extra for you that your eyes could appreciate. So, it's 720 all the way for you & save some money compared to 1080 anyway.

Blu Ray may work its way, eventually, to become the predominant disc, but only time will tell.

I have no immediate LCD recommendations as I have had mine for a few years, but it's still good for me. I would pay attention to paying a bit more to get name brand models reviewed more highly by sources like C/NET. I would take their recommendations pretty seriously. A quick look in showrooms doesn't seem to be very revealing. When there is a big row, they may be adjusted very differently from one to another. That's why the reviews that C/NET takes seriously provide valuable info.

I don't know if your stated size preference is carved in stone. If you are not already thoroughly familiar with wide screens you may not realize that they are so squatted down vertically that you lost a lot of picture relative to the older screen aspect. That is why so many folks wind up going larger than they first thought of.

If your current, not too old TV is 480 rather than 720, you will see a noticeable, worthwhile benefit. Enjoy