Well the one link says that the product is unavailable but the one I saw (the first) I think you would be better off with a HP. I'm guessing you are in the UK (with the pounds) and I don't have a pound symbol (typicall USA) but the last I checked I believe that it's 5 pounds to 9 US dollars so that 700 pounds is about 1260 dollars. Go to HPshopping.com and costumize a laptop heres a look at two of their notebooks which I costumized check availability where you are first.

For 1313 dollars (729 pounds) you can get:
the dv4000 with
pentium M 750 (1.86GHz & 2mb L2 cache)
15.4" widescreen
512MB RAM (1x512MB with one open slot)
DVD+/-R/RW & CD-RW with double layer
12 cell battery
80GB 5400RPM
802.11b/g with bluetooth integrated
intel graphics wedia accelerator( 128MB shared video memory which is better for grahpics compared to 64MB dedicated as with the acer)
XP home Edition
this notebook has good performance with great battery life

the dv6000 for 1244 dollars (691 pounds) with:
AMD Athlon 3500 (2.2GHz .5GB L2 cache)
15.4" widescreen
1GB RAM (2x512MB)
128MB ATI Radeon Graphics
80Gb 5400RPM
DVD+/-R/RW& CD-RW with double layer
802.11b/g with bluetooth integrated
12 cell battery
XP Home
Better grahpics, similar performance to dv4000, heavier than dv4000 and battery life is less than that of the dv4000