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When did this come back on TV?

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(NT) Dunno. My church won't let me watch it.
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Hmmm. P.I., mustache, big guns* ...

I remember! Stacy Keach!

* On Bauman, ya prevert!

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and nowadays

T. Selleck has "sold out" big-time - shilling for that "reverse mortgage" company that advertises on TeeVee all the dang time - cashing in on his cachet of being an "Honest Guy" he developed as 'Magnum'. I hear he's good at his role in "Blue Bloods" but after watching one episode I decided I had better ways to entertain myself - like playing pinball on my computer. (!)

I always liked Keach - he was especially good in some '70s flicks like "The New Centurions" and a few other crime-film features I can't recall the names of right away. His performance in "That Championship Season" (1982) was excellent, along with a stellar ensemble cast including Paul Sorvino (dad of Mira), Bob Mitchum, Martin Sheen and Bruce Dern. Well worth watching if you've never caught it.


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"Release the hounds."
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Thanks, nice clip!

As a locksmith for many years I found sometimes just relaxing or at least trying to would sometimes make a difficult "pick" just pop open - if I concentrated too much it seemed impossible, but if it was "no big deal" somehow it was easy. Perhaps it is like throwing darts - just do it and you'll hit your mark - analyze it too much and you'll miss?

Rick " locks keep the honest people out! " Jones Laugh

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Funny, I got the same impression from the mortgage ads.

"I've done my research" [on reverse mortgages]. Well, we know you've studied the script.

Couple things to remember about actors.
They're paid to play a role, whether for a producer or sponsor.
They take money for pretending to be someone they're not. In the real world that's called fraud.

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that's a quite

"old-fashioned" take on the profession. I suppose you already knew that - but I just had to mention the fact since it brought a somewhat bitter-sweet memory to the fore : Long ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, my mother told us kiddos all about *her* mother and father's opinion of stage and later screen actors, etc - they were tantamount (or worse!) to being "professional liars" and were socially equivalent with undesirables such as "gypsies", carnival personnel, streetwalkers, Terms like scoundrels, mountebanks, charlatans, etc. were affixed to actors - and special disdain was reserved for women who happened to have _any_ "truck" with such people or heaven forbid were "stars". It's funny, because Mom was a real movie fan and had a compendious knowledge of most any actor/actress of any note - Victoria ('big' Sister (only sibling!) ) and I learned pretty quick we rarely could "stump" her in that area when much later playing "Trivial Pursuit" ! ( we still don't play _that_ game anymore, though for a variety of reasons besides the obvious one(s) ! ).

So, though it's been over a decade since she died, sometimes a little thing like that will remind me of her - which is a good thing, really. So thanks for the "flashback" :^) Quetiapine does that to me and many others - sort of a mixed-blessing side-effect!

Rick " Victoria became a movie maven also - me, just a bit by comparison! " Jones

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Before film, stage actresses were Miss or Mrs

Jane Smith. They were Miss when young to give them formal status. Older, they became Mrs, married or not.
To be plain Jane Smith on the marquee or advert was to invite the label of loose woman. Double standard for men of course.
That's an old story to actors. Shakespeare and the KJV are contemporaneous and contributed greatly to the early development of Modern English (official scholarly label). It's tempting to think that WS worked on it. NO! Not one of those immoral actor people touched a page of the holy book!

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The last four you cited all had children in the business.

All but Jim Mitchum quite successful.

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I saw Bob's son

in a couple of movies - I thought he was fairly talented though ill-cast in one. Anyhow, I used to have a "crush" on Mira, long ago, and for that reason 'singled out' her pop. :^)

Rick " Nowadays it's k.d. lang - talk about a hopeless romantic (me!) " Jones :^|

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Mira is hot and talented.

One of those who had her career hurt by Harvey Weinstein for insisting that her body was her own.

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Paul Sorvino sings opera for fun, but seriously.

Semi-pro, I guess you could say.
He starred in the first series of the first Law & Order but quit because taping on the street in New York winters was hazardous to his pipes.
Talented actor.
Mira is involved with rescuing young girls from the sex trade, mainly in Thailand. The government there is one of the few in Asia working on that also, so she gets practically her own SWAT team to use while she's there.

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Yep, I knew about his "pipes"

though not about Mira's mission. Thanks, yet again. Interesting.

My curse in life is to fall for women who are not interested in men in "that way" - and just being friends is great but, well, kinda hard on both parties, sometimes... Such is life. I guess I could get a sex change, but after sixty years of being a "dude" or hetero-normative - I think that's the current buzzword - it is rather too late for that kind of drastic measure! So, I pine for Kate Hepburn (my first hard crush!), Ida Lupino( second!) and even a few women who are still alive! : k.d. , Amy Walter, Kathleen Hanna ( an outlier - she's actually bi or used to be!) :^)

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Ahhh. Miss Lupino.

Poster woman for sultry. Talented couple, too.

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So, you didn't raise an eyebrow when you met

k.d. in the clubhouse of the _other_ team?

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Well, she's so fine

and super talented that no, I'd probably be her "platonic slave" if she'd have me !

Seriously, I'd be her gardener or butler or whatever just for the honor of meeting her and being able to see her once in a blue moon. I've seen her in several interviews and she strikes me as being very laid-back, personable and has a delightful sense of humor. Sex is such a small part of life anyway - I think it's waay overated - though of course when people "click" together it's great, though perhaps can over-complicate otherwise great relationships.

Rick " celebrating celibacy " Jones

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She's very much non-standard Country,

and Shania Twain she ain't, but she has lots of respect in the business.
She is, though, a 'genuine cowperson'. Grew up on a ranch in Canada.
I find her smile to be very friendly.

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Stacy Keach was born with a cleft lip an palate which often takes multiple surgeries over several years to repair. His moustache would hide the scarring.

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My younger sister

was also born with that deformity (my niece escaped it barely by her mother in the first trimester realized she had been exposed to German measles and got a shot's been long believed that that strain of measles is the main culprit for causing cleft lip/palates and many in undeveloped countries suffer from it more than anywhere else because vaccines aren't readily available). One of the easiest telltale signs, for men because they can 'hide' it more readily than women, is a flattened nose (especially on one side), which is what my sister has and no 'peaks' at the tops of the lips since it is flattened out from stretching the skin to close the opening. My sister until she was about 18 had multiple surgeries, first to close the lip, then to close the hole in her palate so food didn't get into it and come out her nose as she ate or drank, then a couple on her nose to 'perk' it up slightly. The biggest and most critical one was to close her palate because eating was extremely hazardous even as an infant to keep her from inhaling food/liquids into her lungs. Most people only see the disfigurement and don't realize how severe the problems actually are, and surgeries have come a long way from what people like Keach and my sister had to go through. She still talks with a lisp of sorts and can't pronounce some words properly if a 'th' sound is in it (in her case, for example, if she has to say 'filthy', it comes out as 'filfy'.....her tongue just can't connect with her top lip/teeth properly and I believe it's mostly because of habit since speech therapists in her very young years weren't all that adept at dealing with this issue and didn't put a lot of effort into it. Their attitudes back then (she's nearly 70 now) were always, 'if, for the most part, she can get her message across to people, that's good enough'. She dropped out of school just as the tenth grade started for her because of the bullying from her peers and the frustration of teachers as they just kept passing her along to the next one.

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Thank you.

You filled in some blank spots in my knowledge. You don't mention a link with lack of prenatal folic acid. Is that a different problem?

BTW, I wouldn't tease her. Her sister has a gun in every room. Happy

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I think measles in the first trimester often causes

retardation. Aside from everything else.

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Wow, that's v. sad

I guess the cruelty of children is vast. I experienced *some* ostracizing in grade school, luckily my high school was quite different and I "survived". The staff at her school should have helped more though, there's really no excuse for that - though the time period probably explains most of their behaviour if not all... I reckon I would have been a "lefty" but was "negatively encouraged" ( read - slightly tortured) to switch to the "correct" dominate paw. :^)

Rick " Simon Bar-Sinister " Jones

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Or, you could say you were 'bent that way'.

Bar aka bend sinister.

And we natural righties never miss a chance to point out that we're dextrous.

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My father related

many horror stories of the Catholic nuns and their treatment (rulers mostly) of kids who were 'lefties'....he died in his 50's still a leftie. Derek's father was also a leftie (passed away at 4Cool and Derek inherited it, but although writes left handed, he is ambidextrous and uses his right hand for most everything else, including shooting....which is good for his family because they can all use his guns and rifles are sighted for righties. LOL

Although I'm right handed, I can write proficiently upsidedown, right to left...although I'm not sure where I discovered this 'talent' but found that forging someone's signature is very easy that way because the concentration is on the flow rather than the actual signature. LOL My kids and grandkids think it's a wonderful amusing trick.

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(NT) Don't know how '48' turned into an imogi LOL
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I thought it was intentional!

though 48 is older than the forty I thought you meant, it's still very very young to go... So, my condolences.

My only "trick" is I can move my eyelashes sideways - I've tried to "jiggle" my eyes - I read somewhere some people are gifted in that - but freaked myself out too much trying... :^)

Helping Mom do crosswords both Victoria and later me can now read upside down pretty well, but that's easy compared to your talent/skill. !

Cheers, thinking of paint and Harvey W.'s right now (_not_ Weinstein but the drink, of course! :^) )


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A late friend had worked in Brooklyn on our edition

of a diaglott interlinear. Greek NT; literal English translation underneath; plain English in the margin.
Olden days- typesetting on Linotype. As a result he could read Greek upside down and backwards.

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My first husband

(high school sweetheart) was only 27 when he passed from a brain tumor that wasn't discovered until after he left the USNavy. We had 3 daughters under 7 at the time and had just bought our first house a year before he died. The only good (if you want to call it that) thing that came of that nightmare was that we had bought in a pretty crappy neighborhood, but within a year after he passed there was enough social security coming for the girls that I was able to sell the first house and buy another in a much better area and school district. John hadn't worked long enough to build up any retirement or pension money from his job and it took almost six months to begin getting the social security checks so it was pretty bad money wise for a the point that I was worried about being able to keep the house we were in. But I look at the girls, their lives, their kids, etc. and still wish he had been around to see it all unfolding.

The same with Derek's father. My youngest daughter was 13 when he was born and although Jim didn't get along all that well with three teenage girls, he also missed out on all of Derek's accomplishments. His life insurance (left to Derek, not me, at my insistence since we had time to plan in advance for his future) was what bought the place I live in now (Derek was 7 when Jim died and three months later we moved here) that will be Derek's when I go to with as he pleases. There aren't any jobs here if Derek wants to keep working after he leaves the USNavy in ten years or so but he loves this life. He may sell and buy and build somewhere similar for the lifestyle or he may just stay here. Being somewhat ADHD, I can't imagine him sitting on the porch for long though. He seems to do better with some sort of structured routine, I think....otherwise it's more helter-skelter on a daily planning thing and jumping from one thing to another rapidly. He likes building things (he just finished a meat processing table complete with butcher block top) so perhaps some type of crafting workshop will be erected. His mind is always on the go, so he's found by keeping his HANDS busy, especially for long periods of time, the chaotic bouncing around is abated considerably, but my land here is wooded and hilly and not 'farming' material that would keep him occupied.

My painting is finished....I still want to refinish my countertops in the kitchen (I have a 'kit') so it will match the color scheme now, but that's for another time period this year. I have two rooms to go, but since they are connected now by having the wall taken out between the two and one of them has a massive computer desk in it that I'm trying to sell, I refuse to start and not be able to finish until it's gone. So it's back to playing in the dirt and working in the sunshine again for a while.

The ice is ready and that 'golden' bottle is calling my name.

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Enjoy that feeling of accomplishment -

I do, until the next day when something _else_ needs doing! :^)

Thanks for sharing some of your life with me + others here who may be likewise interested ; 'lurkers' are everywhere, right? :^).

I'm maybe similar to Derek in that I do better when busy - always doing crafts/hobbies and find myself doing origami if bored in a waiting room like for a doctor or at the DMV or whatever. Friends give me old broken printers and obsolete computer hardware and I delight in disassembling such - sometimes able to "resurrect" them and if not keep fans, power supplies, motors and gears, etc. and make automatons or "art" out of it. The "idle hands" quote is probably accurate for me!

Here's hoping you'll sell that "boat anchor" of a desk - should be easy as folks are keen to pick up furniture for a discount now more than ever - last time I priced actual new chairs and tables just for grins I was a bit shocked at what is considered a fair price!

Rick " I'll have to wait for next weekend to 'raise a glass' to you, but the sentiment is sent already! Cheers! " Jones

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(NT) 'Retail markup of furniture is 100%' Or so I'm told.

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