The new Santa Rosa technology introduced 802.11 N draft to laptops. The standard for awhile had been 802.11 A/B/G. First of all if you have a draft N router you can use the slower G card but it will perform at G speeds. Draft N is faster and has a longer range. If you buy a Santa Rosa laptop with an draft N card and have a G router you will only get G performance out of your wireless. If the laptop says Centrino technology then you have an Intel card. Intel is the most popular wireless card. I know Dell in some of it's cheaper machines uses their own wireless cards. As far as performance I not sure if one is better than the other but Intel is the most popular at least in the built in cards. They also make wireless cards that plug into your pc ports (Express or PCMCIA) or use a USB port. With these types of cards they suggest you get the same brand card as router to get top performance at least with draft N. The malor brands of routers and wireless usb cards are Belkin, Netgear, Linksys and Trendnet to name a few.