Since it was a work computer I would assume that someone has, or should have, done some cleanup already. User accounts shouldn't be a problem as far as removal is concerned. Anything in document/picture files (if anything) should be safely removeable. As far as network accounts/settings are concerned it would depend on what you are alluding to. Assuming you are going to hook it up (internet) I'd do my own set up first and then deal with anything else that might be listed, if there is anything. Don't delete anything from program files unless you know exactly what it is. I'd get up and running first and load an A/V software of some type, good freebies to get you by would be AVG or AVAST and initiate the Windows firewall, at least temporarily. There are a myriad of other things you can/could do to see what is what. A pretty good freebie to run, if you suspect issues, would be Malwarebytes, to sweep the system for bugs, many use this as an add on. The other that will give you a heads up on superflous items running is also a free download, it is CC cleaner. There are others that many use, these are fairly common basic items that many use. Whatever you do leave the registry alone and stay away from the free so called reg cleaners. Hopefully you'll be OK, the good thing, that I see is that you already have the svc packs on board, that would generally indicate that the OS has/had been kept pretty much up to date. Have fun and good luck!!!