Where do I find a basic phone without an internet connection

I remember that years ago my first wireless phone was a flip phone with no camera and no internet connection. Now, I own several phones, my nicest one being an Andriod smartphone that is although quite impressive and fun, like a mini computer, I would like to go ahead and revert back to the old style basic flip phone without all the extra bells and whistles to handle my calls with. Does anyone know if there are any phone companies that offer such a phone these days? If not, if I locate a vintage phone, will a service provider allow me to use it?

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Reporting: Where do I find a basic phone without an internet connection
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Re: basic phone
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Re: basic phone

Just google for "feature phone" and "flip phone" and you'll see a lot. I posted two links, one about "the best flip phones of 2017" and one about "the best basic phones of 2017", but they caused my post to be deleted. So you'll have to search yourself.

Once you made a choice, go and find a physical shop near you or a trusted webshop in your country and buy it. It's really easy.

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all flip phones nowadays have internet access

I'm assuming this is for someone who has an addiction related to the internet, may even be in treatment for it, and they need a phone for which it is not possible to make the phone access the internet (say in a moment of weakness). The only way seems to be to use a watch designed for making phone calls, but not a smart watch - these are what parents use to also track their kids. I would recommend the "Owl Cole" "smartwatch" Kids GPS Tracker since it's the only one with good ratings. It's not really a smart watch, just looks like one (uses android I believe but locked down and only has 2G hardware). They only have one color but using PVC stain you could change it. Here it is on amazon:

has bluetooth so you can use bluetooth headset if you don't want to look like **** tracy

The GPS tracker can be useful if the person undergoing treatment wants someone to help them be accountable by knowing their comings and goings ... make sure they're going to meetings, etc.

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ATT and other carriers pulled the plug on 2G so there are a number of phones that just don't work anymore.

Why not the which seems to be selling for 54 dollars and is compatible with almost every carrier today.

"the battery lasts a month."

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I need a phone that has absoluely no internet

I need a phone that has absoluely no internet connection, only a basic telwphone service. This prevents further hacking. The Nokia phone you link to has internet service.

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In addition

I suppose that if I can't find one then I will need to find a techie that can go into a phone and physically remove the internet hardware and erase the internet software completely. Suggestions are still welcome. I'm searching the net for solutions. Maybe I will call a tech shop.

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About addition.

Here I can slip in the SIM, hit the web page to uncheck all data and no internet on the phone.

Just thought I'd repeat this here.

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Re: Internet hardware

There's no such thing as "Internet hardware". There's WiFi-hardware (that connects to a router or hotspot, not necessarily to Internet) and there's 3G-hardware, but that is used for normal phonecalls and SMS as well.

It's easy on any phone to disable data transfer via 3G, and data transfer via WiFi, with the added security that WiFi only works if you connect yourself.
So there seems no need for any messing with any phone.

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I read somewhere

I read somewhere that laptop computers and smartphones contain small radio receivers in them that are required in order for the device to take the wifi signal in. And I also read that the actual phone itself operated on satelite signals, separate from the radio signal receiver.

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Why are you causing such a ruckus

over such a simple thing ?
Kees already answered your question... he said " Just google for "feature phone" and "flip phone" and you'll see a lot " .
I'll even supply a link since you are too lazy too > Basic cell phones 

If a /some MODS feel that this is spam , feel free to delete or modify this answer ......

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Thank you

Yes, I am using Google search to browse the lower end flip phones. Quite the assortment but I am yet to see an actual basic internet-free phones like the ones 10 years ago.

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Re: internet free
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my gut feeling says it's not a north american 3G device

That means the OP would be SOL.

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Just in case anyone (like me) reads this post

If you have ever been hacked and terrorized by someone else, you will understand why people want phones that provide only basic features and why it is so hard to go through the process while coping and making absolutely positive, by getting help from other knowledgeable people, which is what this forum is for -- to talk to real humans versus doing your own internet search alone with a machine -- that the device they require exists and functions in the ways that they need to feel protected.

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Replying to KLV1234 .

Agreed .but you have to know about it in order to know anything about that .

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NOT a simple thing per the OP's actual request

Understand, 2G networks have been turned off, or mostly gone in a lot of areas. Even some ancient feature phones have very rudimentary web browsers/apps, so those would not satisfy his rigid (but extremely odd IMNSHO) requirements.

He will have to settle for a device with no data plan associated w/ his line, and arguably, the tinfoil hat removed as such Wink

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But Pepe

I think it is that simple as I have This Jitterbug for Dad and it is a very basic , no frills, no internet phone .

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Nice model.

Let's hope it hits the mark for the OP.

I still wonder if they'll get upset over location tracking.

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Maybe you're assuming too much

"I still wonder if they'll get upset over location tracking.".............
I know that most parents are incapable of thinking, but a few of them might not want their son/daughter sending nude photos to the local perverts.

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That may work, however...

...we still don't know yet what's all 'running under the hood', deferring to the OP's supposed need for a truly 'no internet' device. He would have to perform the due diligence as such.

Also see Bob's final comment regarding device (location) tracking.

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Well, Maybe

The OP will have to go old school and beat on dead hollow trees , or smoke signals Mischief

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Not really an odd request...

Actually this is not really an odd request I have a 15 year old daughter who act like to be able to contact when she's away from the house but I do not want her having internet access on her phone. I found a lot of parents the wish the same. So a lot of us are looking for phones that don't have internet access.

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Where you successful in finding one?

Where you successful in finding a phone with NO internet. I’m in the same position as you. Daughter that can NOT handle social media but still need to communicate. Any suggestions will be appreciated!!

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try this
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because they are not finding any help

Maybe like me they actually need a phone with no camera and no internet capabilities. I have clicked on every link on this thread and taken every suggestion and I am not finding any either. I have a friend in treatment. She is not allowed internet access or camera and wants to communicate with her mom.

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Re: phone

My basic phone (the cheapest I could find in 2003) still works to my full satisfaction. It can phone and SMS and that's it (I've never used the alarm clock). But I'm not in the USA.

Try second hand.

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Ask the treatment center about this.

I can't guess what country but the change to cellular networks is causing old flip phones to fail here. My last simple phone was a Blu Tank II from amazon at 22 dollars. It used to work with (tmobile mvno) and that was about 10 bucks a month. is a model without the camera and 23 dollars. You won't have many choices for the carrier today. Most likely just Ting (tmobile.)

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Non Internet phone

Go to Twigby- look at the Alcatel Cinch.

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Did you find a cell without a camera and internet capability

I have a son in treatment, he needs the same kind of phone.

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Flip Phone without WiFi needed.

The man wants a cell phone that internet cannot accessed at all. Even if somebody attempted to turn the wifi back on.
Its That simple.

It so happens that i got here searching for the same thing.

Thanks for understanding.

ps If he would be lazy he would not have arrived to this blog with what to begin with.

Thanks again

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