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Which Linux distro?

Well here it goes..
Aside from googling probably 10+ hours, and trying to install a few variations of Linux, I have absolutely no idea where to go from this.

It's being installed on my HP Mini 110. Here are its specs:
CPU- Intel Atom N270 @ 1.60GHz 60 °C
RAM- 2.00GB Single-Channel DDR2 @ 266MHz
Motherboard- HP 308F
Graphics- LP101WH1-TLB2 (1366x768@60Hz) (whatever that means)
Intel Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family
Storage- OCZ Vertex of some sort, its a 64GB

Just a side note, I used to have Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit on it, and it was about the worst experience ever, it didn't really do anything. About the most productivity out of having Win7 on it was staring at the pretty M$ logo... -.-

So far I've looked into these: Puppy Linux, AntiX, Bodhi, SparkyLinux, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Linux Lite, Lubuntu, Chromium (no idea how to install that), Point Linux, Android 4.x, Crunchbang, Manjaro, MacPup, Linux Mint, and finally SolusOS.

I've also tried XBMC, and GeeXboX, and OpenELEC to no avail.

What's most important are:
1) support for SSD, so it doesnt die prematurely
2) lightweight on the resources, but capable of playing 1080p movies on ssd, and some light browsing to stay communicated.
3) something that isnt a back to the future replica. lots of these, i.e. crunchbang, manjaro, puppy linux, etc. looked very windows 2000-ish. My goal was to go for a more 'retro' feel. something kind of flashy, but not overkill like Win7.
4) Fast boot up. Tried Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and Lubuntu with no success. All three were quite sluggish feeling, and none could play 1080p videos. The newest Ubuntu just froze after typing in the login stuff.
5) This is optional, but slightly prefered. Support for the OS isnt huge as all I'm looking to do is be able to play movies off the hdd while traveling. Use of a browser isnt really that big of a deal, seeing as with OpenELEC it offers netflix streaming.

If anyone has suggestions what I could try out, or if anyone knows how to get the proper install of OpenElec to work, I'd be very very thankful.

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while on google

Looked a little more into SolusOS, has anyone used this recently or in the past few years?

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I tend to stay in the top 10 on DistroWatch.

What made you want to try this one?

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the name

It had an interesting name, that's all. I'll check into distrowatch.Do you have a favorite or recommend one?

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Mint, Ubuntu,

And Chrome as well as Android are what I have bootable on a stick today.

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Chrome, where art thou?

As the saying goes, if you were blind it would've bitten ya. The only place I could find it was a place called Can chrome play local files or is it all cloud based and need the internet to work?
After looking into Android a few minutes it seemed rather pointless as I already own a perfectly fine Rugby Pro with android 4.x. Also I've tried Mint at a friends and it didnt really feel like a somewhat easy transition from windows.

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Sorry I meant ChromeOS

It's part of the research the office does to stay current about all possible solutions for our clients.

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No , But I use
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downloaded and about to t

Thanks for posting that. Downloaded and installed onto a USB, about to try it out very soon.

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if your'e

putting this on a laptop you may prefer SolydX , it's lighter and a little quicker


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P.S ....WOW !

That was a fast download! Was that a flashdrive ?

Let us know how it turns out


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flash drive

Yah that was on a USB flash drive. It's the MicroCenter 16gb 3.0. Hooked it up to my desktop which uses a wired connection. A 1gb download takes about 5-10 minutes with a good constant DL speed. DL was about 4mbps the entire time. No download manager or anything. Just got to desktop and everything seems to be working even wireless. Do I need to install anything so the movies put on the SSD can be played? They're all in MP4 format, and the music is mostly in MP3 format except for select few WAV files. Had no idea this OS looked so crisp. Many thanks again.

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Groovy !

I've never tried installing on a flash before, heard some distro's are a PITA to get to work on a flash.
Is it SolydK or X ?

Either way go into the DDM and update your Graphic drivers.

Than restart than install all updates..
The cool thing is also that this distro is a rolling release so you never need to install a new iso. Just update...


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a bit more time

has gone by. Really enjoying SolydX a lot. That's why I haven't replied sooner. Already googled to update all the drivers, as usual with any kind of OS install. The movies play very well with VLC. Firefox is very fast on this as well. Is this alien technology? Had no idea an old netbook could have such life restored to it. Read about the rolling release, which was another big selling point for me. Usually when I install file.iso to any USB, I make sure its 8GB empty, and I know most use unetbootin, but prefer Rufus. Hopefully this link doesn't get me in trouble, but here's the link to Rufus:
Ever since trying unetbootin and it ironically failed the first time, I've always used Rufus for all the iso to whatever needs.

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No need to Google for updates, SolydX will install them when needed. SolydXK just did a major update and your iso is up to date also.

SolydXK has a great forum if you need help. friendly folks there.

Glad it's working out for
Best of luck...


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Thanks for the TIP about Rufus ! Happy


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Ideas for SD card?

Found this litte 16GB beast being used as a book mark. Honestly have no idea if this post goes in Hardware or Linux forums. Anybody know if I can run an entire extremely lightweight Linux dist off of this, without needing a HDD? It's going in an old HP Mini110-1000 SD card slot. Can't think of any other use for it, my phone already has a 32GB one.
Maybe portable software, but a 16GB USB 3.0 already takes care of that.. Here's a link to it, and it has adapter too.

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Here's how to test

Put the SD card in the slot, boot to BIOS and see if it's recognized and can be found anywhere in the boot order. If so, it may be possible if you can figure out how to load an image on it. The other option would be to put it in some USB adapter and try the same thing. You may have more luck going that route. I'd think that, if it works, it will provide a painfully slow experience. Life is short as it is but it's your life. Have fun with it.

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Pages full of that
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Which Linux distro? - try xubuntu

Years ago I abandoned Win OS.
My favourite is Kubuntu but , for a computer with limited resources , I recommend you Xubuntu.
I am using xubuntu 12.04 on a dated laptop IBM X40 (2006) and is perfoming very well.
Menus are organized as in win XP so you will find in a background quite familiar..
Hope you will enjoy it.

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I would recommend Ubuntu, it is almost a standard Linux distribution for a desktop user.

Here you have a text that can help you choose your distribution: Linux distros

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