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What ram to get for msi gaming 5 & i7 4790k

Could you please advice me on which ram to get for the following hardware, I want a very recently manufactured and up to date package around 16GB of ram in total and no higher than 1600mhz as I do not wish to over clock my cpu/ram.

Motherboard: Msi gaming 5 CPU: i7 4790k

Also some may argue that the motherboard is too much for that cpu and so forth, if you were to switch the motherboard what would be your choice in June 2016.

Many thanks

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Your cpu supports ddr3 @ 1600...native
Your mobo supports ddr3 @ 1600...native

I'd give this a shot.

Fit in the proper slots for dual channel.

As for the ram support list that's what the maker tested at the time.
They can't possibly test all the different ram on the market.

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There's a correct answer

And then there's other answers.

The correct answers are sticks that are on the board maker's qualified memory list and I like to extend that to what's on Yes there are a lot of memory sticks that will work but when you have a client that asks this you go with this.

As to the memory speed, the higher memory speed is fine. You might get a client that has some odd idea they should not buy 2000MHz but like a car that goes 100MPH it will run at 60 all day long.

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not a useful answer

It seems you have speed read my post and did not pick up on the question.

Please advice on a specific model that is supported by my board and CPU and one that is not on the vendors list. Thanks

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supported ram?
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You never supplied that detail so the answer is generic.

Here's the list of supported RAM:

The RAM you selected is not on the list. That does not mean it won't work, just that you can't complain if it doesn't.

-> Can I ask why you expected an useful answer when you left out the details?
Since you didn't tell, I had to use the "right answers."

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Looks like it does

check it out for yourself Here
Go down to RAM details , there's a list of supported RAM

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I didn't see

the site Bob listed so Trust what he say's . He's the Pro

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I checked for the exact model RAM they offered.

I didn't find it on the memory list.

Remember this does not mean it will or will not work. It only means that the motherboard support and maker will not help you if there is any trouble.

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Cant see the specific model

Thanks for your reply, I can see the frequencies. however I cannot find anywhere on the page any info on the specific model being supported...

or am I looking in the wrong area?

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I checked the motherboard memory list 3 times.

And did not find the sticks you wanted to use.

Again, that does not mean they will or will not work. It only means that no one will support you (here or the maker.)

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RE: I checked the motherboard memory list 3 times.

But that list is only updated at the time of the release of the motherboard! They don't update the list as they go along!

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Your question is one of the usual

So the "correct" answer is to stick to the list or use Crucial. I explained why and that it might work if you use something else. But that's up to the supplier and maker to tell you. Here I go with the list and Crucial when I want to be sure.

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if the mb is in computer

if the motherboard is currently in a computer and running, go to and let it scan your system. It will tell you exactly what ram you need and you can use the info to get ram from where ever.

If it is not in a computer yet, you can still search crucial by the model. be sure to use the full model number and do not leave off any letters or numbers at the very end.

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not useful answer

That search only shows crucial brand sticks...

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Re: crucial brand sticks

And what's wrong with buying sticks that are guaranteed to work?
Your choice to prefer other ones, but don't come and complain here if those don't work.

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Re: crucial brand sticks

Because most of "guaranteed sticks on vendor list" are probably manufactured 2 years ago & I'm not interested in old garbage.

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(NT) you dont know what you are talking about.
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i know enough

I know enough to realise the memory support list is but a small sample of the DRAM that is compatible with the mobo (what they test with is what they have available and within what time alloted for testing) Wink

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But that motherboard

came out in 2014 .
How do you know it hasn't been sitting on the shelf for 2 years ?
You didn't hesitate to buy it though so why worry about the RAM since it rarely wares out ?

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What are you smoking?

Do people on this site actually aim to help or just write garbage for posts count...

I have a motherboard. I am inquiring about a RAM model to go with. preferably one manufactured recently.. How hard can it be to register this subject?

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Some folks can't be helped

and you're one of them !
Good Luck

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yes it is useful

you should not be looking at the brand you are looking at the type of memory and you are looking at the description. for example if it says Crucial 1gb ddr2-667 udimm, dont pay attention to the crucial brand, you need the rest of the info. all same type ram will use the same description no matter the brand.

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Now this is helpful


So by that you mean the frequency, clock time and voltage?

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