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what's a dedicated IP address in laymen's terms?

Apr 28, 2008 12:17PM PDT

A friend of mine said he has a dedicated IP address so his files are 'secure.' I tried googling it and found that it uses File Transfer Protection and one can get a SSL certificate if they have a dedicated IP address. Unfortunately, I don't really understand what this means and how it protects one's files? Can anyone please explain this in laymen's terms so my inexperienced my mind can understand it?

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A little reading material
Apr 28, 2008 2:41PM PDT

What's a Dedicated IP?
Most larger websites or ecommerce enabled sites have dedicated IP addresses. This means that your site is the only one on the internet using that unique IP number. For example, if you typed into your web browsers address bar you would see Yahoo!'s website come up. This is their dedicated IP address and no one elses. This is their unique address on the web that has been attached to the domain name

If you have a business oriented website then you probably will need a dedicated IP address for your site. Especially if you have a merchant account and accept credit card payments on your site. You can't even get an SSL certificate for your website until you have a dedicated IP address. You can get around this by using a PayPal shopping cart or something else hosted off your site. But, most people don't like the idea of sending the customer to a new address to close the deal.

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does it "protect one's files?"
Apr 28, 2008 3:54PM PDT

That makes sense. My friend who has the Dedicate IP address though said something about it protecting his files? So it protects against hackers??? If so, how well?

I wouldn't think it has anything to do with it, but would a Dedicated IP Address protect against spyware, viruses and the like?

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I'm going to write no. And write it makes matters worse.
Apr 28, 2008 10:59PM PDT

A moving target is harder to hit. What you should do is follow the advice about firewalls, don't share files if you don't need to.

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ftp worthless?
Apr 29, 2008 1:41AM PDT

Okay, so you're saying the FTP that a Dedicated IP Address brags about is worthless?

Thanks for you help btw! Happy

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It does not ensure any safety.
Apr 29, 2008 2:36AM PDT

In fact there is a safety issue with running ftp servers. Rather than redocument that, can you detail why FTP is noted now and not in your top post?

FTP is not "File Transfer Protection" but rather File Transfer Protocol. The difference here is very important.

More at

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Could he mean something else?
Apr 29, 2008 4:24AM PDT

He assured me and was 100% sure that his Dedicated IP Address kept him safe. Could he or I possibly be misinterpreting something here?

And, and if that's the case, that would mean his only protection is his firewall router? I didn't see any security programs or even a firewall turned on on his computer. This is definitely extremely poor security, right?

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Let me be very clear here.
Apr 29, 2008 4:33AM PDT

As a demo I showed a simple FTP exploit years ago. I ran the usual sniffer on the network and nabbed the clear text packets of the FTP login without any decoding on my part.

This still works today on some ftp servers.
To add more injury, leave that ftp server at the same address for a long time.

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Apr 29, 2008 5:08AM PDT

Thanks for your time and help Bob! Happy