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What smartphone will work :out of the box" with Vista?

I am looking for an unlocked gsm smartphone that will sync to my Office 2010 Outlook. I am not interested at this point in a contract because I need few minutes and don't need data support (I have a wireless network st home and wifi is readily available. Would like option to add later if desired) I have a Dell Studio 1537, 4gb memory, 64 bit laptop, I am running Vista Home Premium (2007) Service Pack 2, 32 bit. I have tried 2 phones, A new (but oplder) T-mobile Dash (not a 3g) and an HTC Wizard and neither will work and I have spent countless hours on the phone with Microsoft; downloaded new / old Activesync - won't let me choose the items I need, Mobile Office in various versions and NADA - I want to scream. I have researched this on the web and all I seem to learn is that Vista is cursed.
1) What phone work with my set-up?
2) If none, what do I need to do to get a decent phone to sync? (ie: upgrade to Win 7?) and what phones would you recommend.



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I have to answer "NONE!"

But when I read "won't let me choose the items I need" I was hoping to see what those items were.

But your question "What smartphone will work :out of the box" with Vista?" is easy to answer. It's none.

How can I answer this? I'm an author of PDA and now smart phone apps from PalmOS, Windows Mobile and now Android. At the office I get to use many models and can see what does and does not work.

Not a single phone worked out of the box with any version of Windows. And the issues of Active Sync (which is not used in 7 or Vista, see WMDC) are legendary.

==> Can you reveal what you need to sync? If you write all then there is nothing "out of the box" that does that.

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Vista is the devil

Hi Bob - thanks for helping me sort this out:

The device will connect via USB using Windows Mobile (Version unknown. There are 4 icons to choose from:
1-Programs and Services,
2-Pictures, Music and Video,
3-File Management
4-Mobile Device Settings.

In trying to set up the partnership I go into Mobile Device Settings & choose "Change content sync settings." The choices available are:
5-mobile favorites
6-files (sync settings)
6-microsoft OneNote

At the minimum I need calendar and tasks. Would like all. The software only allows me to check "Mobile Favorites" and "Files". I have no pre-conceived notions about any phone, I do like touch screen, need wifi and syncing abiity.

I had elected to upgrade to Office 2010 instead of Win 7 - this seems like a mistake now. If I will have more options / better options I am willing to fork out some more moola and get windows 7. I am totally confused by the various versions of Windows Mobile, Active Sync - my system is 64 bit, which is yet another kink in the clarity of the solution. Right now it seems I need to get win 7 (32 bit)on my laptop and a win 7 phone - please tell me that is no so! I have considered getting just a PDA, but I see the same problems & why carry two devices?

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You're right.

A PDA will have the same sync issues. I'm a bit surprised that the calendar didn't sync as the Outlook 2010 sync issue was predominantly in the Office 64 bit version which is not possible on Vista 32 bit.

--> But I do see an omission in your post. I don't see which smart phone you used. For example the calendar does sync with some limitations on Windows Mobile phones. Other phones may differ and I haven't had a chance to see how the droid syncs on the calendar.

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Right, but wrong!

Last week the phone was a used HTC 8125 WIZARD.

This week the phone was a NEW HTC T-MOBILE DASH S620.

Both had the exact same problems - I now see a trend, don't need a third to see a problem here! lol

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The third.

As I have Windows Mobile devices and phones I can write that Microsoft made sure the calendar worked with some limitations. Mostly to do with repeating events and creation of such on the mobile.

Now that you told the models I could guess what mobile OS they ran but then I'd have to work hard. Remember this is all volunteer so I ask you make your posts complete so I don't have to go look for more details like that.

Have you read and tried this? Link only:


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I do appreciate your help, and will provide info you request - In general I do not know what you need... Below is the info you requested:
#1 - HTC 8125 had Windows Mobile 6.1 TOUCH
#2 - HTC T-MOBILE DASH S620 had Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0

I was not familiar with the site your provided. However, I have reviewed many in the past 2 weeks - the more I read the more contradictions I find and am only more confused. (I thought this was suppose to be easy?)

HYPOTHETICALLY: If I ditch the Dash and start over. . . will I have better luck getting a phone to sync if I have Windows 7 on my machine? If yes, do I need a WM 6.5 phone? (If not, what? - Please note that I will not hold you responsible for a less than perfect outcome.) I just would like to know the computer system requirements and phone requirements that will work together with the least problems - then I think I can go from there. However, if you think I should avoid a particular phone / software for some reason, I would appreaciate that info as well. Thanks again for your help.


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Another thought

What about a Palm? Lots of options there it seems?

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Which Palm?

We have no less than 3 varieties with PalmOS, WinMo and WebOS. Each are far from perfect in calendar sync with Outlook 2010 and 2 of the 3 OSes are no longer supported.

Ok, Now about WinMo 5 or 6.1., Outlook 2010 and 64 bit = unlikely to ever work. You can tell why at:"The+WMDC+will+not+be+upgraded+to+work+on+64-bit+Windows+when+64-bit+Outlook+2010+is+installed."


Let's just say that this will not work out.

Use Google Sync and then sync that to Outlook. Start here:

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