But if you want to get very good/great photos the you need to learn about the things such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, etc. It's not rocket science and will make buying lenses for later easier. A DSLR with the kit lens will rely on the on-board flash for indoor shots, because of the small aperture, and will give you that point and shoot look. If you don't want that then you can look into a large aperture prime or zoom lens. Most don't go with the zoom lens because of the cost. The prime lens means that there is no zooming ability, it's set to one focal length.

Can you tell a difference between 10,12,and 15MP. Here's an article that talked about that same thing, using real world prints, and regular people couldn't even tell the difference between a 5MP and 13MP print, so I doubt you'll see it from 10-15.....it's mostly marketing towards the consumer end.


The best money you could spend would be to get a book on the basics of photography or even cheaper, just borrow the book from the library. Here's a great book for newbies that should help you grasp the basic concepts of shooting and composing.