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Where is the conservative attacks on the Navy SEAL...

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Reporting: Where is the conservative attacks on the Navy SEAL...
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The previous thread on this wasn't enough? Did you miss my post in that thread? Or is that why you had to make a new thread in hopes you could get away with that lie?

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Book was released today = current events.

I don't visit SE everyday, so I missed the thread you are referring to. I also don't click on all your posts.

Sorry, but I have a life.

Now, what "lie" are you referring to? I made my post because posted about the books release as soon as this morning. didn't link to it until about an hour ago.

... and yes, the republicans tried to make it a campaign issue as soon as last year, however they have remained relatively silent about it since, despite the fact they were the first to reveal the guy's nom de guerre.

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Republicans did that?

I thought FOX was the one accused of doing it. That of course was AFTER Obama had revealed it was Seal Team 6 even earlier.

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OK, so you just raised the same issue I did

"Obama had revealed it was Seal Team 6"

I think you complain just for the sake of complaining.

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It was YOUR thread earlier
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sigh... releasing a name is the subject of that post

asking "Where is the conservative attacks on the Navy SEAL?" is the subject of this post.

You really make it difficult to not ask zinger questions about your abilities James, when you pull redirecting maneuvers like this.

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my post is still there

and it addresses your question, or accusation.

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OK James, whatever you say.

I went back and read all your posts, and none really address the question I have posed above, but you have your way.

I wanted to get away with some sort of lie and you have caught me.

Oh my, I am put in my place. However shall I live this down?

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previous thread

reply to Ziks. It's there. Nuff said.

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(NT) and yet, nothing was said. How apropos. lol
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According to one answer I gave

The SEALs were outed by BO.......and a pretty detailed account was given about HOW OBL was taken out not only by BO but also access was given to Hollywood for the movie coming out after the election. The SEALs were disgusted enough by the account and the access that plenty of retired SEALs have done interviews about this. This particular SEAL is still 'on the payroll', if I recall correctly, and he contacted a number of former Pentagon officials to read the book and advise him regarding whether he broke military conduct rules and they have all said 'no' so the book went into publication. The current Defense Department officials, from all accounts, have only REVIEWED the book (meaning read pieces from it that others have pointed out to them) and came to a conclusion that they 'believe' he 'may' have broken that code, and that an investigation 'might' take place. This is all political crap that won't go anywhere........just like the investigation going on regarding the 'leaks' won't (good long does it take for this administration to interview about 20 people and come to a conclusion? wonder nothing ever gets done with this administration).

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RE:contacted a number of "former" Pentagon officials

Any explanation why he didn't contact present Pentagon officials?

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These were

officials who had been in the capacity to know.......I'm guessing he didn't bother to contact present officials because of how many different ways they would have been able to stall his book, keeping the 'review' going on forever.

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in other words, he went to mom...

... he went to mom to get permission because he knew dad would say no.

Sheesh. Thats a grade schoolers tactic.

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Is there some way

we can help you meet him face to face and say that?

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Is that a threat? Should I be intimidated?

Just because the guy could kick my ***... that makes his behavior right?

I thought you were a staunch Christian, James. You above all others should have respect for the idea that might does not make right and going to the lions den for what IS right is always the correct thing to do.

I made an observation and you made a glib come back but you didn't say I was wrong so I will take it that you agree with me. I accept your apology.

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I was going to apologize

but now I don't have to, LOL.

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(NT) ^_^
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No...he went to professionals who

reviewed books like his before for the Dept of Defense and would know how to advise him.

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