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Where are the smart antennas?

I have a DTV converter box and an antenna that refuses to pull in more than 3 stations. My converter box has a port for a smart antenna. I have not been able to find one for sale anywhere. Not at any of the popular brick and mortar stores or at any of the online retailers.
I really like the idea of not having to go through the ritual of adjusting the antenna. But where the heck are the smart antennas?

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Reporting: Where are the smart antennas?
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(NT) Do a Google on smart antenna.
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Then maybe you should consider yourself lucky.

Smart antenna? sound like a scam to me, hehe.

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Be a better buyer.

Think about it. WHO SOLD YOU THIS BOX?

Go back and get the skinny as to where and what they have to use for this. If they are a crappy dealer and sell only boxes, ask for your money back.

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Buyer beware.

I think they seen you coming from AT LEAST a mile away.


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you guys need to use google or wikipedia

This is a really old thread but, I am still wondering where all the smart antennas are so far I have found one model available I would think with the DTV transition already happening there would be a ton more.
maybe you guys need to google what a smart antenna is before you assume I am an idiot because you don't know what it is.

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What you are describing is more relevant with equipment dealing with your wireless internet connection in your home, such as from an 'N' router to a laptop or PC. Trust me, a normal rooftop antenna is more than capable of bringing in the DTV signals provided you aren't in BF Eqypt Wink. Do a little reading on the subject yourself- maybe start @ or AVSforum.

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It's about where you live, locations of antenna(s)

Depending on where you live (distance from the transmitter), and the structure/orientation of your dwelling/location of your antenna, you still might not get much of a signal. Many folks have switched to cable/satellite for this reason. Digital TV OTA (over the air) is mostly an 'all or nothing' venture. It does not deal with multi-path very well (esp. in urban areas), IOW, when two strong signal are present ( bouncing off adjacent buildings). The old TVs gave you snow at least to catch glimpses of the actual football game Wink. YMMV. Best results are from an antenna outside your home with good line of sight to the transmitter. Check your actual location/channel options @


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The Scoop on Smart Digital Antenna's

There is such a beast, in fact there are a lot of them so I would suggest you go to the search engine of your choice and crank in "Smart Antenna" and first read about what they do, how they work, and such, then hunt the places that have consummer ratings on them to find one that works well. Antenna's of any kind are a strange creature and these are no different, what looks cool, or is the most expensive may not be any better than something low priced that looks great.

Here is link to what they are and should do:

and here is a like to at least one on the market:

As I noted you can find all kinds of them, but unlike analog getting a good enough digital lock to get to an accepable error rate (meaning your TV will allow it through) is a little trickier than with analog.

Most of the better digital antenna seem to have amps in them, where that is the case you may want to pay a little more, building a good RF amp is not easy and not done well by a lot of companies.

However, most important is you look for ratings from people who have bought and used one, and second is get it from a place you can return it to and get your money back. I noticed Amazon is selling them, you will likely pay more but you will be able to return it if it does not help.

Hope this helps, it is not a scam in general, but do your home work!

The Preliminary tests by the CEA R-5 Antenna Standards committee have shown impressive results, finding that a smart antenna can be most effective in ghosty areas and can increase DTV system performance by as much as 12dB. In addition, both the MSTV and the NAB have endorsed the technology, and the NTIA is allowing the interface on converter boxes certified in its DTV coupon program.

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