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What's the verdict on Windows 10 April 2018 Update?

Before I jump headfirst into this latest April 2018 update for Windows 10, has anyone done it already? If you have, what's the verdict? Is it stable and have any problems cropped up that I should be made aware of? I'm sure I'm not the only one who is holding off on it until the signs are positive. Thankfully I didn't have any issue with the Fall Creators update, however I read enough about other people's problems that I am a bit paranoid this time. Any insight on the newest update that you can share, good or bad, will be helpful. Thank you kindly.

--Submitted by Tyler F.

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so far so good

So far no problems here. I installed it earlier this week.

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A problem

I've just spent 3 wasted days - returning to previous, updating, returning, etc. Each time I shutdown the new version it refuses to reboot. A real pain.
I agree with a comment I read elsewhere that MS should pay the costs of having our PCs repaired each time they send us faulty updates which we can't refuse or even defer for long..
I've never had a problem before that I couldn't fix myself. Disappointing.

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RE: A problem

So far so good!

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Things To Check

Since the Spring and Fall updates are major ones, almost like installing a new level of Windows, I would start by checking ALL of your settings because MS doesn't always keep them if they change. I would check the power settings, especially the "what the buttons do" under advanced settings and make sure Fast Boot is off.

Next, Windows drivers - Make sure you have the latest drivers from your OEM's website) (Dell, HP, Lenovo). Microsoft is sending out drivers with these big updates but, I found an instance where they were not supplying a correct one. This is especially important if using a laptop.

Also, the obvious -- Make sure you didn't kill the power to your PC part of they way through the Update. Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Microsoft do free service calls if dealing with update issues? Or was that something else?

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Doubt that MS will visit me in Australia......
BUT I did check & turned off the 'fast start' as you suggest. Hope that was the problem. Thanks.

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Me again - I finally bit the bullet last night & did a clean install. I hadn't done that for 3 yrs so a fresh start was over due. I'm still setting everything up as per a new PC BUT it all seems to be working now.
So if you want a drastic fix!!!
BUT do lots of backing up 1st of your data & details of programs, email location on another drive, etc, etc 1st. Have your favorites, etc in the cloud & don't forget to save your contacts list elsewhere.

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Re: Drastic fix works

I had to do clean installs on both my W10 machines because of problems with the Fall 2017 update. One was because of the stupid restriction that the update files can only be downloaded to the C: drive, which didn't have enough room (I've replaced that machine now as it wasn't upgradable). The other should have worked fine if Microsoft had tested their process properly on HP laptops.

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Yes, MS Does Free Service on Installs

While I don't know that they will actually visit your house, they do take your number and call you back (almost immediately) and their techs that I have dealt with have invariably been courteous, knowledgeable, and have taken all the time necessary to fix the problem satisfactorily.

I am glad I had already done this by last night, when the transformer behind my house exploded and we were without power for three hours. Although I have everything on a 1200 UPS, I do not think it would have lasted out the duration of the update.

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If that transformer is from 60-70's

You should make sure they send a hazmat team out to clean it up, and scrape up all affected soil under it, since those contained dioxins. Also send any affected cars that got the oil on them to a brush type car wash or paint may be damaged later in the sunlight. At my house years ago they were putting that soil into 55 gallon drums to take away.

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Hope Win 10 wasn't responsible for that!!!

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as much as some might like to blame W10.....

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Look in the Mirror

So you would expect MS to pay you because you have a screwed up computer? especially when the vast majority of users don't have a problem? I just updated two computers, both with all kinds of developer crap on them, and no problems.

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That's right...

That is actually how I always look at situations where some people have problems after an update. If the update is the same for everybody, then what is different on the computers that have problems?
So, although I have two Windows 10 computers, I'm going to sit on the sideline and play it safe, continuing to use my main machine, a Windows 7 for now.

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Bully for you

Not everyone who uses a computer is a GeekRex. But you’re so smart, you must know that.

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That Has Always Been an Issue

It's called "training"! Most of us can buy something in the way of an appliance (OK, like a toaster), take it home and make toast. Unfortunately, computers are STILL not like that. How many users have no idea what a "paging file" is? Or what a driver is? (And a lot of the issues seem to be related to not having the latest drivers). Microsoft, with Win 10, tries to deal with drivers but I've seen the wrong ones go out. And few users keep tabs on how much disk space they have left. Also, major feature updates may change user settings and do users know that they should check their settings after this kind of update?
So, you are correct. Part of the problem is that most people are not computer geeks these days but, unfortunately, computers still need updates and maintenance and, at least, a knowledgeable user. It's like a couple of kids dropping off a computer at grandma's house and showing her what to click on for family photos, what to click on for Facebook, and what to click on for her email without explaining what to do when she gets mail from the Nigerian prince or how not to shut off the computer. I had one woman at work who we had to train on how to use a mouse. It is an issue, just like you say, but given the nature of computers and components, they will never get computers to the point where they can be maintained (as opposed to just 'used') by someone with little or no training. All IMHO.

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We have 2 run-of-the-mill machines and both freeze with the rotating circle never to start windows again. One I could set to a prior configuration, the other one still circles and I will chat with MS. We use VS, nodejs and sql svr. Nothing out of the ordinary and both (from different manufacturers) failed the update. That's in my math 100%! The one machine that I got kinda-sorta working is according to the event viewer a disaster zone with tons of missing dlls, permission issues etc. neither sfc nor dism, however, mention any problems. That means that we are not at the end but at the begin of the journey.

The hardware of both machines is fine (no problems up to the 'update') and the software is from microsoft. Ergo: MS screwed up not the user. And if you take your car to the manufacturer for the 5k service and the brakes don't work thereafter... is it your fault? Maybe! Maybe you should buy another car. I leave the conclusion to that allegory up to you.

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No issues?

The vast majority don't have screwed up computers? Has anyone actually had a smooth installation of windows 10? Why did my laptop upgrade to windows 10 in the first place. Are you telling me I'm alone when I can't seem to turn off windows 10 automatically updating? Not from lack of trying. Another unwanted update and now the wifi has disappeared from my laptop and I can't connect to the internet. No one has had issues of trying to turn off Norton Anti virus to use windows defender? No one has had issues with the live tiles? No issues with their computers slowing down to a crawl after updates? I have been using my phone for the last few years and my xbox but wanted to connect it to a computer to open up more options and play games.To me it feels microsoft is severely lacking with their whole line up, they feel like beta versions to me: bing, edge, Cortana, maps, the lack of apps in the microsoft store and their quality. It doesn't feel polished like their console. That's understandable but making it difficult to use other programs like chrome, youtube, and google and not making them easily compatible with windows is ridiculous. especially when the MS version is a complete joke. Maybe its just me. What do I know, I don't even remember windows 9.

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I Wouldn't Say ""NOBODY"

Many of us know how to deal with these things so that they are minor. For example, at the last reboot following an update, one user had a black screen. I've had black screens. You wait an hour or so until the update is complete and you come back to a working computer. Not faulting the user because he didn't know what to do. And if the update does something to your devices, first thing is to have a copy of the latest drivers available from the people who supplied you with the hardware (Dell, HP, ASUS, etc.). Slowing down to a crawl? How much disk space do you have available? It used to be that Microsoft suggested 50% of your HDD free. But, on these major updates, MS keeps the old OS around in case you want to delete the update. I thought it was 30 days but someone suggested it is for 10 days. So, did you check your disk? Some of us remember DOS. It doesn't matter. This is why we are here to try and assist you. Yes, on the last (not major) update my screen went black but that ended after 20 minutes. If you get anxious and pull the power you can do a lot of damage that is not reversible.

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First fix failure for me to (after Windows 10 update)

Yes, same here. This is the first Windows PC problem that I've been totally unable to fix. The Linux operating system is starting to sound really good right now.

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Same here

I’ve never had any problems with my HP laptop until this update. Talked to Microsoft support and was told they’d get back to me in 24 to 48 hrs. That was 5 days ago...crickets. Gave up and took it in for repair, still waiting for verdict. Got pissed and bought a Mac. Goodbye Microsoft.

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Sorry, but ...

Ouu-hhh, sorry … maybe some day you may miss MS/Win …

In the meantime waiting for the repair verdict, please check some of the posts here on this thread regarding something like -> "100's of mill. Win10's ..." and "0.1+-% affected ...", due to the huge diversity of different configurations/components of machines involved and out of MS's control ...

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Seems to work well!

No problems - seems very stable. Note that I had to install an upgrade for one app that stopped working but that is expected from these feature updates.

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Amen, Brother!!!

I've spent HOURS on their USELESS KB articles and "recovery techniques," all of which have FAILED, as do ALL of their jokingly-named "Automatic Fixes!" I own a BRICK now!

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Windows 10 1803 update.

It is working well on the 8 or 9 computers I updated. A Dell server, another HP Envy tower, several older laptops and a newer HP Envy 17" laptop. I was able to sort out issues with my Outlook as well!

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No problem so far.

I've updated both my laptop and PC the day April 2018 update became available. Laptop went smoothly but my Asus all in one PC took forever to download and install. A good three hours from start to finish. Once installed, both computers are working fine and haven't had any problems. My recommendation is go ahead and install it.

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Updates Fine, but browser crashes

My actual updates went fine on my 5 computers updated so far however Mozilla Firefox crashes on all of them constantly.

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Chrome issues reported with update, but not FF.
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I have reinstalled with the same results however this week's Windows update and Firefox update had helped, less frequent crashes but still occurring occasionally, never crashed previously.

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Good to know the latest patch helped a bit, but hasn't...

completely solved it. Maybe it's Firefox latest version that is unstable. For me personally newest FF 60.0 version been sucking memory resources like as if it's been starved for years. Sad

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Isn't it odd

how Chrome and Firefox can be stable, then an update comes along for windows, and suddenly they are unstable. Oh, if you use site, I discovered their cookies have some sort of fault and in time build up a file that can be 500MB in size (it was on mine) in Firefox, maybe other browsers too. I ran into memory suck using Firefox, so checked RAM usage before starting it (in linux) and then immediately after and discovered it was using too much on startup, which is what started me looking for the memory leak.

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