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What's taking up space on my hard drive?

by Mark 6771 / August 25, 2006 7:46 AM PDT

I have a 400 mhz PowerBook G4 with a 20-gig hard drive, running OS 10.3.9.

When a technician replaced the original hard drive and installed 10.3, he split the drive and placed the operating system and applications together on one 10-gig drive. When I power up, that partition has about 1.5 gigs of free space, but after a day's work it's down to about 450 mb, the computer slows, and I start getting warnings that there's no more hard drive space. After a restart, it's back to 1.5 gigs.

Hasn't always been like this. How to fix?

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(NT) (NT) Virtual RAM? google it, you'll see what I mean.
by udayan71 / August 25, 2006 8:38 AM PDT
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Taking up space
by gilbertwhite1 / August 25, 2006 8:52 AM PDT

Hi, I don't know why the tech partitioned such a small HD?...1.5g is very marginal space for 20gigs.
It is really very bare bones. Also depends how the tech installed Panther?...If he left all the drivers in OS that takes up alot of space, you could trash all of those drivers and just keep the one for your printer. You could install monolingual and remove all of those languages from the OS...keep English and if you use an alternate language keep that one as well.
Also consider removing any applications that you do not use. Depending on how much data you have on the other partition, you may consider backing up all of your data and reformating the HD and re install panther.

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Sound Advice Gilbert
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / August 25, 2006 10:04 AM PDT
In reply to: Taking up space

20 Gb is a miniscule HD in this day and time. Although your machine probably came with such a small drive, replacing it with one of an identical size, unless the replacement was under a warranty agreement, was a little short sighted.

If you do not have too much data stored on that machine, back it up and do a Format and install. Do not partition your drive.

All should be reasonably well for a while


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sound advice mrmacfixit...
by boya84 / August 25, 2006 2:16 PM PDT
In reply to: Sound Advice Gilbert

That "partition for the system and apps and the other partition for data" is a windows technican's method and process... I see it all the time at work - but it is unnecessary and wasteful in the MacOSX environment.

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what's taking up space...
by boya84 / August 25, 2006 2:21 PM PDT

is the page-swap file that allows data and applications to use hard drive space in addition to real RAM. Over time, with so little space allowed, the operating system can't even turn around and bump into itself. When you restart the machine, all the page-swap / virtual memory goes away/is reset, so all is well until you do more work and more time passes...

If you want to see what "virtual memory" is being used, check out "Activity Monitor" (the utility that comes with the complete install of the operating system).

Like mrmacfixit said, you do not need to partition the drive. It is unecessary... and - in my opinion - symptomatic of a windows tech working on a machine s/he should likely not be working on.

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Taking up space
by taboma / August 25, 2006 4:45 PM PDT

boya84, Leave Mac to Mac ITs.
It is interesting to find Mac ITs on my account.
They really know what they are talking about. PC also. Both platforms and rare to find.
I happen to like the IT personnel speaking English from Buffalo, Colorado Springs and Atlanta V/S Bombay, India.
Want to check out your AT&T account from Bombay, India?
You are in for a treat.
I used to partition my hard drive between OSX and OS9. That was OK for a while: 20G for OSX and 10G for OS9.

Now I have two hard drives on my Mac.
One 30G for OSX and a 5G drive to run Classic OS9.
I run Classic because I have very little revenues to update all my Classic software.
Maybe in time.

Thanks, boya84


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(NT) (NT) hey man, boya84's advice was useful.
by udayan71 / August 25, 2006 9:50 PM PDT
In reply to: Taking up space
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Please take a moment
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / August 26, 2006 1:39 AM PDT
In reply to: Taking up space

to collect your thoughts before you rush of into print with a meaningless ramble of incoherent thoughts.
There are absolutely no grounds for your lash out at boya84 who offered precise information to the poster as to what was taking up space on his HD.
Your apparent inability to understand any accent that is not American really has no bearing on this topic and may be better discussed in the SE Forums.



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Senior Moment?
by taboma / August 27, 2006 11:43 AM PDT
In reply to: Please take a moment

What is wrong with you?
Meaningless ramble of incoherent thoughts?
I explained on how my hard drive was partitioned before.
And an IT example from Adelphia that is US based.
Simple for anyone to understand.

Peter, SE is a forum that is visited by many more than all the Mac Forums.
As a matter of fact, the Mac Forums represents 2% of all CNET Forums.
Look up the information and check it out again.


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(NT) (NT) It's a thin line you tread there.
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / August 27, 2006 9:52 PM PDT
In reply to: Senior Moment?
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The old gray line is older.
by taboma / August 29, 2006 5:18 PM PDT


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(NT) (NT) And it shows
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / August 29, 2006 9:52 PM PDT
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dude... ***?!
by udayan71 / August 28, 2006 5:26 AM PDT
In reply to: Senior Moment?

"Peter, SE is a forum that is visited by many more than all the Mac Forums.
As a matter of fact, the Mac Forums represents 2% of all CNET Forums."

REALLY?! You want to make Peter & this Forum look small?

First of all, this Forum serves an extremely specific purpose - it does what it does and it does it extremely well, thanks to Peter and all the contributors - of course Speakeasy will be larger, it's a huge, swaggering all-encompassing forum.

I think you should seriously consider the tone and content of your posts before you ever write again because this sort of bravado and posturing is damn offensive.


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Just facts
by taboma / August 29, 2006 6:17 PM PDT
In reply to: dude... wtf?!

udayan71. We all know what the abbreviations are.
What are your contributions here so far? How can you help further?
If you can, than by all means join in.
In the mean time, please do not post *** here. You may be tossed.

All the Mac Forums are two percent of all the CNET Forums here.
Fact! World-wide Mac is 2.3 percent. Here in the US it is 3.6 percent. What is it in England?
Do your math.

As far as the SE Forums are concerned. Pretty good Forum.
Is that what is offensive to you?
Clue me in why, of course, "Speakeasy will be larger, it's a huge, swaggering all-encompassing forum?"

Actually it is true.
Almost all the Mods there I know and are great Mods from all the various Forums. No Mac interest there except for a few others occasionally and Bob Proffitt. Where are the 2% Mac fanatics?
There are not any Mac Fanatics on the SE Forum because that would be only -2%.

All Mods help out and share with an open mind. Perhaps something that you cannot comprehend.
There are some Forums on the internet that limit persons under eighteen years of age from entering for a reason.


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by udayan71 / August 29, 2006 9:53 PM PDT
In reply to: Just facts

I have contributed, around 930 times so far. But then again, I don't care to prove myself to you. I think you'll see from what I write below, but I feel I should clarify here, I resent all the insinuations you feel your prejudiced nature allows you to make.

1) You are anti-Mac from the disparaging way you write. The tone is purely derogitory, it is effectively ''Macs are miniscule, they don't account for much CNET forum traffic'' So... what? People use them, and people need help with them. I wonder if actually you are writing out of a desire to question these forum's existence.

2) Peter is a great Moderator, but you don't give him the respect you give to other Mods. So he likes Macs and feels he should voice that, good for him. Others voice their undying love for Vaios, for AMD, for WoW. Peter deserves the respect you give to the other Mods.

3) There is little Mac posting on SE because that isn't where it's meant to be. People who use Macs and frequent CNET are fairly level-headed, not fanboyish in behaviour and post to solve problems or ask for help.

4) ''What is it in England?''

Really? You have something against England? That's fine, but personifying that in me is plain stupid.

5) ''There are some Forums on the internet that limit persons under eighteen years of age from entering for a reason.''

That is a despicable thing to say. So I'm 16. Does it really make a difference? Essentially you are prejudiced. You are judging me (which, first of all, who gave you the right to do so based on just ''My Profile'') purely out of the age I am. Now perhaps the 16 year olds you know are not pleasant, open-minded or respectful of you but to brandish all teenagers as such is what you seem to be doing. If that is the case, you're an ignorant bigot.


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by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / August 30, 2006 3:40 AM PDT
In reply to: Just facts

I find your posts that are directed to udayan71, especially this last one, to be offensive.

Are you suggesting that there be an age limit for posters on the Mac forum?
Do you consider that information, perhaps information that you do not understand, is less worthy if it comes from someone under the age of 18?
Are people from, or living in, a country other than the United Sates of America to be treated any different that you want to be?
Are you feeling inadequate because you are not in the large group?
What is it with your obsession with these strange percentile numbers. Numbers which are never consistant. Why does this make any difference to you or anyone else?
By the way, the SE Forum does not have a lot of Mac posters on it, that you know of, as it is not actually a forum that deals with computer subjects.

Your last three posts have made no sense at all and other than they were posted in this thread, had nothing in common with the subject.


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by taboma / August 30, 2006 12:39 PM PDT
In reply to: Offensive

The offensive post reply was posted to you and your reply to me. Not a kid that is sixteen years old. Peter, you have a way of twisting threads and posts the way you want to as a Mod. Deleting post from kiddpete, as you seem to do and belittle anyone that does not agree with the Mac platform, or prefers the PC and Windows other than the Mac platform.

I invited kiddpeat to this Mac Forum to post an honest evaluation of a student going to collage and selecting what kind of laptop to use. Mac or PC.
Bob Proffitt had also responded in a post way up front on the particular post also.

Kiddpeat went to the Mac forum and gave an honest evaluation. Kiddpeat is a man that I respect. He has chosen to go to collage repeatedly through his life and to learn more. Kiddpeat is in his forties. Not sixteen years old. His kids are about that age ready to go to collage
You, on the other hand, did not like his evaluation and deleted one of his posts. Not nice to do and not an accident on your part.
Oops on your part? No. Deliberate.
Nice to be a Mod and delete posts that you do not agree with.
Lucky for you. How wonderful.

Do not like what I post back to you? Do not tell me I am treading on thin ice and you will have me barred from CNET! This is the Mac Forum of CNET. Not Peter Sayward's Forum.

The percentiles of mac usage change every day. One day the total Mac users in the world is 2.3%. The next week it is close to 2.4. US percentages also up and down from 3.4 to 3.9.
Goes up and down weekly. Just like the stock market.

You do not like the SE forum because the Forum does not deal with computer issues. Good for you. I happen to like it and the vast majority of Mods are on it daily.
Not many are Mac users. Who cares!? Mac is only 2.5 max worldwide as of a few weeks ago. Could go up or could go down.

I like to see kiddpeats posts there where he will not be insulted for not using a Mac every day.
Peter, you are in a Mac closet. Completely shut off from the rest of the world and are unaware of PC, UNIX or other developments happening and the vast majority of members here on the CNET Forums that are not biased.
One of my friends told me some advise. Leave the bad. Accept the good. Good advise.
Total Mac Forums are still 2%. on the CNET.

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by udayan71 / August 30, 2006 10:29 PM PDT
In reply to: Offensive


You only confirmed for me today, what I was suspicious of. You are an ignorant bigot - "Not a kid that is sixteen years old. Peter, you have a way of twisting threads and posts the way.." Peter's reply was about the way you wrote to me and here YOU are doing the twisting, instead of addressing what he wrote about, you write about Kiddpeat.

To be quite frank, I know of many instances where people create 2 accounts to corroborate what the other is saying. I am suspicious that you, Taboma are possibly Kiddpeat too.

You have gotten so worked up about an ACCIDENTAL deletion, even after in a separate forum no less than 3 Moderators have told you this, and given accounts of when they have accidentally done the same. I don't see Kiddpeat complaining, and it was his post!

This 2% of forum traffic figure that you flaunt, where do you get that number? You don't work at CNET - and in fact only figure it out from the Mac worldwide marketshare, which is only very loosely related to how a forum performs. I doubt that figure is anywhere near accurate.

This is not, as you claim, a 'Peter Sayward Forum' it is a Mac forum, if you look at the people who post, and the majority of the replies, they are not 'mrmacfixit' and so you're just plain wrong there.

I don't think it is wise, or worth your time to continue this assault against Peter, when in reality it is rather futile. Now I really wish you'd stop this constant and ridiculous barrage so that we can all get back to what this forum was meant to be about, hell even what this thread was meant to be about.


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mrmacfixit, can this forum be locked?
by boya84 / August 31, 2006 9:21 AM PDT
In reply to: Offensive

The original question was addressed. The rest of the thread is now off topic.

Is this the appropriate way to close something that has been answered?

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At your request, I will be happy
by mrmacfixit Forum moderator / August 31, 2006 10:22 AM PDT

to lock this thread.


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Space & Performance
by gilbertwhite1 / August 25, 2006 10:58 PM PDT

Partitioning in General:

You loose drive space with the partition itself.
With the newer drives it has become unnecessary and wasteful. This practice is considered "old school" by computer pundants and is no longer platform specific.

From a housekeeping standpoint it may be o.k. if you have a "very large" HD and a tremendous amount of personal data on the HD. To minize making an omelette out of you HD I would also look at your RAM, can u add more RAM. This will minimize the write to disk action and make your computer a "Happy Mac". This is the cheapest and best upgrade available to your computer.

The full blown Panther install is about 5G with all of the updates. This can easily be reduced to 3G and still have it all, less the languages and printer drivers.

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gilbertwhite1, you are right-on.
by boya84 / August 25, 2006 11:57 PM PDT
In reply to: Space & Performance

"You lose drive space with the partition itself. With the newer drives it has become unnecessary and wasteful."

Also, years ago, the drives did not spin as fast - and defragmenting and optimization allowed for improved performance... plus, it limited the hard drive's read-head travel to get to everything during boot-up... Now days, the drives spin fast, the CPUs are fast, manually defragmenting the system in MacOS is pretty much not needed (so the heads still don;t need to run all over the platter). The incremental improvement that once was acheived by the system partition (that Windows continues to require) is habit that can be eliminated...

That said, in ANY operating system environment, PLEASE be sure you ALWAYS have at least 10%-20% available hard drive space so the system and applications have some room to work. Hard drives and RAM are pretty cheap now... I remember when... never mind - that's another post...

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