One reason some opt for the wide screen is for watching DVD movies because the aspect ratios are similar. It might also have some advantage if you edit movies for recording on DVDs or even for some photo editing jobs, or for viewing wide spreadsheets.
these advantages obtain, however, only if you are dealing with a true widescreen version of the same basic standard monitor.

But in this case, both of the monitors have the same 1280 horizontal pixels and about the same dot pitch; they are essentially the same width but the widescreen has less height. Thus I do not see any significant advantage of the widescreen for most ordinary work. For example, you would not see any more columns of a spreadsheet, and would actually lose some rows. If you work mainly with documents, the line length and visual character size would be the same and, again, you would lose some rows.

Actually, even watching movies would be little different. The image would be the same size, there would just be some blank space at the top and bottom of the 19 inch monitor.

Hope this helps