Which Desktop to Buy under 1000! (open to other suggestions!

I will be using this computer for work. Many tabs and programs will be running simultaneously. Likely will have to use a wifi connection for the first few months.

I am a Costco member and I am currently between the 3 computers (links below). Totally open to other recommendations as well! Is it worth it to spend $250 more and get an XPS desktop?

Computer 1. HP Pavilion Desktop (Costco)

Computer 2. Lenovo 510a Desktop (Costco)

Computer 3. Lenovo 720 Desktop (Costco)

I am leaning toward one of the two Lenovo computers. They are very similar except for a few key differences.

Computer 2. 1TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive
Computer 3. 2TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive Accelerated by 16GB Optane

Processor Memory
Computer 2. 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-9700 8-Core Processor 3.0GHz
16GB DDR4 (2-DIMM) 2666MHz RAM
Computer 3. Intel Core i7-8700 Processor at 3.2GHz
16GB DDR4 2666MHz (2-DIMM) RAM

Thank you everyone in advance for your time and help!

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Reporting: Which Desktop to Buy under 1000! (open to other suggestions!
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All appear to be decade old designs. OUT OF DATE.

These are fine for folk that have never used the new SSD boot drive or just all SSD based PCs. In fact I'm going with these are pure junk compared to what we use at the office. I think we expunged the last boot HDD from the fleet last week. Folk are impatient and what you listed for use will only be worse by sticking to the old ways.

If you want to compare CPUs that is NOT what will make these machine dogs in overall performance. The RAM and CPU are absolutely fine but equipping such an expensive PC with just HDD is someone ripping you off.

I doubt you need 1 or 2TB. So shop around and consider the HDD to be something you'll swap out or move to a data drive. is 67USD and would transform these dogs into greyhound performance machines.

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Why I added if the XPS is worth the additional 250 :(


The mention of the XPS was the last revision I made before posting because I noticed the HDD. How hard is it to change out the HDD to an SDD is it a 1-minute, or hour-long process?

Do you have any recommendations for an SSD computer under 1000?

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The change from HDD to SSD here.

Runs from 15 minutes to a hour. We do this a lot.

Dell's XPS line is well, so many I can't guess which one so I felt it best to call out how dated what was linked to and what would bring it current.

The machines at links are otherwise capable except for the boat anchors they are dragging. HOWEVER if the owner has never used an SSD equipped PC then all may be fine until they are exposed to what folk use today.

As to which desktop, at office and home we use laptops. If I were to go back to a desktop I'd hit PCMR at to make my own with tweaks for my preferences.

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Ready to buy

I've used plenty of SSD laptops for work and home use. I am truly just looking to purchase a ready to be used desktop or laptop that will sneakily perform very well for 1000 or less.

Unless its that much of a price advantage to build your own.

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I must be unkind to machines with the OS on HDD.

These will not perform well for folk I know today UNLESS they have never experienced the power of the dark side. Whoops I mean SSDs.

My wife's 17 inch Asus Vivobook was, let me look it up. came to 1082USD and change to our door. We replaced a GEN 1 i7 HP DV7 machine which I had swapped out it's HDD and maxed out the RAM (8GB for when I did that) so each area of the old and new laptop was over double in performance.

She uses it daily, runs The Sims 4 and never had an issue. I might quibble about the boot drive size but overall it's quite the performer and the LCD is great. Bought this one in November 2017 and it's aging well.

As to desktops, I see makers asking more than it's worth to get SSD. Something is off there.

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Costco XPS Desktop

When the computer includes both: 1TB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive &
256GB PCIe Solid State Drive

What does this mean? Is it truly an SSD operating PC or is the SSD secondary and more of a gimmick to market it as an SSD computer.

Is the computer I linked a good value at $949?
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Seems better than the above models.

Core i7, GTX 1650 so good to go on almost any use today.

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Re: Seems better than the above models.

I have a question. If I purchased a new Dell Vostro 3000 desktop computer pre-configured with an i3 processor; 4GB of RAM and a 1TB HD; if I also purchased an SSD to replace the HDD which came with the computer; is anything on the HDD which comes with the computer would the HDD need to be cloned to the new SSD if the computer hasn't been used yet?

I can buy a Dell Vostro 3000 desktop with an i3 processor; 4GB RAM and a 1TB HDD for around $389.00. Dell was selling a Vostro 3000 desktop with an i5 processor; 8GB RAM and a 256 SSD for $649.00 and offered an extra $150.00 off of that price but that deal is now no longer available.

Big Steve

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Re: clone

It certainly doesn't run from an empty SSD, so you would need to clone the full contents of the HDD to the SDD or install Windows and all Dell software and drivers yourself.

But it's doubtful if you can clone a large disk (even if for the most part empty) to a small disk.

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Re: clone

So buy a new desktop with an SSD already installed or settle for a desktop with a HDD. Dell has a Vostro 3000 Series configured with an i3 processor; 4GB RAM and a 1TB HDD for $389.00.

If you configure a Vostro 3000 Series with a SSD Dell requires you to also select an i5 processor with 8GB RAM for about $200.00 more. Could I get by with a desktop configured with an i3 processor; 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD if I'm replacing a WIN XP machine?

Can you recommend a website that sells refurbished machines that are good? Best Buy currently sells several refurbished Dell Optiplex (sp?) desktops but I'm not familiar with the Optiplex (sp?) line.

Big Steve

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If it has to be a Dell

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