Of the two, and considering that I'd be VERY leery of buying something like this off eBay, I'd go with the 32" if gaming is the purpose. The response rate is what you care about here, and 6.5ms vs 8ms gives it a clear edge. This is how long it takes any given pixel to change from say white to black, so the faster it can do this, the less likely you will be to have any kind of ghosting effect in games or movies where there's a lot of movement on the screen. It also has an extra 8 degrees of viewing angle on either side, which gives you a little extra wiggle room in the placement of the TV in your flat/house/room/whatever.

Aside from that, and the obvious size difference, they appear to be more or less equal feature wise... BUT, as you may notice if you go into a large electronics store, not all LCD panels are created equal. Some give a MUCH better quality image than others, which is a whole other reason why I'd be leery buying off eBay. The 32" model may use some crappy display panel, so while on paper it appears superior, if you put the two side by side, the difference would be very noticeable. I would NEVER buy a TV that I haven't seen in person first. Now I might go to an electronics store, look at TVs, then go buy one of those off Amazon or some such, but just no way I'd buy one sight unseen, and especially not off eBay.

It really is worth the extra dosh to buy retail if it means you can be sure you're going to get a good TV. Not to mention you have the ability to return the thing if it's DOA or something else is wrong with it. And buying former display models is NEVER a good idea no matter how good the price. There's a finite life to the CCFL tubes that provide the backlighting for those things, and a display model has probably been running about 18 hours a day for a couple years, so they've already got one foot in the grave. They'll probably crap out on you in 2 years or less. Even at 200 quid, I'd run for the hills.

There are just some things you don't go cheap on, and TVs are one of them. At least not this cheap. Just say no to display models, no to ebay buying, and no to buying any TV you haven't seen in person. It's also an extra 60 quid for the larger set from the prices I'm seeing. Not sure a tenner will really make a huge difference in the decision making process, but still important to keep those kinds of things straight in these fun economic times. That could probably keep you in greasy fast food hamburgers for a day or two. Think of all the artery clogging goodness you'd be missing out on!