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When I first saw the Though-stazi thread from Mark Flax...

Nov 24, 2005 11:40PM PST

it was locked and there were 4 articles.

How is anyone replying to a locked thread?

Discussion is locked

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(NT) (NT) It wasn't locked until I did so a short time ago.
Nov 24, 2005 11:45PM PST
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Oooops...wrong thread...the one from Mark is still...
Nov 24, 2005 11:45PM PST

just 4 articles. The other one that I was actually reffering to is..."What did thought_stazi say?"...and is 17 articles long.

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Nov 25, 2005 2:11PM PST

I read through that mess, lol. I call it: An Exercise in the Ridiculous.