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Which smartphone syncs Outlook Calendar etc w/o Data Plan?

I am a T-mobile customer, using a Wing (by HTC). My Wing is wearing down after 2 years of heavy use. I need to replace it.

I am running Windows Mobile 6.5, and Outlook 2007 on my Windows XP desktop. I do not use ANY data plan on the phone, and don't want to pay for a data plan. I sync to desktop Outlook using USB connection and ActiveSync.

I need a phone that will sync completely (including categories, reminders, etc) with Outlook Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts. It is my impression that only Windows Mobile will do this without compromise, but I might be mistaken on this.

I need a qwerty keyboard. I like the Wing's tap screen (with stylus, but I just use a fingernail). A real keyboard is a second choice. I really dislike my husband's iPhone touch keyboard, but I guess I would get used to that type if I had to.

I know there are some very sophisticated (and expensive) phones out there that will do what I need. I don't want to pay for features I don't need, and I especially don't want to buy a phone that requires a Data plan. I might want to add Web/wifi later, but I don't need it now. I don't need to access my email, or facebook, or IM, or GPS.

I really just need my Outlook desktop (not including email!), with qwerty, in my pocket. I am not in a position to switch providers. T-mobile is my provider for the near future, but I'd consider phones that T-mobile doesn't support, as long as I could unlock it.

Any suggestions? Am I really the only one left who uses Outlook as an on-the-go organizer, and doesn't want web/wifi/data plan?

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Reporting: Which smartphone syncs Outlook Calendar etc w/o Data Plan?
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Just so we're clear.

I am writing some WM Apps and every phone I tried that runs WinMo synced just fine even if it was not activated. The sync feature works even when there is no phone service and even when there is no SIM card.

Not sure if this helps.

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Thanks, Bob. It isn't clear in most reviews and online specs that all Windows Mobile phones will sync without a data connection, the way my Wing does. Your reply was helpful in clarifying that.

I am still hoping someone can steer me toward a Windows Mobile phone that is reliable and priced reasonably...

I'm looking at an unlocked Pantech Duo, but haven't found reviews yet.

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Link, comment.

This one?

They were not that impressed with the keyboard. The 2 WM phones I like to demo on is the HTC Touch Pro 2 and a Pharos m619. Both are wildly different phones and again, Outlook syncs just like it does on any WM PDA or phone. The m619 has no sim and runs, syncs just fine.

So far, Outlook syncing has never failed on any WM phone for us. Uh, maybe I should tell. I'm writing apps for WM so I get to test this on too many units. But that doesn't mean I'll have a chance to see them all.

My point is, if its WM then it syncs over the usb cable every time.

Syncing over the cell phone network would be up to the cell companies discretion.

-> But wait. That's not all. With the soon to arrive Windows Mobile 7, the landscape changes drastically. I can't wait to try our apps there.

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Avoid the Duo if possible

There are a whole slew of mostly negative reviews if you do simply google search. I find it a very plain, lackluster device.

If I were you, I'd stick with a reliable and tested WM phone that was used w/ T-Mobile, like the DASH. Although it only has EDGE, you don't have a data plan anyway. It does have wifi which comes in handy, obviously and does not incurr any charges from the carrier. FWIW, I've seen the Dash for sale on ebay/craigslist for <=$100 US. There's also a newer one w/ the 3G frequency bands, but it will likely sell for much more.

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no to the Duo...

Thanks for the tip on the Duo. I did find a number of negative reviews about it being flimsy. Definitely a no on that one.

I think I should try to find a recently discontinued phone that got good reviews when it was new. That's how I buy my cameras, and it's worked well in terms of bang for my buck.

Anybody have a Windows Mobile phone that might be yesterday's news, but has served them well?

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That's why I recommended the Dash
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Thanks for the tip on the Dash. That sounds like what I am looking for.

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phones w/no data plan & syncs with Outlook

I'm in the same boat: don't want email on my phone, etc. but do want to sync my calender, notes, contacts. I am still using my 3G Motorola Razr. Only drawback is no qwerty keyboard so texting is a hassle. I'm looking for something just like you want, but so far still looking and holding on to my razr!! LEt me know if you find a good replacement.

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Outlook Syncs

Purchase a iPhone and syncs through itune software.

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Re-read her message

The OP doesn't want to have to pay for a data plan. That mean the iPhone on ATT network is a no-go.

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Actually, the iTunes Outlook sync is flawed and incomplete. I suppose if you didn't already know how a Windows Mobile phone syncs with Outlook, you might accept the inferior sync of the iPhone. It's very pretty, so it must be better, right? Wrong.

I did mention I don't want to switch carriers, and I don't want to pay for a data plan. I also don't want an Apple product that only gives lip service to being compatible with Outlook, but doesn't have the power to sync seamlessly.

I'll be getting a Dash. Thanks for everyone's help.

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tmobile phone

Hi I use the Touch pro 2 and it sync with Microsoft oulook great. All the information like Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Task will sync with usb cable. The keyboard is Excellent with dedicated numbers row and never had any problems with phone. Hope this helps

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2012 update to this thread?

I find myself in the same situation (looking for phone to reliably sync with Outlook, qwerty keyboard preferred, no data plan desired) but I'm AT&T customer. Any updated recommendations for a phone to consider?

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