u dont make any sense.

"I like the apples but want an mp3 player and don't like the the ipods so they only use apple don't they??" what does this mean? mp3 players dont work with apple computers? i think some do...as long as there is a usb port and mp3 player supports mac.

"are they r virus free?"

Is the sony ones good?
sony mp3 players? they arent too bad.

for sony laptops?
too expensive

want one with about 1G ram 60 or 80 g memory.
i would suggest getting macbook...or if not then wait for new notebooks to come out with the intel core duo processors...but if u really want one now...
i would suggest getting this

try visit hp's site. hp.com
and configure one similar to this and have it shipped to europe. do they have hp in europe?