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Which is your next android phone?

Nov 27, 2013 3:21PM PST

Hi Everyone,

I am planing to buy new upcoming android phone but not decide yet which phone. So I want to know about you which phone would you like to purchase?

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The Google Nexus.
Nov 27, 2013 3:23PM PST

Nothing like the real thing.

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Nov 28, 2013 5:07PM PST

I am waiting next apple iPhone.

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Next Phone
Dec 20, 2013 3:43PM PST

Galaxy s5 will be my new phone or a Sony Z1 google edition.

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Dec 20, 2013 7:03PM PST

I actually have the gs3 and im looking for a new phone for christmas ( i tend to prefer apple due to its high quality products ) . If u want a durable and fast phone DO NOT choose gs3. After 1 year of usage my phone began to have bugs !!!

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Dec 25, 2013 1:56PM PST

Samsung grand II is the best option.

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Feb 10, 2014 9:16PM PST

I am wating for samsung galaxy s5 it,s a great phone
Samsung Galaxy S5 Features -
Brand - Samsung.
Model - Galaxy S5
OS - Android OS v4.4.2 KitKat
CPU - Octa Core Snapdragon 800
GPU - Unknown.
RAM - 3 GB
Display - 5.24 inches Super AMOLED Capacitive touchscreen
Camera - 16 MP+3.2 MP
Statue - Rumored
Price - No Official Data
Price in USD Dollar - Approx 1100$ USD
so i am wating for to buy it