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Which tablet is for me?

Hello all, and first off I would like to say sorry If this is in the wrong post, wrong area, etc. I am new! So hopefully this goes well and you can understand me, if not I'll gladly try to elaborate.

So I am in college, and looking for a tablet capable of many things. That being said and being very vague, I would like a tablet to use mainly for school and study purposes. I currently have a laptop, but lets say for the sake of this post that I really do not have a budget and anything is reasonable.

I love the ASUS Transformer, but would this be the best for me? This is why I come here.

I try to list these in order of importance.

1. The tablet must be good with a stylus. I would ideally like to use a writing app to write my class notes on. I have youtubed some videos and the preloaded app on the transformer does not interest me. I would like an app that literally acts just like a notebook and lets you free write on it, etc.

2. I love the transformer because of the additional keyboard and the battery life with addition to the keyboard. It will allow me to type my notes after class, web browse easier, etc. Remember, I have a laptop, but the keyboard access to the tablet would be a nice feature. I know the iPad has the dock also.

3. The keyboard should be Wifi. I do not plan on using 3G because my campus is completely WIFI and I'll have good internet wherever I go.

I really can not think of anything else right now as far as specs go...

The main ones that I would be looking at if I had to pick would be

1.Asus Transformer
2. Apple iPad
3.Samsung Galaxy Note(I like the writing and smoothness of it in the commercial)
4.Galaxy nexus(may be a little to small to do notes on)

if worse comes to worse and I can not choose, I can always get a regular kindle and use that for digital books

The tablet should be able to hold textbooks and study guide books on it. By this I mean I can download digital texts, access eTexts on the web, etc. The main point here is I should be able to access a digital textbook.

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Start with a simple test.

See what tablets others are using. Today I'm not finding any that will replace the common laptop. That is, to get the tablet up to what we do on laptops we add a keyboard and more.

The textbooks are problematic as most have DRM so your tablet can't be some no-name unit.

-> Do the work. Ask your teachers what tablets they see out there that actually are working for students.

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Samsung Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note is made to use apps specific to use with stylus pens. A stylus will work on others, but there are apps for the Note where stylus writing works extremely well. If I were in your position, I would probably go with the Galaxy Note. There are all sorts of bluetooth keyboards you could buy to go with it, or even cases that have built in keyboards.

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My favorite note-taking app is Quill:

It's free if you download the apk file from the site ($1 on the Play Store). Also it's updated regularly. It's pressure-sensitive if you use a tablet with an active digitizer, and is great for taking notes on my Android tablet without that. Current digitizer tablet list is ThinkPad Tablet, HTC Jetstream, and HTC Flyer, Galaxy Note. I know the Thinkpad tablets are usually reviewed well.

I use it on a regular Android tablet, and it's great. There's no delay with the writing, and the export/import functionality can be used to get notes onto a computer, etc. There's all the typical features also - different pen widths and colors, note pages can be tagged and separated into notebooks, different paper styles, etc.

The major problem with taking notes on any tablet right now is that there really aren't many good styluses for that. You're going to want either an active digitizer, or a Jot stylus or the JaJa stylus (which should be coming out this fall) to get good results when writing. The squishy rubber-tipped stylus aren't very good for note-taking, since it's hard to control exactly where the writing point is, and the tip blocks the screen right where you're writing.

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Steer clear of BB Playbook

I loved my playbook it was a great little device, brilliant size for portability and amazing display.

But then one day it wouldn't charge. I used the charger on another Blackbery device and it worked brilliantly so it's the playbook. Blackberry refuse to fix it as I've had it longer than 6 months, they won't tell me how it can be fixed and when i said i would take it to somwhere else to have it fixed, they said that I would then me responsible for the damage!

It's a lose lose situation.....Never will I buy another BB Product!

Take my advice and steer clear!

Also heard the New Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet is Awsome, that's what I would go for.

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The problem is on all of those things.

All are subject to this classic issue -> link follows.

Since all devices follow that curve you are assured that someday, it will fail. And your sample of one unit is not enough to paint all of the units as bad.

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Your dead charger is not enough to say this...

It could happen anytime with any electronic products and i believe it was out of warranty that's why BB guys refused to replace it with new one, but that doesn't mean BB has no-more worth buying brand. I'm sorry to say but I don't agree with your suggestion.

And @fran33s for your concern i would say if you are interested in using stylus that Samsung Galaxy Note would be best choice to go else, you should pay for Kindle since it's the best available option especially designed for e-readers.

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Is your BB Playbook LED flashing red?

The OS has a critical flaw: if your battery goes below ~1%, the Playbook considers the battery to be "dead" (in the sense that it has expired and will not charge). Hardly the case though! Plug your charger into your Playbook until the flashing LED stops, then unplug, wait 5-10 seconds, and re-plug. 20-50 cycles in this manner (letting the LED flash) will usually revive the Playbook (it actually charges for the duration of time that the LED flashes, but when the LED stops flashing, it kills the charging cycle).

Just my two cents. If your Playbook has another problem, I'm sorry. I really enjoyed my Playbook and really think it was the fastest tablet available when it released.

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Try Apple iPad its good and fast enough for doing all such things or else you can also try Samsung Galaxy Google Nexus though.

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Apple iPad is best, it is more portable than Laptop. it is more flexible for the game. the Graphics features of tablet is better than the other laptop. Apple tablet is best at right right now.

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iPad + old-fashioned pen and paper + scanner app

As a fourth-year engineering student, I have tried many solutions for note taking. I have settled on a first-gen iPad (~$200) and a regular pen and pad of paper. After class, I snap a photo of my notes with a scanner app on my Android phone and email the notes to myself. Have an archive of my notes in PDF form on my iPad that I can catalogue and reference via iBooks. I was never satisfied with capacitive styli or Wacom tablets with my laptop, but this solution seems to do the trick. Hope this helps.

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