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When I heard

it's all about the Benjamins

I didn't associate it with Israel...I associated it with US MONEY/Benjamins.

You used to buy political favours, OR just used to buy admissions into certain colleges or universities.

Money makes the world go round.

Benjamins make the world go round.

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Not a new expression

Is there some point to it?

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RE:Is there some point to it?

I think so....some are connecting dots that others wouldn't.

“It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” Omar responded, a reference to Benjamin Franklin, whose face is on the $100 bill.

That tweet generated a response from a Jewish journalist who asked Omar who she believed was “paying American politicians to be pro-Israel”.

I believe that politicians ARE influenced by "Benjamins" and THAT is all she was referring to..using the term "Benjamins" is NOT singling out any one specific country(Israel).

Would there be an uproar IF she said "money" instead of Benjamins?

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you've lived under a rock most of your life if you don't know that Jews have been slurred all over the world with the reference to their 'monetary' influence. Even SHE knew to use it against them.

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RE:Jews have been slurred all over the world
Jews have been slurred all over the world with the reference to their 'monetary' influence.

It's good thing that politicians can't be influenced by money., or are you living under a rock?

Benjamin Franklin was a Jew? Or it was just a coincidence that his parents named him Benjamin? They knew HE would have HIS pic on money?

All about the Benjamins?...a saying that started in Israel?

It's all about the Benjamin Netanyahus?
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(NT) You're ridiculous.......babble, babble
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RE:You're ridiculous.......babble, babble

YOU respond to MY "babble"

I respond to Trump's "babble"

YOU are responding to Trump's "babble"?

If HE didn't 'babble", I'd have nothing to "babble" about, and YOU would have nothing to "babble".

Ho goes on.

Speaking of "responding" do a fair amount of "responding"...Not too many discussions are started by you.

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When I have something to say, I do. If 'quality' of postings is based on how many you start (I use 'you' in a generic, collective member term), you win....even if it's garbage, evidently. I do notice that 99% of what you post though is derogatory to our President and even with important news going on about how the "Russian" interference to throw the election is narrowing down with proof towards BO's corrupt administration and HILL's millions paid to throw it in her direction, total silence from your end. Let me know when you are ready to admit that Trump was deliberately set up by all of those Dems and agencies with phony information and investigations, primarily by the BO led DOJ and FBI.....

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RE:Trump was deliberately set up

You expect charges will be laid?

What are you doing?...laying the groundwork for his

"I wuz setup your honour"

Will he use the "nobody loves me defense"?

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about the Dems collusion, collaboration, and cooperation to deliberately try to bring down the President of the USA, including lying to courts and Congress to try to achieve it.....can you say TREASON or COUP? And the fact that there is plenty of evidence to prove it. Now we just need to see if Barr will have a stronger spine than Sessions had.

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RE:about the Dems collusion, collaboration, and cooperation

Got a link to YOUR evidence?

Flop it out...let's see what ya' got.

RE:can you say TREASON or COUP?

What are you doing now?

Laying the groundwork for DJT to declare Martial Law?

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Maybe not

I wouldn't put it past Omar to use a double edged attack on Jews, both to money and ruler of Israel. Remember, she's not stupid like AOC, just bigoted and hateful.

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