Hi, did you make your decision? I got the 52" xbr and the BDV-E500W over Thanksgiving. I like the combination. You probably know this already but "wireless" is true only so far as the rear speakers do not have to connect by wires to the front. The 2 rear speakers are connnected by wires with a not so small transceiver (with a headphone jack which seems like a strange place to me because my rear speakers are quite far away).

I throught the decision to choose the 500 over the 300 set was easy because I ended up with the same combo price ($2000 through Amazon). Best Buy had a similar combo but with the 300 series.

If you made your purchase I'm curious if you use an iPod with it (comes with a dock). My music plays ok but I do not get any type of menu on tv for my iPod (so I navigate with the 500's remote control but read off my small Nano screen). I'm trying to figure out if I still have some setup to do. I think so because I could not get photos or movies displaying on the TV yet either (my iPod is set to turn on external viewing).