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What's next for tablets? live chat with CNET editors, Donald Bell and Eric Franklin

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The iPad continues to dominate, but the tablet market is far from set. With the TouchPad put out to pasture, what will we see next for Apple and its competitors? Will BlackBerry revive the PlayBook, and can an Android tablet finally hit it big? And, of course, what could we see in the iPad 3?

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Reporting: What's next for tablets? live chat with CNET editors, Donald Bell and Eric Franklin
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Welcome everyone!

Hey guys (and gals). Welcome to our "What's next for tablets?" chat! We'll be getting started in just a bit.

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convertible tablets

I'm close to buying my first tablet, and ideally I want a larger-format convertible one, like the Slider, Transformer, Duo etc. What's on the horizon in that area?

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With Windows 8 supposedly ready for 2012, is Microsoft too late to the tablet wars? If so, are they irrelevant for consumers and go the way of IBM and market to enterprise only?

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Still early

I think the tablet market is still in its infancy and it's too early to say whether MS is too late to the market. Personally, I'd love to see Windows 8 do something truly different and exciting with the tablet UI, but we'll just have to see.

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What Tablets are best for student annotation?

How close can you come now with various tablets to being able to mark them up like you can with paper books. With Kindles, it seems you can't do it at all.

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Nook vs Fire

Will the Nook be a viable competitor against the Kindle Fire (with the assumption that neither are true iPad competitors, but rather iPad alternatives).

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Nook Tablet looks interesting, but I'm not sure it offers enough to be a viable alternative to the Kindle Fire. $50 is $50 though and the Fire offers more movies and TV shows for less. It'll be difficult, i think, for B&N to convince consumers that its tablet is worth the extra $50. We'll have to wait and see though.

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Brain to Tablet

Every time i pick up my iPAD, the same question rears its head: What better way is there to get what is in my head to the computer/tablet. Siri seems to be a start, but it's not out for the iPAD. what to do?

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Bob L

Tell us what you think of the Asus and Lenovo quad core tablets.

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I'm interested in seeing games that actually take advantage of the hardware. For me, the iPad (and smartphones) are taking away any desire to buy a dedicated portable gaming system.The iPad has some fantastic and visually impressive games on it, like Infinity Blade and Shadowgun.

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Predictions for the iPad 3

I'm close to buying an iPad 2. But, the rumour mill says a big resign for the iPad 3.

What's your predictions? How big of a redesign can Apple really make?


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Double res

Word on the street is that the "iPad 3" will see its screen resolution doubled. Personally, I'm waiting to see if that pans out before I purchase one.

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RE: Nook vs Fire

Does the Nook have a chance at all, despite the latest version?

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The Nook hardware is great. Frankly, I think the biggest thing working against the Nook is Barnes & Noble. The company does a great job selling books, but they're late to the game when it comes to apps, videos, games, the cloud, and just about every other aspect we come to expect from today's tablets.

For Barnes & Noble to compete, they need to be on a track to match what Apple and Amazon have to offer. They may get there, but it's going to take time and money--both of which are in short supply.

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How might Windows 8 change tablets

I've seen screen shots of the new Windows 8 UI with tiles made for a touch screen. How might Windows 8 change the Tablet market? Is Win8 a threat to the iPad?

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Kindle Fire 10"

Do you have any thought as to when a Kindle Fire may offer a 10" tablet?

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Not soon

Currently, Amazon has put a ton of work into building their OS (and their app offerings) around Android 2.3. But no matter how much work they've done, there's simply no way to make 2.3 and its apps look great on a 10-inch screen.

My prediction is that Amazon will get started on an Ice Cream Sandwich version of their OS that will scale nicely to a 10-inch screen, and start ringing the bell for Android 4.0 compatible apps. By this time next year, I'd bet a 10-inch Kindle Fire could be fully baked.

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A must have feature?

Is there a must have feature on your wish list for the iPad 3 or any other tablet that is a must have for you to give up your current iPad or tablet?

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Super resolution!

I'm REALLY stocked to see games running on an iPad with a 2,048 by 1,536 resolution. It's the reason I haven't bought an iPad 2 yet. Also looking for a tablet to implement a Slider-like keyboard while maintaining a really thin form factor.

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App Marketplaces within tablets

Apple obviously does an amazing job with their app store, but there hasn't really been a serious competitor to them in the Android market as of yet. However, I've been really impressed with the Nook's app store recently and was wondering your guys' thoughts on it: do you think Nook can be a serious rival to Amazon in the app marketplace?

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Samsung Tab 10 vs. Toshiba Thrive

I am considering purchasing a Toshiba Thrive 32 GB tablet and would like to know if the Samsung would be a better choice. It seems like the Toshiba has many desireable features and the screen color on the tablet I saw in the store looked great.

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Polar opposites

You're attempting to choose between two tablets at opposite ends of the spectrum. The Tabs are minimalist in design and the Thrive is the opposite of that with many full-sized ports. If functionality is what you're after I recommend the Thrive. If a slick, sexy and light tablet is what you're looking for, the Tabs will fulfill that need.

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Tablet vs Kindle

What is the difference between a tablet and a Kindle/Nook?

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Apple's recent gesture enhancements mimic some of the functionality of WebOS. Are there any additional gestures being explored?

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iPad 3

When do you really think the ipad 3 will be announced? And, if apple plays their cards right, what do you think will make it better than the ipad 2?

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So far, Apple has kept to an April release schedule for iPads. Apple tends to stick to predictable product release cycles unless competition is really forcing them to play their hand. With the lead Apple has with the iPad, I don't see them rushing their next release to the market.

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Is it wise to wait to see what microsoft will be coming out with

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Unless you have an absolute NEED for a tablet, then yes, the longer you wait, the better as manufacturers work out the kinks over the next couple years. The tablet market is still young, but looks to be maturing.

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