as it is about the same subject.

It's good that you ask because you are obviously, and rightly, concerned about downloading virus infected files from a P2P, (Peer to Peer), source. In any case downloading music through P2P is usually illegal if the music is copyrighted and not available for free. That is called Piracy.

The problem is, most artists want to sell their music. They want to make a living from their trade. So by buying their songs and tracks online you achieve the dual goal of getting the music you want and supporting them. It's just like going to a shop and physically buying a music CD. If you can't afford the CD from a shop then you don't buy the CD, and similarly, if you can't afford to purchase online then you don't buy the music online. That's a simple fact of life I'm afraid.

Getting free music online is difficult. Some Indie bands and artists will provide free music from their own web sites, and there are many sites that allow you to listen to music for free without downloading the tracks, but you have to search for either of those.

I wish you luck in your search.