Where do I first start when learning web development?

I have been looking in to learning web development for the past 6 months. I have been learning html and css as the basics but I find that even when learning these there are terms used and things I need to do that I don’t understand. Is there something I should be learning even before html? It’s all very well learning code but not knowing about command prompts and where to save and ftps etc.
Hope someone can shed some light on this as I’m close to giving up!

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Re: web development

- You don't need any command prompt commands when doing web development. It can all be done via the GUI. For just learning and experimenting with html and css Notepad++ is enough.
- Where to save what depends what you use. If it's just html and css (no PHP or Java Server pages or Angular or whatever) one folder and it's subfolders (to your own choice, for example a separate subfolder for pics) are enough.
- There are many GUI FTP tools (like Filezilla). But you only need them if you copy your site to a hosting company, and then will tell you the details. Just to learn html and css you don't need ftp, since your site can be on your own PC or laptop that you work on already.

- This is the contents of your first html-file: <html><body>Hello world!</body></html>.
- Type it into Notepad or Notepad++. Save it where-ever you want (the file extension should be .htm).
- Then run Internet Explorer and from the menu bar choose File>Open and browse to that file.

See, no command prompts, no ftp's and you can save it anywhere you like.

For a professional website like or, there's more to learn. But the above 3 lines are all you need for a start.

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I would suggest installing XAMPP this will create a local environment that has

1. Apache, a web server that can display your pages as a real life server in the cloud or hosting provider.
2. Maria DB a parallel development of MySQL that supports for example WordPress databases
3. PHP scripting language (Perl is also available)

Once installed you would start by creating some basic HTML pages to ensure everything is up and running. Note: you will might have to edit the local windows hosts file to allow routing to work.

I would suggest following some online tutorials and getting XAMPP to work.

Next step is to build your skills in being able to create a website. You could check out Udemy an online education portal and they have many offerings with beginners to advanced on learning to code up websites. Very reasonably priced courses most less that twenty dollars.

HTML is the foundational building block of your web site, widgets and content.

CSS is how you will control styling of individual HTML elements.

JavaScript is extremely powerful and allows you to build custom functionality on the client side (where the user sits) so for example if the user clicks on a list of items selecting one, with JavaScript you could for example expose or remove some new HTML elements based on that selection, or show a popup window for additional information, or move to a new HTML page for some specific processing related to the selection. You could even do a round trip to your server side (computer resources) grab some new information based on selection and then update the page using AJAX.

PHP is on the server side (where the computer resources and web server typically sit) and it allows you to dynamically create HTML content and send back to the client based on user interaction. A static HTML page as the name implies does not change. A PHP page can change the returned result based on user interaction. If you are on a car selling website and select a BMW or Ford then click on submit. The PHP page on the back end can interpret the request and send back different pages one with listings of BMW's and the other with listings of Ford's. A static HTML page would not be able to do this.

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i am no expert on web development, but i have been in the same situation as you and was stuck on what to learn next to expand my knowledge. what i did was learn javascript, C++ and learned the basics of Python so i knew that i would have a secure strong base to go off. i hope i have been of some use in the information i have recommended.

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Re: Where do I first start when learning web development?

Start with raw HTML .
Then get used to CSS.
Learn server side programming with any easy-to-use scripting languages like python or php.
Learn Javascript .
Then go for the various web frameworks like MVC for learning web application management. ...
Go for JQuery .

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Know the difference between Web development and designing.

There is a lot of difference between web development and web designing. know your interest and research what you want to become in future either a developer or a designer and also think 100 times before you start but don't think after you start. Give your 100% whatever you wants to do.

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Web Development initiation

HTML is a basic language even if you are starting your career. You don't need to learn anything before HTML]. Because it is a basic language to make the layout of a website. And CSS is a cascading stylesheet to make the layout of a website. These two are not programming languages so you don't need to learn anything before them. But when you'll start learning PHP, JavaScript, JQuery you should be good at logic building. So you need to learn C++ that is a basic language to build your logic. Then you should move forward to learn JavaScript or PHP because they are scripting languages that involve computation, conditions, and logic. These languages make a website more dynamic and they are used to make web templates and web frameworks.

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Learning web development

I have started first eCommerce Website Design & Development in university. My first project is about to develop an e-commerce project and there I have started my first development code.

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