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Which Celeron notebook?

Dec 28, 2005 2:34AM PST

I want to buy a notebook with following specifications.

Intel Celeron 1.4 or above (yes Celeron! As I need low priced), 256-512 MB RAM, 40 GB or more HD, 15 or 15.4 inch screen (matt or glossy whatever). Should be from Acer, Dell, Compaq, Toshiba, IBM or Fujitsu.

Only work I like to do with it is internet surfing and using Microsoft (or Open) Office. Also I intend to use it to present Lectures on Power Point via a Projector.

Which model you suggest for me.

Also can I use it to present some educational videos via a projector during lectures? It is of course not a must requirement for me.

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What about AMD?
Dec 28, 2005 3:11AM PST

The Acer 3003LCi (costs about $599 or less depending where you get it, Circuit City, Tiger Direct, etc) notebook would probably fit your bill, and the AMD Sempron processor is pretty quick, is cheaper and would beat most of the Celeron 1.4 GHz notebooks that are out there.

- Nick

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AMD heat problem
Dec 28, 2005 1:48PM PST

Ok, but actually i want Intel based, as there are people who say AMD processors don,t work good in hot weather without Air Conditioner. Note that i am in a really hot area( middle east).

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Actually quite the opposite
Dec 30, 2005 10:34AM PST

Actually celeron is the only processor out there that does not have the special cooling features that the other processors have. AMD Sempron processors would be a better way to go. They have the AMD Cool & Quiet feature that slows the processor down automatically when it is not doing very intensive tasks. Pentium M's have this as well, called Speedstep, but celeron processors do not have this and can get quite hot. Also, avoid at all costs a Pentium 4 notebook as they can get extremely hot. Any AMD processor actually uses less voltage than all Intel processors except the Pentium M. If you want a cool notebook then I would recommend a Centrino, but a Turion based notebook or a Sempron notebook are quite cool as well compared to celeron or especially Pentium 4.

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If You Are That Desperate...............
Dec 31, 2005 9:44AM PST

Try the Dell Inspiron B120, which is labeled as the
"Basic Core System". It fits all your needs, costs
$499, but does NOT include MS Office in the price.