le ni department ...

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No link there.

Thermal pads come in sheets that you trim with scissors. I've had folk hunting and claiming they can't find it since they are hunting for a specific size and freak when I take out a sheet and cut out a square to fit the space.

As to thickness I use a micrometer on a piece of the old stock to see what thickness it was. Or you buy a sheet of all 3 thicknesses and use the one that works.

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there is no info about the size of the pad

Ok I understand, that is, only buy all sizes and check the operation

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True. You have to cut it to size.

The thickness does vary and you cut from a sheet to the size you need. For the thickness you measure what was in there.

Where folk seem to get lost is they expected to be able to buy the exact size or dimension they needed. They did not expect to have to get out scissors to make what they need.

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And if there is no possibility to have a used thermocouple, I just hoped I would buy a new one right away ...

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There appear to be 3 thicknesses and it comes in sheets. You could try the mid thickness if you want then order thinner or thicker later.

This took a long time to find out what you really wanted and here this would have been solved with one trip to the store here. (We have Fry's)

If you continue calling thermal pads thermocouple's when you shop or ask around this will take a very long time. When dealing with technical parts stick with what it's called in service manuals.

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and I have a dilemma

in fact 3mm when they pass temperatures too low, and thin ones almost do not dissipate heat.

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I found that this material would never "dissipate heat." The thermal pad's job is to conduct heat from one part to the heatsink. And thin has been the higher performer (think about your coursework in thermodynamics and give the same thermal resistance the thinner sheets transmit better.

Being such a small world my brother and I each own a 6560b and both of us changed out the HDD for SSD and both have 8GB RAM running W10 Pro.

Now being this is an older gen i5 it does run on the hot side of 60+C. Are you trying to get it lower than that?

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I have amd graphics, and the SSD disk as the main for the short system instead of the ssd optical drive, but now the hdd is, and from the begging I ask for that I wiped off the custard I changed the paste on the cpu, on the graphic cipset, because thermocouple thermocouple tape was from the device it's broken and what thick it was and what degree of thermal conductivity I do not know and should give a thermopad paste is not for that, I need this laptop for everyday entertainment charges contact with friends, sometimes some programs that do not require a lot of work as offices hp glory, I even have an elitebook 8440p, as I will go with probook and elitebook a new kind of blues I will certainly raise money so praise these models

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After all this.

You continue to fall back and write about a thermocouple.

I can see why few can help you.

Just for you I ran Furmark on my HP 6560b

The GPU topped out at 69C.
I used CPU-z to stress the CPU and one of the cores hit 91C.

Since the max Tj on this is 100C there is no reason for me to try to pull this temp down.

What are you reading temp wise? You never told us.

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nowhere is advice even for hp

You see, no one understands me, I just asked about the factory thermocouple thermo conductive tape, my crumbled out of here I really do not know what was in the sense of thickness and conductivity of the heat that I have to buy to be ok ..

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This is why

I found the service manual and found source on Amazon. You have consistently misnamed the item and apparently have yet to figure that the exact width and length won't be available. You buy it in sheets and use scissors to cut it to size.

As to thickness you use calipers on a bit that is left or just pick up the three thicknesses and test it out.

If you can not do this, take it to a repair shop.

-> BEYOND ALL THAT WE'VE DISCUSSED you never shared what the temperature or failure was.

I've gone beyond the norm here trying to figure out what you were looking for (it was not the thermocouple) and even lucked out having a HP 6560b to test temperatures to see if a newbie would be trying to fix what is not broken. These old laptops ran hot. A newbie might think they need to fix that.

If you can't correct your naming issue and won't share why you are doing this such as "it's too hot" with the temps you are seeing then no one can help you.

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Recap. 55 is a GREAT temp. 62 is FINE.

If you are 55 to 65 on a HP 6560b you have beat what we see on two 6560b's.

Stop fixing what is not broken.

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