Just about any DSLR will be good for shooting sports.

The Nikon D80 or the Canon XTi are good choices.

When selecting lenses, you have to remember, that since those cameras have a CCD sensor smaller than a 35mm film size, a lens focal length will be different when fitted to those digital cameras.

A 75-300mm lens will appear to be:
112-450mm on the Nikon (use a 1.5 multiplier)
120-480mm on the Canon (use a 1.6 multiplier)

So if you were happy with the 75-300mm Minolta lens,
you should look for something like a 50-200mm lens for a DSLR.

Here is a site in Europe that reviews lenses:


That is not all of the lenses that are available, just the ones that they have reviewed.